We Persevere

NASA’s next Mars rover has a name – Perseverance. Like every exploration mission before, our rover is going to face challenges, and it’s going to make amazing discoveries.

The time at hand is hard. We have already surmounted many obstacles on our way to Red Planet, but as humans we will not give up. We will always persevere.

Targeted for launch in July 2020, NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover willsearch for signs of habitable conditions on Mars in the ancient past and for signs of past microbial life itself.

Learn more about the mission: https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/

Produced by brother
Directed by Theodore Melfi
Narrated by Octavia Spencer

Music Credit: RONE – MOTION III
Composed and produced by Erwan Castex
Arranged by Romain Allender
Performed by Rone, Vanessa Wagner & Les siècles Orchestra
iF3073 – ℗ & © 2018 InFiné
Published by InFiné Éditions / Warner Chappell Music Publishing

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  1. Oh man. So many people are thinking space is real? Why do they believe in science fiction? Pull off TV and start thinking! God will give you the answer! And for those, who are blended and can't except the truth, try to go to Mars! GOOD LUCK 😂

  2. If you think about it humans are the nerd of the animal kingdom, they got far with their intelligence to rise above the ones that doubted them.

  3. Makes me wish the Wright brothers could be around for the landing.

    JPL: Using the basic aerodynamics you pioneered we're going to fly a helicopter…
    Orville: Wow.
    JPL: … on Mars.
    Wilbur: WHAT

  4. Some people in this comments section are really dumb and it shows. They mention Flat Earthers in every space video and feel a bit better about themselves for being 'smart' enough to know Earth is spherical. If you compare yourself to flat earthers and make fun of them, it shows what standard you have set for yourself (hint: really low). Here's my advice: compare yourself to Einstein (just an example) and see where you are, and have a higher standard for yourself so that you may improve.

  5. This is one of the most inspiring things to watch. I will (not hope to because I will) one day be an astronaut and walk on Mars. Who knows? I could be the first.

  6. WE PERSEVERE…. , it is TRUE , we are species Explorer …. , it is TRUE also but it is not true if we knew that people can not fly in the space and land on other planets mainly mars although here is a big opportunity for exploring as like as earth and try .. try again strive for people to be send out there without YOU KNOW THAT IS POSSIBLE FOR PEOPLE CAN TOUCH THE SPACE NOT OXYGEN THERE.

  7. i love how all the countries and space companies are now understanding that trying to get one up on eachother and trying to beat one and other isn’t the way to do it. we are starting to realise that us as humans have bigger challenges to face than trying to beat eachother, we are starting to do things not as competing countries or companies but as one whole, as humans. and this key of all of us working together, all of us learning off of eachother, this is the key to the future. they key to colonise Mars, and to save Earth from complete ecological collapse, and to create and to preserve a brighter future for generations to come. and we will do that, together.

  8. I look at this screen at control and something that keeps me up at night why do we still have separate governments? from space there are no borders. we work with Russia or other countries on things why are we still an us vs them society , why haven't we propelled to the future. where I could live in say Texas but work in London and get there in 30 minutes. Why are we still so primitive in our thinking. why haven't we become world citizens instead a citizen of specific country. Thanks Nasa and other other, but what you and others are doing has a bigger picture

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  10. I have great faith that during this decade, we shall take a new giant leap. This time returning to the Moon, performing the first manned mission to Mars, and may be… Confirm the existence of intelligent life out there.


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