We Go Together

We are building a coalition of nations that can help us get to the Moon quickly and sustainably. Together.

We have a bold vision to go back to the Moon by 2024. As we work towards this goal, we welcome a growing list of international and commercial partners.
It is the partnerships over the last 60 years that have ensured the steady progress. With Mars on the horizon, together we can explore more of our solar system and share in the advances and the knowledge that will come.

We go, together.

More about NASA’s Moon to Mars plans: https://www.nasa.gov/specials/moon2mars/
This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library:

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  1. NASA has spent the last 50 YEARS living on it's past glories. All the engineers, technicians and flight controllers are all gone. They do not have a Chris Kraft or a Gene Krantz anymore. They spend more on their PR budget than they do the projects budget. Both Congress and the American people lack any faith in anything NASA says or predicts.
    They deserve this bad rap because of their dismal past performance since Apollo was cancelled. The shuttle proved to be just an expensive pork barrel delivery truck.

    One disturbing trend I am seeing is that as private space contractors get better and do more, NASA, the FAA and other alphabet departments are being more picky and obstructive. It is my hope that Those new efforts will move out of the USA, out of the area of control those departments have. It is almost like they need to punish anyone that shows any talent or progress. Just like Spacex with their early Falcon 1 launches. They could not get permits to do a launch because they had to prove they could successfully launch without mishap. AND HOW do they do that when they are not allowed to launch?

    NASA needs to stop blowing hot air about what they will do and start showing some progress. I doubt if my generation will ever trust them again, but they might grow a younger crop of devotees which they will need to convince congress to fund them.

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  3. You're all morons if you think NASA has or will be going to the moon. If they could go 50 years ago in a tin can with a computer a few KBs strong you're lost. The north Koreans could have made it by now if it was so easy

  4. The 20th century was just the prequel for the American century, The 21st century is the premiere of the American Century. With American ingenuity and international partners aiding us with with their greatest minds as well, I'm looking so forward to the future.

  5. I have a crazy idea right now. … we live in an environment that contains oxygen and carbon dioxide … We have an impossible environment in which it is outer space and contains carbon dioxide. We have a space-like environment that we cannot live in, which is the ocean that contains H2O and carbon dioxide. Suppose we have three equations in which there is carbon dioxide and by removing the carbon dioxide from the three equations it remains for us in the first environment (oxygen) and in the second environment (nothing / space) and in the third environment (H2O) so why don't we send a little water to the moon or Mars instead of those sophisticated cars. … we will solve the problem of rising sea levels and sinking islands. … it is possible that we can create a Earth-like environment on Mars if water is found. We are planting …. The transmitted water is filtered from salt and goes as fresh water …. The bacteria in the water can create another life as it created life here on our planet. … everyone is conducting experiments, no one can decide the matter directly, the scientists also conduct experiments before confirming …. Syria✌

  6. Gateway is waste of time. SLS / New Glenn, HLS ,Crew station and Orion will do everything. However Gateway is the only way to get rid of the russians. Gateway doesnt seem like a great alternative for ISS, Coz ISS cant be retired in near future.

  7. My fellow Americans,

    as we ride on a new journey to die, follow me into the new space race. But it's not really a space race, not for your mind and your body and soul but for your spirit.

    Please, live forever.

    – JFK

  8. اسمعوا و افهموا
    مشهورات و معروفات و مفهومات
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  9. I’ve literally never been more excited to be alive. A world I will finally understand, and the knowing that I will accomplish every crazy dream that I’ve set out to do. I’m so excited about the future of mankind on Earth. A star system that shows compassion to all life- the people of colors, our animals, Mother Gaia, and every single creature that inhabits our Planet.
    Wow. Truly bigger than my wildest dreams. There are no words for all of this…only feelings which cannot be adequately spoken. God has Won. Light, love, and a better tomorrow for our children have arrived. 🙏🙌🦋🌈✨👣🇺🇸

  10. Humanity builds perpetually skyward. As 95 percent of us are downward-facing, at least 2 of the remaning 5% take the freight, and still mamage to move us forward, that is why Humanity is a juggernaut.


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