VISION EQXX – Episode 1: The Challenge

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  1. Everyone can put 150kWh battery inside car and make it go 1000km on EPA. Every single fool can do that. Trick is to make it as efficient as possible, with the smallest possible battery pack. We will see what exactly you will unveil, but something tells me you will go with 150kWh… and thats far from impressive.

  2. Mercedes-Benz should drive it first in Betha Benz Memorial Road from Mannheim (Baden-Württemberg) Germany 🇩🇪
    The Start City of Mercedes-Benz is Mannheim Germany 🇩🇪
    Carl Benz the Finder of the Car! 😇💎😇

  3. From steam to combustion engine to the electric car. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot invented and built the first car without a combustion engine. Shame on you Mercedes.

  4. Whatever inovation Mercedes is going to build it needs to be accesible for the masses,for the normal average people(like a sale assistant or whatever) as long as your products going to cost over 100k ,money that an average person needs 8 lifes to save it then your product is useless for "the people" or mankind. if your future of mankind is those 2% of rich people that cand afford your products then you are all irelevant for the needs of the planet and 98% of the normal people

  5. Mesafe gerçek olursa çok güzel olur zaten olması gerekende buydu ama çekik gözlü farlı olacağa benziyor aerodinamik özelliklerden dolayı göreceğiz nasılmış gerçekten test edildiğinde wltp normlarına göre kaç km. gidecek karışık hızlanmalarda

  6. after produced cutest 2.0 powefull 4 cylinder combustion engine now Mercedes Benz want to create something more efficient to world that's from renewable energy

  7. Excited for this electric vehicle, looks like something out of this world! I hope the front changes to be a little longer, seems pushed in a bit. Everything else looks great!


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