VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 57 (Ft. Captain Disillusion)

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Sam and Niko are joined by Captain Disillusion to debunk viral magic tricks, and to breakdown the VFX in some of your favorite Hollywood movies!

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Comment (2,365)

  1. I've been subbed to the captain for years actually. But I've never seen one of his videos. I now know what he's capable of. Thank you guys. Gorram it. I love you guys.

  2. I just recently mentioned that this should happen on another CD video. Imagine my jaw hitting the floor and my pants getting tighter. I love that this happened! I so respect and love you all.

    Thank you for making this happen!

  3. Genuinely miss Captain Disillusion. Man only oploads once, maybe twice a year these days. There's just too much time between his uploads that I tend to forget he's still around… And that sucks, because he's so rad.

    I suppose this is technically his third video for 2021. 🤷‍♂️

  4. The camera tracking in the TikTok shot really reminded me of the Node videos, where the camera would be using green screen and hooked into the VR so that we could see what the person in the VR was actually looking at.

  5. I can't get past the fact that Doc and Marty are standing in the fire, drives me crazy every time. Great movie but jump out of the fire, dang it! Also, I would pay new movie money for a version of The Polar Express where someone went back and fixed all the creepy CGI with today's technology. It's a really cute lil movie with a vibe that I like, that kind of weirdly creepy Christmas feel you get from still being you enough to wonder whether a fat man in a red suit really does appear in your house in the dead of night, presents or no presents.

  6. The best video to debunk would be to create a CGI-like real video (something like that flying scene Burberry Open Spaces film), ensuring that everything looks fake but is real. E.g.- a real prop designed to look like a CG one, etc., and sending that along for debunking… These guys would probably initially think of it as bad CG, only to discover that it was quite the opposite…

  7. My god there have been so many coincidences, OK so only yesterday I started rewatching the corridor crew and today they realised this video with captain disillusion, and then he said something along the line of you'll do some VFX and then become an account, and I have attempted a little VFX stuff but I'm going to become an accountant

  8. I really really would love you to react to one vfx shot in a YouTube video because it's coping Thanos's snap but there was also a weird line of shadow and I'm curious why (because of you, honestly😅)
    It's "cinema therapy" and it's in the last few seconds of "psychology of a hero: Tony stark and narcissism" Thank you!
    Other than that, this episode was so great!! I didn't even realize how it was longer than others, I was so immersed into it!!!

  9. I hadn't heard of Captain Disillusion before, but within ten seconds of him talking I decided he was awesome and went and subscribed. The vine of you three month couch was awesome today.

  10. I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I didn't know of Captain Disillusion before, but within a minute I paused here and went and subscribed. What an awesome dude. I loved this episode. Now, I'll be spending the next couple hours watching him haha.


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