West Oz’s Best Beach Camp, Yes Sir & Big Xmas Giveaway – Roadtrip Australia – Middle Lagoon

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  1. Thanks again for the great episode
    You have just solved my dilemma about the chainsaw (Makita) and the what to do about making some bread on the road.
    Again some beautiful places you are showing us all
    Thank you

  2. Another great vid just a quick question do you still use the rode mic in the car and will it pick up both of you ok or would the seramonic work better with the 2 transmitters being watch you for years fantastic job you are doing👍

  3. Great seeing some night footage… and the kids conveniently pre-occupied!!!! Middle Lagoon is popular according to their booking website. When you book at Middle Lagoon is there a particular site you'd recommend? And what brand of Australian maps do you find have the best detail and the easiest to follow please….great video too by the way

  4. Just getting better and better…its nice to see the kids growing up in ya travels…havnt seen our grandkids for 2 years …covid…luvin ya work….nice to see that fishing gear is paying off…lol.

  5. I'm so jealous. I love watching you all every week. The west coast of Canada is a pretty special place but AUS looks like such an amazing place. So so so many places to go and explore and it is sunny and warm most of the time. How cool is that. I cannot wait to come visit. Stay safe and see ya next week. Mike from BC. PS: Bec, thanks for hot tip, Allsmalls. I have placed an order. Cheers!

  6. Have you tried crumbing the tuna. I grew up in Pt Lincoln and my dad used to get whole tuna off the boats at the wharf and Mum used to do it in egg and breadcrumbs. Pieces cut a bit larger than chicken nugget size, visitors couldn’t believe it was fish ha ha. Like you said Bec, tastes like chicken. We loved it!

  7. Hey Justin, my misso said this morning is there a Trip in a van episode today. So now I am watching on the big TV with the misso every Sunday arvo.

  8. Another great video guys. Cape Leveque is One of our favourite destinations in Australia and you really show cased the best of Middle Lagoon. We just happened to buy some of those Chicken Ribs today – Mt Barker Smoky BBQ Chicken Ribs from Woolies. Also well done on your range in Anaconda. Look Great. Its also great the way you support Small Aussie Businesses ( All Smalls ). Safe Travels.

  9. Love your utube travels
    Bec inspired me to get a black hat!
    I haven’t been. Up North yet but am travelling up to Carnarvon for Xmas housitting
    Love your jewellery keep singing Bec!
    Your would be both the top adventurous caravaners out …love it

  10. aww giddy up !! so good !! you guys really are living the dream ! . I noticed out on your boat your fish finder, is it just running off a little motorbike battery for the 12v ? or does that Merc also have an cognito 12v system ? oh yes you finally got your electric motor ! haha I forgot! looks great !!

  11. Hi mum dad, when i was their last i collected heaps of them and numbered them and let them go around camp. I was finding them a week later. Nice vid take care safe travelling. Bravo from Victoria Australia

  12. old remedy for sun burn use white vinegar mix 70 vinegar 30 water apply onto sun burn you smell like a salad but it works keep dabbing it on till the sting of the sunburn stops did it one year as was so burnt that could not sleep love your work stay safe

  13. Another awesome episode – this one with a cameo by the Red Lobster… aka a crispy Justin!! 🥵🥵🥵. Inspired us to go and buy some of the gear, beach mat and some of the little tea towel thingies. Looking forward to them arriving. Keep up the great work… and… give the tinny trailer a hug for me… looks like it needs some extra lovin’.. 😰😰😰

  14. We stay at Gnylmarung, a couple of kms south of Middle Lagoon. Gnylmarung seems cleaner , greener, shadier, easier beach access , only has 30 sites and fishing is out of this world.

  15. I was swimming up and down the pool and thought I haven’t seen a trip in the van vid for a while, logged on and Voila! Your videos make me feel so happy. Thank you! Ps will check out your merch! X

  16. Great episode.. What a magical spot. Love all the hermit crabs too! 😃 Just ordered my all smalls what a brilliant idea for the fishing rods. For the van an the Back of the Ute 😉

  17. Thanks for another great video guys showing the stuff we'd love to be doing. Keep up the great work and travel safe. Each Sunday is the highlight of the week down here in Victoria.

  18. Sunday's are always better when you guys drop a new vid. Great lookin spot too, I'll find one of your shirts in my local Anaconda in the next little bit. Look forward to the next vid you guys do great work.

  19. Cheers for showing the locations on the map plus the google drive map, appreciate it. BTW, another great video to enlighten us cold crow eaters. ps, wine does not replace beer 😉

  20. Great video guys, always the high standard👍really enjoyed this great spot and what about the fishing. Wow. Justin looked like he enjoyed that beer in the awesome shower😂😂. A few of the 8.5’s and the sunburn will stop hurting. $50 for those teeth is a bargain I reckon😂😂

  21. Super episode thank you very much. I love that blue shirt Justin. That 8% beer must be like rocket fuel? 50$ a tooth for Charlie, blimey we can remember when we got sixpence, love the crabs being called Queen Elizabeth & King Philip. Cheers from the UK…

  22. Enjoyed that video. Defiantly on our list of spots to stop at if WA ever decide to let us diseased Victorians in again.
    I have to say the best segment of that video was Becs hot tips. I have liked Becs hot tips since I first came across your channel. 😉

  23. You lot are an absolute treat, true blue genuine aussie family just livin their best lives! Thank you for sharing it all with us! Inspirational! Keen for the next one, GIDDY UP!

  24. Thanks for sharing a cracking edpisode! Middle Lagoon “wanting”…!!!
    The fishing session was epic! I can empathise with “the green gills” syndrome! It’s soooo debilitating. 😱
    Not sure if you’ve every tried (Escape with) ET’s – Nile Compounding tablets. They are the bomb for non drowsy solution to the old green gills syndrome!
    Also – AllSmalls – Bang on brilliant!
    Anyhoo – keep at it!
    Cheers Cam & Suse (Melbie)

  25. Well that was just another amazing epic adventure guys love ur work
    Truly look forward every week to see ur new adventures just love ur work
    Safe travels ledgends 🤙🇦🇺🙏yew

  26. Been there a couple of times, fantastic spot, my kids had a blast catching the hermit crabs as well. Sort the gopro mount out on the tinny I was getting seasick lol. Nice bluebone by the way.👌

  27. Awesome vid guys a pleasure to watch, great scenery,great fishing, great memories, great info all round from undies to aluminium welders.
    Your one family I hope to catch up with on the road one day.
    Keep doing what your doing.
    Charlie Bear your even cuter missing some toothee pegs. I hope the toothe fairy left some paper money for those two teeth so you can help mum and dad pay for camp grounds like Your brothers.

  28. hi great Video's and lots of info. really enjoy watching them. quick question, do you use you generator much? I am getting new van built, and will have min 300Ah Lithium/ 600W solar setup, and thinking of ditching the Gen/ tool box to save weight.

  29. Bearsy is so funny with her hermit crabs! We lived in Broome and explored for two years and my naturalist youngest daughter loved them! Such a throw back! Even found a painted racing crab at entrance point!


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