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Uncle Roger found the factory that make Jamie Oliver’s chilli jam. Let’s see what go on in there…

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  1. Definitely took inspiration from Thai sweet chili sauce but this looks thicker, plus they use more fancy ingredients like cider vinegar instead of white vinegar. Also, why Uncle Roger so weak he can't even hold the bucket by himself?

  2. Uncle Roger, that dip you're trying starting at the 9:18 mark is similar to an old Yankee treat, saltines with cream cheese and chutney. It was the weekend treat at the Vassar dining halls when my mother attended there in the 1950s.

  3. The chili jam owner was chill. But he admitted that he got the idea for his jam by traveling Thailand. So, why didn't he label the product "Thai Style Sweet Chili Sauce"? And on that point, why didn't Jamie Oliver simply make a Thai style sweet chili sauce himself, and then call it such when he added it to his fried rice? Or better still, Jamie Oliver could have demonstrated a Thai fried rice recipe, then added a commercial brand of Thai sweet chili sauce. … However, I'm glad that NONE of that happened, because when Uncle Roger makes fun of Jamie Oliver and Chili Jam, he makes my day! 🤣


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