Wanda Sykes Shares Her Account of The Oscars (Extended Interview)

Oscars host Wanda Sykes shared her personal account of where she was when the incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith occurred, and how she feels about what happened that night. The comedian also shared why she didn’t tell her wife Alex about the Oscars gig until the last minute, chatted about her 13-year-old twins, and talked about her upcoming stand-up comedy sets for Netflix Is A Joke.

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Wanda Sykes Shares Her Account of The Oscars (Extended Interview)

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Comment (252)

  1. At this point i don't know what to think or feel about the situation at first i though it was a marketing strategies that some artists and actors fakely create to boost their promotion and stuffs but i see it's was real omg that's slap activate the holly spirit out of everyone!! Boom
    i love both actos and i appreciate both of their work and trajectories may god bless them and guide them in to the right path ❤ muazz peace and love everyone

  2. I had no idea she was a host, would not have any idea about any of it had Will acted like a man. Hope he gets the helps he needs and I will not even share my opinions about the person he is married to, shame.

  3. Am I the only one who is on Wills side he smacked him because his wife was hurting… If somebody said something against her wife I want to see how Wanda would react

  4. I do understand that people felt awful for their friend Chris. I do think that it’s a bit dramatic to describe their state now as “traumatized.” People witnessed one man slap another and shout a couple curse words. Throwing around the term traumatized as if you witnessed 9/11 is ridiculous.

  5. No forgiveness or moving on without a personal and sincere apology to Chris Rock (and his family) for the trauma and humiliation brought upon them by Will Smith.

  6. The three ladies did a great job hosting. Very funny. Wanda is right in the fact that Will should have been removed. It's been said that Chris Rock said to let him stay, I believe he has denied this, but he did say he didn't want to press charges to the police. The producers should have removed Will.

  7. I lost it when she said I may have peed in your yard I can't🤣🤣🤣🤣 on another note I feel so sorry for Chris he really took that like a man and did an amazing job just sayin he did not deserve that at all Amy Schumacher said something worse than what he said🤔

  8. There are a lot of horrible things going on in the world right now keep the focus on that.

    I love you Chris ✊🏾
    I love you Will ✊🏾

    People make mistakes. Always remember that.

    Ellen don’t forget you was once there too…

  9. I worked with Wanda awhile back on Netflix. After set she invited me out with the crew to get Italian down the street. Such a funny and kind lady!

  10. For the people who support will smith , imagine if Chris rock was Wanda Sykes . Slam a comedian and a woman will be ok for you?? Shame on you will smith .

  11. People should listen to her view on this because it’s one of the few that makes sense. He should’ve been removed end of discussion.

  12. I can't help but thinking, what if instead of Chris Rock, b
    It was a white comedian making the same type of joke and Will going on stage and smacking them the way he smacked Chris… what would've happened 🤔…

  13. They were afraid that because of the politics it would come out as racist for making him leave. The woke have taken too much cream off the top. Now we are all paying for it

  14. Remember God loves you♥️!!
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
    If you trust in Jesus Christ and repent, you will be saved🙏🙏.
    He is coming back soon

  15. Now having time to process this maybe this happen to show the world how to take consequences for your actions as Will is. And how to handle being a victim, as Chris is. God Bless Chris, he handling this with pure class!!!! WE LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!! We still LOVE you too Will……..

  16. A weak man responds to a joke with violence.
    A strong man responds to violence with laughter.

    Respect to Chris Rock. I hope Will Smith finds the healing he needs.

  17. I knew them wearing a uniform was a good idea put them other ones that don't get to wear no uniform it's hard to know who is who I hope not I'm sleeping fall into the blender sorry Belinda I'm sorry if that is a lawsuit to actionable upon currency

  18. So, y'all relased only what wanda talked about a week ago yet this was recorded…the day after Oscar's.. you just relished for Qick to media to share what Wanda said about..

  19. Imagine allowing someone you know to be violent stay on your property and be around other people. That’s the dumbest form of negligence. Luckily there wasn’t another physical altercation.

  20. I love Wanda Sykes s so much she is always funny and effortlessly funny at that. My Grandmother loved her when we watched monster In law together she was crying laughing at all of her scenes. Wish she was in more movies or shows and starring in more.

  21. You broke the code Wanda! You only interviewing to get your apology. Selfishness!!!!! Never cared alot for you and not so much after this!!!!!!!

  22. Every time the talk of reparations re emerges, its replaced by a Moses moment, to distract and cause chaos in the minds of black African Descent people. Spinning plates syndrome ; you don't know which one to watch. Do not lose focus! Black empowerment, unity and re-education are vital if We are to dismantle this hateful oppressive system against our people. Now there is pandemic 2, before there was Slapgate, blaming the victims, of course. Nobody noticed a so called Prince out and about, white Supremacy style, business as usual. What contempt they must have for the masses. The Ukraine Russia fiasco is on overdrive, can't talk reparations now, can you? Anti lynching laws signed, tokenism to keep you fooled thinking that you were victorious. Wait for the shoe drop…. No laws will protect you from this racist hatred towards black African descendant people. White allies, another distraction. So called natural disasters. Tax increase, no salary increase. A.I, controlling remotely what you see, how you think and how you prepare for your own destruction. Masterful deception by these oppressors. Your enemy will Never want good for, or do good by you. They are dominating because you are afraid! Many of you know but have become apathetic believing that nothing can be done to challenge and change this system. So you walk like sheeple to the gas chambers on certain ground towards your annihilation. It's so obvious, it's now just hilarious! And what's even more outrageous, these elite sit comfortably in the knowledge that victory is theirs. Wake up!


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