Vestibular Neuritis – Angela’s Story

Suddenly stricken with severe dizziness that left her unable to move with no known cause, Angela sought out help from the Johns Hopkins Vestibular Clinic. Learn how an accurate diagnosis and treatment got her back on her feet. For more information;

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  1. I wish I could get the help this lady received, but no one seems to listen. My ENT insists that there is nothing wrong and that my hearing is nominal and that I don't have lasting damage from labyrinthitis. Every time I do any physical activity I get nauseous and my brain feels like it is vibrating. My ears feel full and I temporarily lose about 20% hearing in my right ear, accompanied by feeling very weak and tired.

  2. I get vertigo episodes a lot! The episodes often last for around 1 week. My circumstance is seriously weakening. I started using dizziness vertigo medication “Yοyο Kamvuku” (Google it) when I was fighting a small vertigo attack immediately after battling a week-long attack in March. It’s incredible that vertigo has vanished in just a very short period of time. .

  3. The dizziness, nausea and migraines seem to come and go whether I do the vestibular rehab therapy or not. Just something I've learned to live with.

  4. I'm 8 months into this nightmare and just want it over. I understand that I have to retrain my body but I also have to work and pay my bills. I'm tired of getting up every morning and not feeling well.

  5. Vertigo is a condition in which people feel things moving around them but in reality, there is nothing. There was a time when I also had vertigo. I used various medicine but had no relief. Then I came to know about Vertigo care pack by "Planet Ayurveda". It really worked. If you have his problem use this pack.

  6. To those who are experiencing vestibular neuritis, just have patience. Youll get better, just go on with your everyday life. I experienced it for more than a month, and it was not a walk in the park. Everyday is like the worst day ever, and too add on it, no one beleives me because i look normal.
    Just do some vestibular exercises everyday.
    Go ride your bike on a slow pace. It helps.

  7. I am 22 and have just graduated from University. V.N came on following a viral ear infection and has lasted 9 months now (I was halfway through my final year of uni when the symptoms came on).

    Not sure when it will go away, but hopefully soon enough…
    Wearing a cap relieves symptoms of V.N. Try wearing one. May or not work for you.

  8. Whoever is battling with this. Get your jaws checked!! I had dental work done recently which caused this, though the dentists said there was "no relation" a maxilliofacial surgeon told me sometimes jaw disc displacements can cause this! Take antiinflammatory drugs and stay positive. Most VN gets better even if it takes time!

  9. Oh god I'm only 3 weeks in with this and it has been hell I dread waking up in the morning my hands shake with it I thought I was having a stroke I hope it goes away soon I have an 8 year old child and trying to be as normal as possible for her is tough i went to my doctor it says it was my ear and then one day it was really bad I thought I was having a stroke I went to the hospital and was told vertigo and tension headaches I'm going back to my doctor tomorrow because it really is affecting me so much my anxiety makes it worse my vision goes blurry and I feel like i'm moving when I'm still I really feel for anyone that has this it's horrible and exhausting

  10. I did physical therapy last year for 23 sessions. I am very much improved, able to swim and walk and even jog. Been afraid to ride my bike. So possibly I should try it? Anyone else do this?

  11. I was taken out for a month in November 2019. It was onset at work, I was rushed to the hospital and after I got home I didn't walk for a month. Luckily, I was young and they got me diagnosed quickly. I started VT by January and now, May 2020, I am at 90% functionality when I am at my normal baseline. When it's dark, I'm tired or I'm not focused on where I am walking, I will fall or get dizzy. I am grateful for the ability to walk and drive, I am grateful for my loving partner who helped me during my recovery, and most of all I am grateful for a quick diagnosis. Thank you for sharing your story Angela!

  12. I had this approximately 3 months ago, being a 27 year old fit healthy male I was exercising at home doing a form of exercise called the Russian twist, when I went to get up, I had severe vertigo for no more than 40 seconds. I was that frightened from the experience that I was taken by ambulance to ER as my heart was pumping like mad from the adrenalin. At the hospital they did all the neurological checks and performed the Epley to see if it was BPPV related, however my eyes did not react to this manouvre, i was diagnosed with Vestibular neuritis. The first five days of this disease for me was the worst thing that I have experienced in my life, Could not walk properly without the world spinning, what made matters even more scary for me is that I had just started to get blurry vision also on the fifth day, I was later also diagnosed with astigmatism. I would say that i'm around 60% better than before, however alot of days I find it hard to concentrate on particular tasks at hand.

  13. I was so tired of being unsteady, out of balance and dizzy that I began searching for a supplement to try. The dizziness vertigo solution was my favorite choice. My symptoms have improved tremendously. The woozy, off balance feeling I had on a regular basis is almost gone. If I did not spend all day to research it on Google, I could not find this tip. The tip’s name is below.
    Taylor Suρandaz

  14. My mother suffered from vertigo, which got even worse after she dropped, had a concussion, and was given more medicine. The dizziness vertigo treatment was the procedure that eliminated her dizziness for good. If I did not spend hours to research it on Google, I could not find this guidebook. The guidebook’s name is under.
    Taylor Suρandaz

  15. This dizziness vertigo remedy really does work. I notice a distinction when I take it as directed, and when I fail to remember, I notice. I have usual issues with dizziness and this item truly does help me function. I observe my head is better and I have significantly less dizziness flare ups. If I did not spend all day to research it on Google, I could not find this guide. The guidebook’s name is below.Taylor Suρandaz

  16. My dizziness and vertigo got more serious, which had me scared of even coming down from small slope. 3 days was all it needed for the dizziness vertigo treatment I found. No falling feeling was felt now as I was walking on an incline. I`m very satisfied with this specific medication. I save your time to do the research on Google. The tip’s name is at the bottom.Taylor Suρandaz
    Take care

  17. Started with outer ear infection on July 27th after 2 weeks of swimming.

    By the 10th of August I cured the outer ear however new symptoms came to light. The tinnitus was continues and vertigo appeared.
    Checked couple of ENT and my Neurologist.
    ENT advised to do Audiometry (eardrum test) which was good – meaning the tinnitus (the noise) comes from the inner ear.
    Neurologist prescribed some anti-vertigo drugs and wrote a presumable diagnosis called “cochlear vestibular syndrome” and warned that if within 2-3 weeks it doesn’t help I should check ENT for BPPV maneuvers/exercises.

    Last week I’ve done brain CT to rule out any potential ear inflammation – which was clean.

    So, so far, I’ve been 2 months on drugs and nothing helped. On Wednesday, 16th September, I’m going for a Vestibulometry test which apparently will conclude the final diagnosis.

    Current status – the vertigo is the worst possible, now I cannot even walk normally and there’s this pressure in the left hemisphere of the head (swimmer’s ear was on the left ear) accompanied with 24/7 nonstop tinnitus.

    I also gotta admit that this crap gives me lots of anxiety (perhaps it time to get a cat)

    I hope this helps someone.
    Will update you guys on Wednesday after the procedure.

  18. I think i have the same thing, except for me the oncoming of the symptoms were slow and more mild, and I'm 22. Funny thing is that my grandpa and dad had something similar when they were in their 20s. My dad said that he just developed this random dizziness and it took him a long time to recover, and now he's fine. livable

  19. I was dx’d with vestibular neuritis 7 years ago, I’m 49 years old, went through VRT. It becomes easier and your brain can compensate to a certain degree. I still have symptoms but have learned to live with them. I know it’s hard but you can push through. Follow the directions of specialists, get out there where there’s stimuli little by little, and you adapt. Just don’t give up. Your life is not over, just different.

  20. I obtain vertigo attacks a lot! They typically held up for 7 days. It`s very unbearable. In March, I had attack a week-long vertigo that caused me to utilize the dizziness vertigo treatment. The vertigo seemed to disappear quickly. If I did not spend couple hours to research it on Google, I could not find this tip. The guidebook’s name is under.Taylor Suρandaz
    Take care

  21. My dizziness and vertigo got even worse, which had me frightened of even coming down from small incline. 3 days was all it took for the dizziness vertigo remedy I discovered. I got out today down and up steps on a steep side walk, no dizziness, no spinning, did not seem like I was gone to fall. I`m very pleased with this specific medicine. I save your time to do the research on Google. The tip’s name is below.Taylor Suρandaz

  22. I acquired this dizziness vertigo solution for my partner hadwho has varying levels of dizziness for four to five. He began having outcomes after four days, and now right after a full week, although not 100% yet he`s had long periods of total alleviation. Hopefully, with extended use, he`ll be dizzy free before long. If I did not spend couple days to research it on Google, I could not find this tip. The guidebook’s name is at the bottom.
    Taylor Suρandaz
    well wishes

  23. I experienced dizziness vertigo and fearful of falling going down even a tiny slope for a long while. I have been utilizing this dizziness vertigo remedy for 3 days. No falling feeling was experienced today as I was walking on an incline. I am very satisfied with this medication. If I did not spend all day to research it on Google, I could not find this tip. The guide’s name is below.
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  24. Personally I find riding bike the most difficult. What helped first me was walking in the woods. (beside physiotherapie). Later I was able to run. Also martial arts excersises helped (you have done this before, this helps the brain to remember). With all these excercises you get information from your feet. However that makes riding the bike so difficult cause you dont have the feets on the ground. Just my view. But sure it is not easy.

  25. I am 16 and I have had brain fog and vertigo sense I was 12. I feel like I’m going crazy. I finally, with all my research, think that I have VN. I know a lot of you wouldn’t want me to say this, but I hope I have VN because if I don’t have it, idk what is wrong with me. Idk if it’s normal to have had it for five years. But I hope when I go to the doctor, that I can get a solution.

  26. I’ve never heard of the “retrain my brain/body” all I’ve ever been told is I like a bad knee once you get it it’s never the same again and you just have to wait it out but I’m sure there are other remedies

  27. I'm suffering from vertigo over a year now, finally went to a dizziness clinic the vestibular therapist diagnosed me with vestibular neutritis yesterday, and gived me some exercice to do im starting today but she said it will take long to get better, she said the more I'm going to be persistent in my exercices the faster I'll get better , i hope mine is curable and that she gived me the correct diagnose

  28. Hi all! First of all, my most important advice to all of you is: Believe in yourself! Slow down, take your time… slowly start to walk and walk… and walk. 🙂 Hard i know, realy. hard! Wear a baseball cap, and try not to look at the ground. Do excercises on your neck and your shoulder, massage them becouse the muscles in this area are firm and tight. day by day step by step it will better. I wish the best to all of you!

  29. one of the best treatments for Neuritis. Mixing soybean milk with honey makes it rich in vitamin B, lecithin and glutamic acid and all play an important role in protecting the nervous system. This element helps strengthen the nervous system. When you have problems, add a teaspoon of honey to a cup of soy milk and mix well. Take it every night before bed.

  30. Samething happened to me yesterday I was singing at the church choir then I collapsed then I opened my eyes I was in emergency room so embarrassing, now Drs put me on medication and I was told do not drive I am truck driver I don't know what's going to happen if I don't work I can't afford to pay my home mortgage and bank don't care about my illness I will on the street preety soon

  31. Aug 29th I lost all equilibrium I could only look forward. I thought I was a goner. The ambulance came and I could not even get on the stretcher without assistance. Every bump on way to ER I felt like I was being slung outside my body. I was MRI and CT scan cleared and admitted overnight. I had vertical double vision and feeling disembodied. After being sent home I tried to go to work couple days later and drove half hour before I felt like something knocked me outside my body. I had severe anxiety to say the least and following morning I had to go back to ER via ambulance. Had uncontrollable tremors right side and blood pressure 215/110. They gave me something and knocked me out which got blood pressure back. Long story short its all unexplained and 3 weeks after this happened I developed tinnitus which is worsening by the day here. I had pressure in right side of head for which i have completed 2 rounds of antibiotics , one round prior to this event and second round after for my sinuses as I complained enough and expressed that I think I had a bad infection in my head that got into my inner ear causing all this. I am going for Ct scan of sinus in couple hours here but i'm at my wits end with all this, I don't even know if a sinus scan means looking at inner ear also. You would think they would right but I have no idea. Oh and to see my ENT I cant until Oct 22nd and neurologist is December. I was back to running 3 miles every other day now im afraid to walk my dog as I think im going to pass out. Noone cares they just want to put in there day collect their copay and get you out of their office rather than actually try to figure out the issue at hand. After all the more trips you make back the more money they make. I never had nystagmus or spinning mine all seemed vertical double vision and swaying

  32. I wrote this comment for one of the other comments below. This might be of help for some who are suffering with this problem:

    I hear you brother. I'm going thru the exact same thing as you are at the moment. Here, I wasn't feeling well at all in July. I had my cousin take me to Emergency here in Clovis, CA, but because I was diagnosed with MS, which I think was a misdiagnosis, seems they always begin from that perspective hereinafter, and it's been 5 years, and I've never had any problems since, nevertheless, the doctors can't help but go down a particular path once their case files whether paper or electronic tell them what previous doctors have diagnosed whether the first doctor was correct or not. Again, I am dealing with this very problem as I write this. Note: You did say you were prescribed Antibiotics, right..!?? Possible answers: I do research for a living in my normal occupation and am a JD Candidate, so I do know how to research subjects. Heads Up: Think about it. Question: What were the antibiotics addressing. Answer: They detected the presence of infection. If and when they diagnose the presence of infection and prescribe Antibiotics, that means infection is affecting your middle ear. My doctor started with oral solution Prednisone because he thought it was a viral infection, but when it didn't work, I went back to him, fully explained what I thought the problem was, he then prescribed the more appropriate treatment; Amoxicillin w/ Augmentin. I took 2.5 regiments, and after three weeks, I did begin to notice a bit of improvement. I can stand steadily while in the shower, but the overall problem seems to still be with me. I am noticing a slight swelling under my left arm, and there's a lack of water which is supposed to be normal when you rub your eyes. I'm not feeling that squishing sound in my left eye, which is in the suspected trouble area. All of this is telling me the infection, swelling, and some slight damage exists in both my 1.) middle ear, my 2.) Eustachian tube, and my 3.) left side optic nerve. I've never had a problem with tinnitus, but I am hearing a rapid pounding sound in my other side; the right side ear. It comes and then then it goes. I am doing the exercises designed to massage and release tension in the base behind the head, the mastoid area, my eyes, and my forehead. Despite all of this, I can tell my problem is still rooted in the original problem area which was [Affected due to the [very rotten upper molar that I believe caused all of these problems]. …I did some research on how to treat vestibular neuritis; the area that controls balance in the body. At this point, it seems either a stronger antibiotic is now necessary, or it just might be time for a qualified doctor to consider (sigh) …mild surgery to put those tubes in my ears to drain the mastoid area so the fluid which created the pressure in my ears to returns to normal.

  33. Here you go Friends. I'm giving you some of my research regarding those Tinnitus Symptoms and possible causes. Mind you, I had an upper molar that I failed to have the filling replaced since Fall, 2018. As time passed, the entire filling came out, then the tooth broke in half, then one morning while going to the bathroom, I began feeling dizzy while standing up from the toilet. That was by the Summer of 2019. By 2020, I began walking slower and began listing to the left side. This told me the infection was slow spreading, but I did not take action because the pandemic. As time passed, I realized I needed to deal with the problem. I went to the dentist, he extracted the upper molar, prescribed one RX of regular Amoxicillin and 1 refill. My balance slowly came back. I was outside mowing the lawn, I was able to stand steadily in the shower, but after say a month, the symptoms began to come back. I went back to the dentist, but because their inspection saw a closed area where the tooth was, they felt their job was done, they discharged me, and despite my request for additional Amoxicillin, the Dentist refused and released me. I got worse after a month. I called and scheduled another appointment. the Dentist made me wait, I was sufficiently dizzy, I would not sit in the regular dentist chair, so I went outside to wait in my ride's truck. I left my professional business card that shows I'm a JD Candidate, the Dentist clearly became nervous, immediately released me as a patient, and said: Go to Emergency, but you are released. …I went home, realizing I needed some help with this problem, they took me in, carted me downtown for an MRI, found nothing, found I was stable and not emergency room material, released me, I had to walk 1.5 miles to the nearby Denny's, I called my ride for a ride, had a breakfast, arrived at home, and the problem continued.

    Despite the crap treatment, I decided to goto an urgent care clinic. I had a good doctor who did listen to me. He prescribed and despite the first therapy not working, when I went back, he prescribed Amoxicillin w/ Augmentin. After a month of that I began to show signs of improvement. I'm at least able to stand steady for the most part, but I do not feel I am out of the woods yet. I do all the balance steadying exercises, they do help to a point, but I do realize the original problem still exists. I decided it was time to establish a Primary Care Physician. I'm going in for regular blood work, which is the regular procedure as a new patient, and I now intend to bug the crap out of all of these doctors until they figure out and resolve my problem. Friends, let's face it: A primary doctor in this era only has so much time and so much experience in diagnosing these types of problems. When their training leads them in a given direction, because they have limited time to fully diagnose these often complex problems, they simply do just enough to tell themselves they saw you, looked you over, diagnosed the most obvious and serious issues, then they refer to others who have more experience with your particular problem.

    Problem is, this process because of time, economics, medical insurance, and the effectiveness of wherever you are being treated, can often be a time-consuming problem. So: Best thing to do with these kinds of problems, is just plan on enduring the discomfort for a time, plan on taking a step by step approach to the problem, plan on spending lots of time in the future in doctor office waiting rooms, and when they finally go thru their regular [Process of Elimination Method of Thinking], I believe they will eventually figure out what exactly is troubling you, so just plan on being your own Practitioner by managing your own healthcare by managing the doctors and what they can and should be doing for you to get you back to health with a quickness. All the best, MDM, JD Candidate. \//

  34. I am only 2 1/2 months in. I am struggling everyday. I wake up dizzy and go to bed dizzy. I can barely read, I can’t watch tv. I could go on and on. Anyone who is going through this and would like to message please let me know. Life just seems like it’s pure torture now

  35. I had vestibular neuritis for 20month already. Ringing in my right ear for 19month. And now, both of my ear. The sound become louder than previous one. Oh well it's really change my life. I feel so frustrated sometimes. Crying all night.But life has to go on..


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