We never have to buy power again! After tons of research and hard work, our off grid solar system is up and running and working flawlessly. We now have a refrigerator, microwave, and some lights in the barn with us and we are able to charge all of our electronic devices now without the generator! It’s so exciting to see how well the system is working and we can’t wait to power our shipping container home with it. Now it’s time to start making the plans for the foundation for our home!


1. Charge Controller:

2. Inverter:

3. Junction Box/ Switchgear Box:

4. Control Panel:

5. Combiner Box:

6. Solar Panel Breaker:

7. Extra Solar Panel Cable (for H4 Style Cable):

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  1. I know that this is an older video and someone might have already mentioned what I'm going to tell you to avoid those sparks when you hook up your batteries. Buy a cheap 100W resistor and touch one end to your negative battery and the other end to the resistor. Always connect your positive battery cable first and use the resistor before hooking up the negative side.

  2. Love your videos bro. However i do solar design and i noticed you have a shading issue due to trees, they will reduce the efficiency greatly. I recommend you either trim down the trees that cause shading or relocate the panels for maximum irradiance. Also by looking at the video is hard for me to tell what orientation you placed your panels, are they looking south, southeast or east? They should be facing south with tilt angle of your latitude location ie: latitude 41 = panel tilt 41 degrees angle. If you have it like that kudos. But overall very nice design brother keep it up

  3. Love the video's guys, iv enjoyed ur content, u both have inspired me, and my wife, o and i see a mountain bike , you guys should video your rides👍

  4. You bought power equipment with current money. The money spent is not generating investment returns.
    You will buy power again when the batteries need to be replaced.
    You will buy power again when components need to be repaired or replaced.

  5. She seems eager to get it done and is really simple minded with the victory dance when the light comes on and he is very calm, methodical, making love to every step of it so it doesnt blow up.

  6. Power is Awesome 👍 you go guys, hey McKenzie I wanted to tell you your video and editing skills are impeccable . I can learn a thing or two from you girl. Great job. And Spencer great explanation on the panels. If I ever need to build one I'll remember you kid. Thanks on that.

  7. SHE IS NOTHING BUT ADORABLE BUT SHE IS PRETTY MUCH USELESS AS FAR AS CONTRIBUTING ANYTHING TO THE BUILD. if he was not there in charge of the build she would have not been able to do any 1% of this. that is okay but she says we did this arnd ware doiing that when she contributes next to nothing except her prettiness. boom. that is all.

  8. Panels that turn with the sun are on average 30-40% more efficient. Could save you some money and nkt have to double up on panels.

  9. 🙂 just to be 100% exact the solar power is not renewable, bcs you cant "recharge" the sun.. but, it is not polluting our air as much as fossil power

  10. Yes! I've been binge watching myself.. this a definate dream of mine, would LOVE to live off the grid, no neighbors, country livin all the way.
    But your guys' passion and the, trials and tribulations if you will, that you've gone thru along the way is extremely admirable. Its awesome to know that it's not AS expensive as I thought. If I may ask, how much has it been to actually build your house? Incl the price of the shipping containers.
    Congrats on it all, including baby Bo!!And Kenzie, you're beautiful by the way! 🥰😛 Awesome couple, the two of you, hats off to all that you've accomplished guys. Excited to keep watching!!

  11. And how did you guys learn about all of this, installing it and even building your home? I remember you guys mentioning either reading or perhaps watching videos to learn how?
    Either way, awesome job, y'all make it seem so easy.

  12. Hey guys…recently started watching your channel. Wow the content is incredible. One can learn so much from Spencer and you too kenz. I have never ever seen a couple more compatible than you two. Take care.
    Boston billy.

  13. Did you guy's ⚓ anchor your home too the ground. With steel straps to anchors screwed in the ground. And is the metal BOXXES. Grounded to the ground ?????

  14. Great job guys. Love your show. The only tip or improvement that would be nice to see is combining your 10 minute segments when you finish a section. It would make watching your channel much more enjoyable.

  15. Steel wool around every opening around pipes and wires. You don’t want mice or other little creatures to come in. We need more young people like you two instead of burning and stealing and being down right hateful, you guys are very sweet and lovely. May god bless you both and bear.

  16. That’s a money saver for sure. You two should continue to pay your power bill to yourself lol..just put money away in a jar or something like you would do when paying power bill 💵 n the city..just a fun experiment

  17. I have been watching your channel from the point where you had the two containers joined up, but nothing else yet, and you just hit 1mil, so I started watching from the first video. LOL when you were happy to hit 100 subs. You guys rock! And it must have been so cool when you finally had power and a house of sorts with a bed, refrigerator etc. You have my respect and admiration for pushing through this to a point where you are almost ready to move into your new house. 😀 😀 😀

  18. Small piece of advice. Inverter is more efficient when input voltage is slightly above output voltage. In your case ideal would be to have 2 batteries in series and then put those pairs in parallel. Ofc, it's doesn't fully work with 7 batteries but you can always buy another pack of used Tesla batteries. 20kWh in total is nothing.

  19. Been a subscriber for over a year now. Just went back and watched the old videos. Its evident you've improved on your camera skills, edit (and music!) And.. you both now seem 100% comfortable onscreen… compared to some early awkwardness. So happy for your family.

  20. Did you really just say Nissan Leaf? Come on man, you gotta go with a Tesla haha. (Edit: I just started binge watching your videos so I have no idea, but you might have your electric car already. I’ll just have to wait til I catch up on videos to see.)

  21. Hi guys.I'm still watching your videos about 3 hours.This is my first day watching your videos.Both you guys are fantastic.May you have the courage to continue.I'm from SRI LANKA.It's a beautiful island in South Asia.I invite you guys to visit my beautiful country after this terrible pandemic and hope to meet you guys.

  22. "We'll never buy power again"… immediately fills car and backup generator with gas. lol

    I know what ya mean tho. I will be right there with ya very soon. Can't wait for that feeling.

  23. I didn't really understand anything he was talking about, but I could appreciate his excitement that he felt getting it all to work. Great work, Spenser!! You're an awesome man!!

  24. Just saw your most recent video and went back to the beginning (3 years wow). Great content! Informative, funny, and inspiring. Million times better than HGTV. So excited for each episode; keep up the great work!

  25. Great project, sea containers are perfect for building houses 🙂
    The problem with solar panels is their manufacture, the electronic components, rare metals used, etc…. it's an ecological disaster… Not to mention the batteries…. So not really "green" power….far from it…


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