Valeri Kharlamov Soviet Hockey Tribute Video

Valeri Kharlamov Soviet Hockey Tribute Video

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  1. You must be talking about Orr. Or perhaps the entire Canadien Hockey system in general. There is only one thing more porous than the US border with Mexico, and that is Dryden goal tending! Thanks so much for reading, and have a wonderful day! By the way, where is Canada located exactly?

  2. if you really watch him, hes actually a very simple player, hes just fast when he does things and does moves with the least amount of moves. he thought quick, moved quick and played smart. a true legend.

  3. Greetings to everyone! My name is Tim. I have just published a book all about the origins of the great Soviet Hockey Dynasty. It is entitled: MAGICIANS ON ICE. You can purchase it through Amazon or my publisher at AUTHORHOUSE.

  4. Сейчас хоккей стал более… безбашенным что ли. Мы еще играем в комбинационный хоккей, тому подтверждение – чм2008. А канадцы вообще упали ниже некуда… Они и в советские времена были никакие, но тогда у них были хоть сколько нибудь стоящие игроки, не то что сейчас.

  5. The absolute best Russian Hockey player ever. As a young Canadian watching the 72 series with my Dad, I recall my Dad saying his name, claiming he was the best on the ice. Only Bobby Orr was a better hockey player in that time, and sadly Bobby didn't play in that tournament.


  7. Нет и не будет второго такого же талантливого и неповторимого. Харламов – это чудо, это гений хоккея, это совершенство, которое не то что превзойти, но и повторить не сможет никто.

  8. I watched all the Hockey World Cups and the Canada Cups during the 70's, and it's no question about him being the best player in the world outside NHL of his generation. If he was better than Bobby Hull or Bobby Orr? Hard to say, there wasn't really anytime the Canadiens and the CCCP's faced each other on neutral ground. But I think he's up there among the best players of all time. 


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