Volkswagen ID5 Review: See why you’ll love it

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Let’s get up close and personal with the new Volkswagen ID5!

Mat’s got hold of Volkswagen’s new electric coupe SUV, and in this video he’s going to find out if it has what it takes to compete with cars such as the Kia EV6 and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

The ID5 is based on the Volkswagen ID4, and as a result they look identical at the front. It’s the rear end where things get interesting. You get a swoopy rear end, a spoiler and a full-width light bar. It looks more interesting than the ID4, however it still doesn’t look like £50,000 worth of SUV.

Step inside and you’ll find decent interior quality and plenty of cubby spaces. Passenger space is decent, despite the sloping roofline robbing a bit of rear headroom. While you do get a large infotainment screen, it’s a bit of a fiddle to use and overall the cabin isn’t as premium looking as the Kia EV6’s.

All ID5 models get a 77kWh battery pack with up to 316 miles of range. Motor-wise, you can have a single-motor rear-wheel-drive model with either 174hp or 204hp, then there’s the hot GTX model with dual motors, all-wheel-drive and 299hp.

The range kicks off at just under £50,000, however the car Mat has here will set you back close to £60,000. The question is, is it worth it? Stick with Mat to find out.

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Comment (1,979)

  1. Never liked this car, looks weird, but not in a cool way, and the interior is so boring. Maybe id3, that's cute.
    Hyundai and Kia made way better job.

  2. 50-60k for that? , don't bother with this VW(and lesser models)!
    Get yourself a Kia/Hyundai or even an MG !
    Whose goner buy this model at that retail price?

  3. After seeing the review of the MG4 i think Volkswagen need to be careful that is an expensive car and it doesn’t look like it is.
    And I hear the build quality of there Ev’s are not great either.

  4. Coincidentally, almost exactly TWICE the price of the new MG4EV, which has the same range, same motor power, and is a second faster 0-60. The MG4 also has a tiiiny instrument binnacle, but for half the price you just don't mind as much. Yes, the MG4 is smaller, and essentially made in China, but VW's styling department has really lost their way, and their design/engineering innovation from the past has gone missing. It might as well have been made in the far east too. VW must be absolutely raking in the profits from their EVs and the brand snobs who simply must have a VW.

  5. I know EV’s are getting better and better with quality and range but I do feel as though VW are getting a raw deal with all the negativity towards the ID range. Most buyers have families and aren’t spending time scratching the interiors of their cars!! Those “scratchy plastics” are hardwearing and if you have small kids – or grandkids, they’re actually really easy to wipe down and keep clean.

  6. Agree on the verdict. The frunk/froot is not there to give more space in the cabin. I actually agree on doing this. Most people don’t need their chargers available all the time.

  7. somehow i think auto makers make from 40% to more according to badge from their cars.
    Also for 50k pounds car , interior wise is huge let down.
    Volgwagen at all is pretty lame in design wise.

  8. And when will we see a family electric car for let's say 25.000 euros? Cars have gone crazy expensive these days. We are reversing once again to the era when cars were only for the wealthy.

  9. Not a fan of the looks of this vw id5 at all, I think it looks plain an boring especially for 60grand lol, better off buying the Mustang Mach e or Kia ev6 or Hyundai ioniq 5 in there rear wheel drive forms an save a good 15 to 19 grand and have a much better looking and quicker car 👌😁

  10. Mat, do yourself a favor and remove like I did the peeling screen protector Samsung provided on our Galaxy Z Fold3s. I haven’t babied mine, and still no scratches on the “exposed” internal screen.


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