UNDISPUTED | Shannon Believes that Aaron Rodgers will leave the Packers, Packers can’t fix it

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UNDISPUTED | Shannon Believes that Aaron Rodgers will leave the Packers, Packers can’t fix it

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  1. Rogers takes them there to the championship games but he has a losing record in those games stop saying that he deserves a huge contract he deserves to get paid but when players start dictating how much money they make our sport will suffer because it no longer a team thing it’s an I thing green bay has not made easy either but this is a community owned team the packers can’t just trade him because of the amount of money they would have to eat in dead money close to 38 million no team in there right mind is going to do that

  2. They do this type ish every time the lakers lose, they try to let the buzz die down, before they talk about the game. But notice when the lakers win, that shit is posted everywhere, and right away.

  3. Rodgers was pissed because they had a championship team and instead of using the draft to chase a ring… they drafted a backup that wouldn’t help at all. Not complicated. The front office was thinking about 5 years from now while ignoring an opportunity to win today.

  4. Does the Adam Shefter lie not exist to fox across all shows this morning not a single soul acknowledged or retract statements relating to the lie

  5. Terry doesn't understand, it's not just about them drafting his replacement. They haven't TRIED to get him real talent in drafts or free agency. A team did more for Tom Brady in 6 months than the packers did for Aaron Rodgers his whole career

  6. I'm going to be honest… Aaron has a right to be pissed. Just like brett favre had a right to be pissed… Lol both times packers draft for a QB in the 1st round when they needed a playmaker at wideout or a dominant defense guy… But what's hilarious to me is he saw it happen before with him… I honestly see why they picked love up… His talent is there… And rodgers isn't getting younger… Packers are looking forward to being relevant in the future… While teams that hold on to super stars too long suffer for years!! He should have been said something he should have voiced publicly about getting help years ago!! For example julio jones is basically all but out of atlanta… Why not speak up and urge them to get him? Put the pressure on like u should have years ago

  7. Skip just doest get it… Aaron isn’t worried about being replaced he is upset they wasted first round picks instead of getting him weapons to go win. Aaron can go start on probably 28 other NFL teams. It’s about helping Aaron win instead of taking picks that don’t help the team win today with a quarterback in MVP seasons….

  8. I think Brett is Salty and now he has a chance to sprinkle it back on Roger's after all these years. Opinions are like A-holes everyone has one….

  9. Hof players know what type of person Aaron Rodgers is and most of it is negative right now. That should tell you everything you need to know. 👎🏽

  10. I can not stand Rodgers. Rodgers s smug, no leadership, condescending and a jerk.
    With all that said. Green Bay give Rodgers everything he wants, pay Aaron his money, and moving forward, DO NOT POKE THE BEAR, KNOWN AS AARON RODGERS, dummies.

  11. Come on Shay, you know why they holding on to Aaron Rodgers,
    cause Jordan Love aint ready to start yet.
    or maybe the Packers brass fucked up when they picked Jordan Love and he aint what they thought he was.

  12. Dolphins vs redskins Super Bowl was two greatest teams on one field. That Washington team beat some great teams and went thru the gauntlet to make Super Bowl . Dolphins had an easy ride all season and thru playoffs.

  13. I mean philly I'm begging you please do this one good deed lol but as a football fan I can see Miami,raiders and Broncos shit they lucky I'm not the gm of the saints or Steelers cause I was pulling the trigger


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