Violet’s Incredible Journey – Part one – The journey begins | Boston Children’s Hospital

Violet’s parents, Alicia and Matt, learned that their unborn daughter had a rare and dangerous facial birth defect when Alicia was just 16 weeks pregnant. What compelled this Oregon couple to undertake a cross-country trip to Boston to seek treatment for their daughter?

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  1. what a wonderful little girl I'm sure she will always be looked after by equally loving good parents I wish them all the very best for the future luv and respect always

  2. She's so cute. My little sister had this. The surgery didn't go as planned, and she passed away. It's been hard, but the only thing I think about his how she used to kiss me on the forehead. RIP Lynlee. Violet is so adorable, and it doesn't matter how you look, it matters what's in the inside, not on the outside. IM sitting here balling my eyes out, and hoping violet makes it along this wonderful journey.

    ~Katelyn, A proud and strong big sister.


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