Whale ‘saves’ biologist from shark – BBC News

Marine biologist Nan Hauser says a 50,000lb (22,700kg) humpback whale protected her from a tiger shark during a recent research expedition in the Cook Islands.
She believes it could be the first case on record of a humpback protecting a human.

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  1. Whales are beautiful creatures, one of the few animals considered self aware on our planet. It's why I'm so against the harming of them, intelligence seems to recognise intelligence.

    Before humans started using motors in the Earth's waters (which drown out the frequencies whales use to communicate), some species of whale could shout to each other over thousands of miles, but these days they can only shout to one another a fraction of that distance, as Sagan put it "we have cut off the whales from themselves"

  2. Guys are you blind? Have you seen any sort of attack here? Or a woman who is shocked after being attacked? I only see happy and laughing people…I can also swim with a whale and claim a mermaid attacked me..I dont see any proof of any attack..
    This is nothing but clickbait.

  3. Stopped the shark from eating her and getting blood everywhere. Hard to get blood stains out, especially when you have so much skin and only fins to wipe it down. Sorry, but this was entirely about the whales keeping clean.

  4. Whale: "I hug you, I mean no harm, please stop killing my bothers and sisters and my home, please. There not too many of us like theres used to be."

  5. And yet there are still people on this earth who wish to hunt these beautiful creatures to extinction because their "culture" is hungry for blood, I'm looking at you Japan.

  6. Algún día la especie humana entenderá que para dominar las demás especies, solo tocaba darles buen trato, respetarlas y cuidarlas… no atacarlas, ni matarlas… ojala ese día, no sea tarde…

  7. God! Although I know that we have to protect the natural world, that woman irritates me. Where was the shark? How does she know the whale was protecting her and not just playing with her?? God! I hate these so-called 'experts' who assume most things.

  8. "I'm probably the first human on record that they saved"…….clearly she's never read the story of Jonah :-). Awesome creature though — shouldn't be hunted by Norwegians/Japanese.

  9. I think that many Australian have distorted animal welfare spirits.
    They shouldn’t brand as which food don’t eat or eat may be by subjective feeling theory.
    There is many people thinking that I want to eat whale.
    We all have a meal.
    The meal is lived originally.
    Vegans eat vegetable don’t they??
    Vegetable are also no exception.
    Everything is equally precious.
    Meal is necessary to minimum slaughter.
    Whaling is never especially barbaric.
    Plate the cow, chicken pork,lamp etc.
    the animals are also killed in the same way.
    Whale is not special!!
    Are whales nobler than other animals?
    It can't be so.
    Anti-whaling is very ugly.
    This protest is disgusted.
    Human is omnivorous animals.

    For a long time, Japanese research program in Antarctic Ocean solely targeted on Mink whales.
    But environmental groups hyped up the citizens that the whaling nations intend to exterminate the whales.
    Only whales are killed on Tv or newspaper.
    Making up the image with the word "slaughter ".
    Green peace repeatedly hyped up that it takes more than one hour to kill.
    The average of time to death for whale is 2〜4 minutes.
    Think back again.
    A whaling country want whales to die out??
    Easy logic!!
    The research whaling is performed within the scheme of IWC.
    And the capture limit is decided by Science Comittee.

    Do you think that all whales are endangered species?
    In the investigation area Mink whales estimate more than 440000.
    Humpback whales are 37000.
    50 Humpbacks are merely 0.1%.
    However,Bowhead whales ,which captured by America or Russia , is only 10000.
    60 is 0.6% of the estimates.

    zooplankton called krills are said to carry carbon dioxide from the surface to deeper parts of ocean.
    It depends on the species, but whales feed on huge amounts of krill.
    The number of krills are decreasing.
    The climate change is a very complex issue.
    The ocean takes up about 70 percent of the Earth.
    One of the factors of global warming is said to be because of the ocean’s loss of ability to absorb carbon dioxide .
    In recent years, the number of whales are increasing at a fast pace.
    However,you shouldn’t be too quick to jump to conclusions.
    and Australia.
    Australia has been strongly opposing the Kyoto Protocol until recently.
    Water shortage is becoming a problem worldwide.
    Australia has been hit by heavy droughts in the recent years.
    There is place on this world where there is a lot of water .
    Ice turns into water when heated.
    Antarctica has a lot of ice.
    The ice is starting to melt at a fast pace.
    Despite the Antarctic Treaty ,Australia claims a large stake of Antarctica .
    It is said that there are a lot of natural resources such as oil in Antarctica.
    Australia opposes whaling.
    Whale eat a lot of krills.
    Krills help the ocean absorb carbon dioxide.
    Australia’s anti-whaling policy has nothing at all to do with science.
    Australia is always using irrational emotional sentiments.

    Finally ,we think that we all are a part of nature. And Culture is what the each country of the people(concerned person ) is going to make.
    I think that Australia(outsider against our culture )shouldn’t criticize bussy.

  10. Humans have max 2 million years of evolution, whales have 200 million years at least and somehow we think we are smarter?
    A funny thought. If we count the complexity of language as a measure of intelligence, and imagine aliens contacting earth, they would contact the most intelligent species, the one with ( by out flawed definitions) the species with the most advanced and evolved language………the whales……..not us by a longshot.

  11. I didn't see any shark but lets suppose there was one like she claims. Why is she assuming it would have killed her ? People like her swim where they know there are sharks all the time. I wish people would stop making BS story's up.

  12. To those who are incredibly pessimistic about this encounter, whales save other species from predators all of the time. It is not out of the realm of possibility that the whale was actually protecting her.

  13. 'He kept lifting me up'. Maybe because you were placing yourself directly in front of the 50,000lb. animal, moron. There was absolutely no story here and gullible people just eat it up. Btw–where was ANY shot of this so-called shark? Oh that's right, there wasn't one.

  14. And yet there’s still millions of people that hunt this species for their needs, cough cough ( JAPAN) cough cough It really is sad 😭 ( JAPAN)

  15. You really have to be a idiot to touch wild life!!! one of the most important rule!!!!! Are you really biologist???? So by touching it you may will kill it transmeting diseases!! GOOD JOB

  16. That whale was not protecting you for one they use sound to communicate with each other and tell each other if there is danger nearby you just didn't leave the whales side because you saw the shark and you figured if you kept the whale between you and the shark you'll be safe but if the shark really wanted you he would have been came after you


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