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With the floor for our addition all framed, we begin laying the subfloor and build the walls for our new room.

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  1. Not only are you both amazing with what and where you’re doing it but you play cool music as well. I love how you you are so meticulous in what you do xxxx’s

  2. Watching your videos brings me so much happiness and calm. To see how you keep going, smiling, how the build comes on, and how that adorable bundle of fun is growing. God bless you all 👻

  3. In other words……"As long as you all keep watching our videos, the more money we make, and we can continue to upgrade our house as many times as possible…….thank you!"

  4. Your video's are so good quality and with some cool music. Your amazing !! How Many Skills: Welding, Carpentry, Measuring, Solar Power, Plumbing, Electric Power Distrib, Roofing Material, Windows. Concrete Forming and making, Metal for forming. Grading ground, Water Collection via Roof. Gutters Digging Holes, Roofing Material and Gardening, Grading Metal forming and working concrete. Windows Installer, Door Framing and Installation, Wall and Roof Framing. Window Framing, Subfloor framing, Concrete Mixing and I am probably forgetting a dozen more skills. Both of you are amazing to watch. Not to mention Video Editing and making all these wonderful videos.

  5. Hi guys 👋👋, my question on this video I've been wanting to ask for a while, so that is, Why doesn't Spencer have a few guys to help, and perhaps have the house done sooner. Hope you can find the time to respond to my question. I know you guys are very busy. And very tired at the end of a hard days work.

  6. Been following along on your project and am really touched how well the project is going plus all the memories you two are building together. To me this is a feel good story, love it

  7. Omg, i love nature but am terrified of snakes and animal sounds at night, even the bushes at night gets me scared. Love your family and project but watching those snakes gets under my skin.

  8. hello to you 4 here I am french and I just wanted to tell you that you are great and you do a good job thank you for sharing your time thank you

  9. Remember they knew nothing about building a house. I think that they did a great job for first time trying to build a house play come out on their own

  10. Its easy to build if you have evrything to use…plus a beautiful partner beside you…man no tiredness to worry about…love this couple wanna see you argue one time to make u perfect…

  11. I love these two, and have watched all of the work in progress. Like many others I get more satisfaction out of watching this great couple do their 'thing' it's 'catching' alright

  12. I just discovered your channel & I have been binge watching all your videos!! You guys have done an amazing job so far & I love yalls lil family. Im excited to see every step of yalls progress & I wish yall the best. I have been going through depression for the last 3 yrs & just everything bout yalls videos makes me feel happy inside and makes me smile ☺️ thank you sharing with us all!! ❤️

  13. Well, I have been watching this for the last 5 hours. Still can't stop watching it. Hey guys, your house building and house itself is amazing but… your love and caring as well as supporting and doing all these stuff together is extraordinary and it is the greatest thing that you both have.
    By the way, hug each other more often so that your videos will become even more beautiful ))) So much glad that I found your channel ))))

  14. I am so jealous. love watching the wildflowers bloom and listen to the sounds of nature (I can do without the snakes though lol). I take pictures of wildflowers on my side of Texas every year. I'd love to come and take pictures of your wildflowers, even though I know that's not possible. I do post them on my FB page though if anyone would like to see them.

  15. Hello I just discovered u 2day. Very impressed, very touched watching u2 with all the problems in relationships 2day, u r a breath if fresh air and a strong example. I know all couples have problems but have a feeling u work thru them well. Keep up the good work. I've shared u with my friends

  16. What size is the additional part of the house. Spencer, would you consider for the future being sort of like a mentor or a general contractor for people who want to build container homes like me in Puerto Rico?

  17. Just noticed bolting wood to metal wall. Did you use a lock washer between nut and flat washer? After a time it's going to loosen and may have shaky wall. A lock washer will help keep it snug. It's best to do it now while you haven't installed drywall.

  18. Just stumbled upon your channel today. My husband and I are remodeling our home right now and this is a breath of fresh air. I live the upbeat attitude you have! Also the music you choose is great!

  19. Guys I saw lots of snakes and also you have a ponds nearby, a thing you need be aware and careful is when the baby is grown you need to be extra watchful of her…here in Florida a lot of kids accidents of pool drowning, pls watch out. Thx

  20. Nope – no good for me if there are snakes that big living anywhere near me, haha. I would not go anywhere if I can't see the ground. Grass over 2" tall and I'm not going in there, haha. You are braver than me, Kenzie and you can tell Spencer that, lol.

  21. I think this is just amazing !!!
    There are many men who do this type of work for a living .At the end of their life service they don't have much to show for going to work everyday .
    Some of them end up with broken lives and broken marriages .
    Spencer and McKenzie have flipped the narrative .Spencer is doing this everyday with his family getting paid and at the end of it all he has an amazing house to show for it .He is working and bonding with his family everyday .What a love story .
    May God bless this family with abundance .

  22. Spenser, your doing a fantastic job, your rippin through this redesign. Mackenzie on 🐍🐍 watch 🤣🤢 The sub floor looks great. Beau is getting so big and more beautiful each week. Love watching your dreams come true. God bless 👶🏻🐶♥️


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