Venezia 1-1 Juventus | Juve pegged back by Aramu wonder strike | Serie A 2021/22

Venezia’s number 10 produces an unstoppable curler to deny the Bianconeri the three points | Serie A 2021/22

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Comment (471)

  1. da mezzo veneziano grande venezia…da juventino invece la sofferenza continua. io però non do colpa ad allegri. Ha trovato la squadra che gli ha messo in mano la società, ha dovuto accettare giocatori che a parte poche eccezioni non sono da juve…o non sono piu da juve perche'ormai a fine carriera o involuti drammaticamente.

  2. It's not Morata (working his a** off), it's not the defense+keeper (they got relatively stable again)…
    It's the horrible midfield that is not worth wearing this shirt. We gotta strike fast in January and get rid of all those useless bentancours

  3. PELLEGRINI TITOLARE! We have to build a new team with new young players. Get rid of the old ones and start using De Winter, Soule, Kean, Kulusewski, Kaio Jorge, Fagioli, etc

  4. Kebanyakan tim-tim hebat bisa di kalahkan oleh tim-tim promosi..sprti juventus udh menang mlh di bikin seri sm musuh'a..jd ikhlas saja scudetto tahun nih jato d'pelukan milan-inter..

  5. Dal México sempre presente con voi!!! VENEZIA NEL CUORE 🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🧡🖤💚🇮🇹🇲🇽💪🏼🦁🔝💯💯💯

  6. Todos los equipos chicos salen a jugarse su final de la champions contra la juve y a estadio lleno.,Pero cuando esos mismos equipos chicos juegan contra Milan o Inter no va nadie y son unos gatitos indefensos., Son una Verguenza esos equipos.🤔

  7. kinda sad to see giant clubs like Barca, Juve, and also Man Utd to a degree, struggle so bad, from day one of the season, all the way to the end. I think Juve can finish 5th at most this season, I'd really be surprised if it was higher. Paolo Dybala can get his show back on the road now Ronaldo is gone but he too can't seem to get this by and large mediocre Juve side going. They need at least a world-class midfielder and a world-class striker, seeing Morata start just hurts the eyes. But where to find such players I guess.

  8. Inter are 3 points better than at this time last year and Juventus are 5 points worse. Inzaghi and Allegri both inherited the teams that Conte built.

  9. I'm really tired watching this Juventus team. Whoever decided to recruit these players need to be fired!! Getting rejected players like Rabiot, Morata, Arthur, Sandro, Danilo etc. And then throwing away gems like Cancelo & Spinazzola are the dumbest decision ever.

  10. Wojciech Szczęsny Kiper pembawa sial

    kalau Juventus memainkan kiper Wojciech Szczęsny , pasti banyak kalahnya,,,
    gantilah kipernya banyakin mainnya Perin atau Carlo Pinsoglio saja


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