UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts to LeBron sits out again as Lakers beat Knicks 101-99 in OT

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UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts to LeBron sits out again as Lakers beat Knicks 101-99 in OT

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  1. @4:50 really skip??!! They still got Daniel House though!! I thought he was their most important player???!!! 😂😂😂 This man is a whole clown show

  2. Dude seriously I’m a fan of skip but he just hates on the lakers all day. Not once has he said anything good about Lebron and the lakers. I just watch Shannon’s take then stop watching when it’s skips turn. Lol

  3. I don’t know what everybody says but I want to see two underdogs in the finals…. no clippers no nets no lakers…

  4. Skip should’ve been a agent. This man wanna tell Bron how to run his career…… when to play & when not to play! Skip crazy 😅😂😂😂

  5. LeBron is scouting teams from the bench. He's watching offensive opponents schemes to learn how to defend them. They also know they will win the play-in. Defeat the tough teams first to make it easier moving on in the playoffs!!! Just my speculation and opinion.

  6. It’s basketball. Nobody is afraid to play anyone. Lakers are playing for nothing, he reportedly practiced Sunday and Monday so why would he for a 3rd straight day play on the ankle. Was never going to play both games so take Tuesdays off after practicing back to back days and play tonight. Nothing less or more. I know it’s apart of skips act but he literally said retarded stuff

  7. He’s still talking shit about Lebron not wanting to play the Knicks. They fucking lost bruh. Wtf. Lebron didn’t play and they still lost. Why would you still be talking this bullshit?

  8. Skip is delusional. How the fuck would any player with the career of LBJ get that successful while at the same time being afraid of any team or any situation. It just doesn’t happen. He’s just making shit up.

  9. awesome game, big win by the lakers, but whats the topic? u guessed it! Lebron returning one game later than expected..i hate skip so much, but im still addicted to watch that shit

  10. Clippers in 5 over the flakers in the first round even if healthy im calling it we want all the smoke rather catch y'all in the first too before yall get more time together trezz BBQ chicken

  11. let's be real, the Lakers won but they didn't beat the Knicks last night, they were playing just as bad; the Knicks lost to themselves. Also that last shot, a cold RJBarret taking a panic deep 3… horrible

  12. Basketball would look better outside again like in elementary school and jr high. At least there should be the options for stone courts all over the place. I'd like a view on tv if I ever watch a game again. Heights are scarier when they are hundreds of feet up. They dont need nets on all of them. The balls dont need to be saved. They can fall of el capitan for all I care.

  13. Where are all the other great players in Lebrons draft class ? Either on the bench or in some tv studio lol… Skipp is funny making a issue of this. Let's be real. LeBron might have quite some injuries next season also. It's nothing strange

  14. I feel like many of these " good teams " are really not that good when it comes to playoff type basketball. This season has been a lot of soft defense resulting in record great scoring and effeciency. When it's about winning a important game the teams that have a really great player or two will beat teams with a good player. I take the Lakers over the Jazz and whatever team in the West any day.. maybe the clippers have a shot because they do have some great players. It's rare for teams with two really great players to get to get to the finals…

  15. I’d rather the Lakers not play the clippers in the first round! It might be best to play in the play in to give them more time to jell and play someone else besides the clippers to get back to full strength?!?


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