UNDISPUTED | Skip Bayless believes that Aaron Rodgers will be gone from Packers sooner than later

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UNDISPUTED | Skip Bayless believes that Aaron Rodgers will be gone from Packers sooner than later

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  1. I'm from Greenbay and the Packers have been going in the wrong direction I think some Progressives infiltrated the organization it's just not the same. BON VOYAGE AARON.

  2. My son played against Jordan Love in high school. He looked like a pro quarterback in high school yall. I knew when i saw the kid he would be a starter in the NFL. Green bay has a future star. Just ask Brett Favre Jordan Love will eventually be a star.

  3. Same old story. New staff can’t wait to get rid of the guy who can still win and everybody loves, but they want “their” guy out there so they can take all the credit…..or blame

  4. Packers upper office should be sweating. There is a time and place to take Rodger’s replacement in the draft, and that time is not when you have the most WR heavy draft class ever. What morons.

  5. The Packers got lucky by facing a hurt Rams defense, yet when Tom Brady beats the Chiefs; Skip mentions about the covid decimated o-line. Why tf do I do this to myself? Why do I keep coming back and listening to this fucking clown talk? Is worse than CNN.

  6. Seeing a Rodgers/Favre parallel here. But they'd be foolish to let him walk for any conditions at this point. He's got plenty left in the tank and how the Packers GM handled this was abysmal. This will be his legacy if he lets Rodgers go: a massive failure

  7. He not going to Denver. Suicidal move to be in with the Chiefs or Raiders. Rogers won't be special and would be white noise ..

    He better off in Miami or SF

  8. I wonder if Aaron watches Skip bring up "Aaron got his dream of playing in a championship game at the Tundra…" and secretly writes his manifesto.

  9. Right now Green Bay has zero leverage. Everyone knows he’s leaving, so his trade value has gone down precipitously! They should’ve taken San Francisco’s offer, now if they get a single first round pick they’d be lucky. One of the worst front offices in the NFL (Daniel Snyder must be smiling saying, look I’m not worst anymore) and they screwed this up totally.

    Skip, he didn’t lose those championships, the team and most likely, management did. Lack of quality players around him is what cost those championships.

  10. Everyone acting like Rodgers is in the right. He's nothing but a cry baby diva! They don't need his input or advice on who they draft or hire!

  11. I can totally understand them not calling Rodgers before making the Love pick but a quick text message to give him a heads up and open a dialogue would’ve taken seconds.

  12. He going 2 Denver! His fiance lives in Boulder.
    He don't have any kind of relationship w his parents especially his brother . So , going back 2 California means nothing 2 him.

  13. I don’t appreciate the comments discounting Teddy B. “You can’t win a championship with Teddy”, and “sure I think you could finish 8-8 with Teddy”. I’ve seen Nick Foles win a Super Bowl. I am positive Teddy could do that too

  14. I don’t get Skips argument at all lol. What does debating how good Rodgers has been do with him wanting to leave or not?

  15. Skip always saying Rodgers wasn’t good this past NFC championship game is laughable, Rodgers is the only reason they were able to stay in that game with his defense selling the entire first half and aaron Jones fumbling setting up Tampa on the 8 yard line

  16. i don't believe the CEO here. if they were truly committed, why draft j love and NOT give a Rod what he wants ? this is bizarre what gb is doing man. they seem straight up LOST

  17. I'm sorry but you don't get to whine and complain and then all of a sudden get traded because you want to get traded you signed a contract and that binds you to the Green Bay Packers any breach of that contract you will have to Forfeit the money that you were given! I guess you didn't read the small fine print down at the bottom of the contract sucks to be you today Aaron Rodgers!

  18. Now Aaron Rodgers is figuring out what Brett Favre went through after the Packers tried to throw him out the door year after year after year after year! Brett Favre didn't get mad he made it a point year after year to keep Aaron on the bench to show them that he can still play!

  19. No matter where Rogers ends up, his greatest allies wil be there for him. Rogers is the teachers pet, of NFL officials, he always will get the calls, unless he's playing Tom Brady in a championship game.

  20. All Aaron Rodgers has to do is retire, let Green Bay use all that cap space, unretire a month or so into the season, and he will be traded pronto.

  21. Shannon and skip are just full of buloney. Way overthinking the whole thing.
    AR wants Mahomes money. Because that is how teams tell a player how they value him. Its not what the Packer brass did. Its what they wont do NOW. The way you create cap and also show your long term committment to AR is to give him guarenteed money. Screw the salary just give me NFL MVP money and spread it out down the road for a few years. Now you can buy extra players and also show AR he will be around for a long time…or pay him dead money down the road. Dont ever think its not about the money. Money is how value is expressed. Packers wont pay him, cause they arent sure enough about him. And I wouldnt pay him either.

  22. I’m a Green Bay fan but I won’t be surprised or shocked if Rodgers leaves 9 of the 10 drafts they waste 1st round picks on defense not giving Rodgers any good weapons and defense doesn’t help him win so

  23. Aaron literally gets everything he ask for and when he gets it he still fails. He has a number one receiver had a home playoff game and now they’re drafting a defense got rid of the coach. Why don’t ppl understand TALENT isn’t ENOUGH to WIN

  24. Well maybe he should have played better prior to them drafting a QB …competing for his job made him step up … how long will that last he is 38 or 39

  25. Everyone's in Love with the "Scrambling" QB's !!!
    Oh, Jordan Love is the nexf Pat Mahomes !!!
    Well, Pat Mahomes and his 400+yards running around the backfield (now that they're actually measuring THAT stat ! BTW how do they figure that out !!?? Someone with a ruler on a video screen measuring how many yards he zigs and zags or do they count steps !!???) But Anyway Mahomes didn't win against the "pocket passer" Tom Brady !
    So what are they saying in Green Bay !!?? They're looking for the next
    SB runner up !?? Lol
    Oh The Scrambling QB !!!

  26. Bye crybaby. Acting like a girl and trying to manipulate one of the most legendary franchises in history. They ain't gonna fire the gm dude. Go fucking win games and shut the fuck up or go host jeapordy. I don't even want him back. I'd rather lose with love rather win with this crybaby. I'm officially a rodgers hater.


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