We Build Our Own Forky From Memory

In anticipation of Toy Story 4, we each create our own Forky. To make things interesting, we don’t look at any pictures first and try to get him as close to the movie character as we can. It’s fun. It’s dangerous. It’s time to get crafty.

The fun continues at jpandbeyond.com

#toystory4 #forky #craftingwithgrownmen


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  1. I’m one of the earlier comments. I’ve been Beijing all your toy story videos! I’m so excited that you guys are uploading toy story videos again!!!

  2. i think that this channel is better than pewdiepie and deserves more subs and viewers (the toy story 1 remake is epic btw ) you 2 have been at work for so many years! #ROADTO100K (for u) also for 6 years ago it looks AMAZING

  3. they ended up making a plastic forky toy…. why…

    yknow they should just release toys that look and work and feel exactly like the ones from the movies

  4. Some stores are sellinv DIY Forky craft kits. As far as I know, Target is currently sellinv them. 🙂
    But I have all the materials (IDK if I have gray Play Doh for the base) that I need.
    My next video will have him. 🙂


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