Viral Video Of Leopard ‘Playing’ With People Raises Concerns

Viral Video: Surprising footage that surfaced online yesterday shows a leopard approaching a group of people and playing with them. This unusual behaviour from a wild animal has raised concerns among wildlife experts and forest officials, with some speculating that the leopard may have been hand-reared and therefore used to the presence of humans.

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Comment (314)

  1. If wild animals become cruel people will start complain.
    If the same wild animal become friendly then also people start complain.very strange behaviour of people.
    I guess wild animals are more understandable than us(people)

  2. साले गवार 5000 का फोन लेकर कही भी घुसे रहते है उसको ड्रा रहे है उसको एन्जॉय नहीं करने देंगे

  3. Tirthan valley falls under Great Himalayan National park…so it's quiet normal leopard roaming around…but encounter between ,both human and animal in such a way is worrisome.Hope the leopard doesnot get use to humans.

  4. U can trust animals but not humans. Rather than keeping quiet these Idiots are shouting like anything. May be leopard was hungry and asking for food. Animals never attack without any reasons.

  5. For all who are saying that the leopard will be killed by the people, IT'S HIMACHAL WE DON'T DO THAT HERE. As you can see in the video they are being friendly with the leopard and the translation of what he said in the original video is "Bring him some meat to eat".

  6. Bachha hai islye 😂😂 warna kabka lapak liye hote do char
    Wese leopard masoom janwar hai ….but iske aas pas do per wale bade khatarnak janwar hai 😼😼😼😼kch bhi kar skte hai

  7. All is well that end well.

    Wild animals need to be respected. The best way to do that is to maintain a good distance and keep one’s mouth shut.

    Lucky none of the “strongmen” did not get torn to shreds. Hope they never never repeat this….there is good chance the result will be contrasting.


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