We’re on Harmony of the Seas – These COVID Procedures are RUINING it!

We’re on Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas – These COVID Procedures are RUINING it!
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This is our 10th cruise in 2021, we are really confused at some of the procedures on Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas. In some areas of the ship, the rules are very strict but in others, they don’t exist at all or are not enforced by the crew. Are these procedures ruining some parts of our cruise? With only 2000 people on board a ship that holds almost 7000, it’s difficult to find seats! We spend another day onboard this Oasis Class ship in this cruise vlog, eating more amazing cruise food, experiencing the entertainment, and enjoying the ship!

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Comment (226)

  1. Most of us pay no attention but the story line of Grease is about a form of date rape. That may have been why the child in the back. My theater daughter said I shouldn't have taken her so young.

  2. Amazing guys , RC definitely serve the best food and drink and have mass choice . Was on anthem in September and similar issues with organisation and things closed , it’s definitely a covid/understaffing situation. Thumbs up from me

  3. I'm a relatively new viewer of yours, really loving your videos. I came for the cruise ship content, but am totally staying for the Oscar cameos 😁 Anyway, thank you from your new Canadian viewer, enjoy your trip!

  4. Mallorca is pronounced like Majorca! The double l sounds like a J. Thanks for the great cruise ship reviews. We were on the Harmony the second year it came out and it’s amazing.

  5. My first cruise was a fully-loaded NCL Getaway with nearly 4,000 guests on board. I found out those big ships are not my vibe AT ALL. It's great that there's so many options in cruising though, something for everybody. Harmony really has a lot of personality for a ship so big, I can see why she's such an appeal. Glad to see you both getting some sun.

  6. Great review guys, you’d think all the ships would be consistent regarding the seating, & the attractions opening, as for the singers, we’ve had the same, couldn’t sing & people spoiling the ambiance.staff need to be implementing the rules, if they don’t it could jeopardize other cruises in the future. We’re doing the South American cruise in Feb 2023. Hopefully things will be a lot better then. Like you said the excursions are very expensive.

  7. I saw you went to Wonderland but you didn’t comment on it. Did you like it? My husband is very into gastronomy and he raves about the experience we had on Symphony. Curious to hear your thoughts on that restaurant

  8. I love you guys. First, you are hilarious. You’re also just adorable and such a sweet couple. In addition, I love how balanced you are in your reviews. Thanks for taking us along on your journey!

    As the mom of an actor, that audience lack of etiquette is so hard for those on stage. And it’s getting worse and worse. It’s really sad.

  9. Oscar is such a hoot. Looking to go on Harmony next year. Thanks for the videos. I like that you tell it like it is. You two show alot of the things that I might have a question about. I've only been on one cruise, but fell in love with it.

  10. Huh – I didnt' watch this and see much of anything ruined. Did I miss a section? It looked like another marvelous cruise for you guys. You got sun, waterslides, entertainment? I'm not sure what was ruined. But even when I expected you guys to be grumpy – you were super nice (as others have said below) so maybe this is "british" for it was ruined because you were still all smiles and compliments. I loved particularly when you call crew out for being so perfect and nice.

  11. Hey guys!! I just found your channel today and have started to binge watch you. It's enjoyable to see where you cruise since we are from Savannah Ga and only cruise from Eastern US Ports. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I am going on Norwegian Encore Thursday, and they say no masks, and no social distancing, so hopefully this will be better. But on the plus side, capacity is 2000, and NO kids as the cruise is 100% vaccinated.

  13. You guys can’t complain About how you can’t get into a show because Half the seats are blocked off due 2 covid n then wen ppl use those seats u say u feel unsafe!

  14. Hi guys so glad you enjoyed most of the cruise loved shots of Ben JUNIOR in pool carry on cruising. We were supposed to be on Epic now on our way to New York but her who must be obeyed in hospital so cruise cancelled. Roll on next year Alaska in July. Be safe 🍷🥓🥃🥩☘️😜

  15. We had an inside balcony on Allure and didn't like it. You could see right into every single balcony cabin across from you if their drapers were open. We didn't spend more than 5 minutes out on our balcony during the entire 7 day cruise. Felt more like being at a Motel 6 because the distance to the other cabins was much too close. We kept our drapes closed for the entire week to also avoid having people watching us constantly. Very poor design. Everything else on the ship was amazing. The Aqua Theater show was great. We went to every show and ate at several of the specialty dining. The lines at the Windjammer were way too long for breakfast and lunch though.

  16. Hello from NY! I have had two great cruises on Harmony but things can and do go wrong and need to be addressed. I very much appreciate how honest you both are about things. You criticism is constructive and well balanced. I hope someone at Royal Caribbean sees this and works to bring the ship back to her full potential. Oscar is a delight and I have really enjoyed you sharing him with us.❤️

  17. When Ben reacts with these expressions or saying after he ate something he loved……I have to pause the video because I’m laughing so hard. Don’t know how you come up with this stuff. 🤣🤣

  18. I was on oasis of the seas during the October 10th, 2021 sailing in the US out of Bayonne, NJ (Cape Liberty). It was at just under half capacity. So we went to the Solarium Bistro for breakfast one day and there were a bunch of dirty tables. The buzzer just stood there staring but not clearing or cleaning them. It really stunk because I wanted to go there for lunch or dinner but it left such a bad taste in our mouth that my husband refused to go back to it. We have another cruise on Anthem in March. Hopefully I can get him to try them again.

  19. Hi Ben and David. What do you have for us today? Appreciate all you have to say. Yes Ben. Pleasant personable crew members make all the difference. That diving show did look fantastic. Omg. Waiting an hour or longer for a taxi? Palmer looks beautiful. Oscar look like Johnny Rockets was a challenge with the shake and burger🤣. Oscars really enjoying the pool. He looks like a fun child. Carousel time. Yeah. Love Central Park. When I was on the Allure of the Seas in 2018, my balcony viewed Central Park. Love that stemless 🍸 glass resting in the ice. Is Oscar not eating? He is consumed on his game or tablet. Oh Ben. So much cauliflower. Glad Oscar is enjoying his light and delicious spaghetti. Lobster. Yum. Think I would enjoy both desserts and the cheese plate. Unsure now after your review. Awesome Vlog guys. See you next video.

  20. My wife and I enjoyed the Solarium Bistro much better than the Windjammer on our cruise the other week onboard the Allure of the Seas. It is like Ben & David said; the food and service is much better there.

  21. I cruised on Symphony of the seas in 2019 and I feel you on the theater etiquette. Adults/teenagers were the worst and talking during the show also getting up a walking in and out constantly during the show.

  22. Really enjoyed this blog. Oscar was a delight. I do like your honesty with the good and bad but I really watch because you two guys are just so good together. What a fun job to have. Stay safe out there.

  23. Love your videos…the food comments are great. 🙂 I'm on the Harmony for my first cruise in April (2022) and can't wait to see this beautiful behemoth.

  24. I understand why you wouldn't want to spend money on a Shore Excursion but based on what you showed us of the town, I learned absolutely nothing about the town because you didn't really learn anything either, you just gave a surface look at the buildings. I normally go on NCL and find their shore excursions to be reasonably priced and I've enjoyed what I've learned from the tour guides as well as learning about the tour guides themselves and their lives in their town. I am more interested in the part of the cruise where I'm off the ship and I also enjoy eating off the ship as well and personally have very little interest in the ship entertainment. I guess that's what makes cruising as popular as it is, it's the fact that people can individually do what interests them the most.

  25. Hmm what is wrong with people? If they want to chitchat they can do that elsewhere, not in the theater!
    Also there may be some logic to having divided areas for children or no children in the audience, don’t know if that’s something they always do or if it’s just now during the pandemic but maybe it has to do with evacuation in case of emergency if it’s always like that? Or maybe it is to be able to leave during the show without disturbing as many people if the kids start throwing a tantrum or something. Or it could be down to young children not yet being eligible for the Covid vaccine in many places so they just keep families away from others during the shows due to the duration of the shows and them wanting to keep a greater distance between vaccinated and most likely unvaccinated passengers and it can also be more difficult or not even required for kids to wear a mask. So yeah, could be some logic to the seating either way. I’ve not been on a proper cruise though so I don’t know what the norm is and what is Covid protocols, maybe someone with experience from cruising with Royal Caribbean with kids would know more there.

    And I agree that it would be confusing and annoying if there’s no consistency in the regulations. Either have social distancing everywhere or don’t bother, it doesn’t make sense how some places have distancing and then the next place doesn’t, on the same ship… It would drive me up the walls too! Especially if I suddenly had to be close to people (I’d prefer there being distancing at all times if going on a trip now, and that’s with having had two doses of the vaccine and waiting for the booster) I’d probably just stay on the ship if cruising during the pandemic because that seems to just be the most convenient at the moment. Even with less people onboard there will be more queues as everything probably runs at lower capacity due to social distancing, the long wait would just ruin it for me… I’m disabled with severe chronic pain so I don’t deal with queues well :/

  26. Harmony was the last cruise I took. Im looking forward to the next cruise. I love the Harmony! Its absolutely my favorite ship so far. The video's are always so fun and awesome to watch. Absolutely love precious Oscar! It was so nice to meet you little man! Hope to see you again!

  27. I agree with you guys so much I was on this cruise and I feel royal Caribbean dropped the ball on this one they had so many cutbacks I felt like they were trying to save money so they cut down on a lot of services that they would normally have , I've found the food not up to Royal Caribbean standards and I was very upset they cut out the dinner buffet , and the lunch buffet I felt like I had to beg for food they never said no but they would hand you one piece of food at a time you were not able to get it on your own ,The meal choices was subpar and repeated week after week I was on three back-to-backs and was only able to see shows the first week The second week I was able to get into one show as a standby, they used to give you a meal in a specialty restaurant for doing back-to-backs I was told they cut this out The dessert options were horrible same thing everyday This was definitely not Royal Caribbean standards I hope it's just because of the pandemic, Thank you guys once again for posting honest and fantastic videos ,You're the best

  28. Ben & David, your honest reviews are tremendously appreciated! I am leaving for my first post-Covid cruise in a few days, and have had enough anxiety over protocols (despite my 2 Vax & a booster) that I am kind of glad to be going solo, to tell the truth. Oscar is A-DOR-A-BLE! He's grown so much since we viewers first met him early in lockdown. So glad you're getting the chance to share this cruise with family!

  29. Thanks for the honest review! Unfortunately, when you are traveling with an “unvaccinated child” on any of these ships I think your experience will be different. Having said that, I am sorry you had difficulties and that it was a mixed bag on your cruise.

  30. Ooo that doesn’t sound good at all ,if the microphones don’t work ,sound going very loud. Etc 🤦‍♀️
    Such a shame ,plus the fact crew are not really checking everyone obeying the corvid rules 🙁 🤷‍♀️
    I heard from some friends excursions are soo expensieve, and your mostly stuck on a bus ( which put them off )
    Suppose the cruise ship want to gain some extra cash ,seeing what they lost in Revenue etc last year 🤔
    Certainly not the same if you can not get off the cruise to explore .
    In Europe corvid at the moment a very high rate of infection 🙁 in some places, do take care .

  31. Didn’t think I’d love you guys more, but seeing you giving little Oscar all those precious memories just melted my heart! From a fellow Guncle! It’s great to see them so amazed and happy, isn’t it? 🥰

  32. Hi Both, me and the wife are regular cruisers and watch all the major cruising vlogger's videos, just for fun we put our favourites in order and guess what? You two were number one, please keep up the good work as it's much appreciated.🙏

  33. I went to Palma de Mallorca last month with Marella Cruises, and the walk isn’t that long, even if it does take 30 mins you don’t notice because you’re taking in all the sights around you. You went to the places I went to as well so it was cool seeing you stood in the same spot

  34. Adults are more rude than children. The rules sound weird. I know because kids are unvaccinated that can cause different rules. We are sailing Royal Caribbean soon. I hope they get it together.

  35. I remember palma before covid, they had a buss which raan every 15 mins, we Walked back and took ages, I think everyone left ship att same time, which caused the issue

  36. It's all theater (covid restrictions). All safety theater. Study after study shows most of this stuff minimally mitigates spread, and THAT fully ignores the fact that cruise lines (as you two have pointed out numerous times across numerous videos) require vaccinations and a negative test prior to boarding.


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