Unboxing LOL Surprise TWINS #HAIRGOALS SPLATTERS | L.O.L. Opening Series 5 (Series 4 Wave 3)

We’re continuing our LOL Surprise Hair Goals unboxing series and in today’s video, we open twins! We find Splatters wearing two different colored disguises inside two different colored containers, making it difficult to figure out any #lolsurprisehairgoals hacks.

Come back tomorrow for another Series 4 Wave 3 (Series 5) hairgoals unboxing!


Welcome to Aubri’s World! Aubri is a 5-year-old girl who loves to play with toys and have fun.


LOL Surprise #HAIRGOALS UNBOXING SPLATTERS | L.O.L. Opening Series 5 (Series 4 Wave 3) Twins: https://youtu.be/whtzp7p1nX8


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LOL Surprise Series 4 Lil Sisters FULL BOX On Vacation | L.O.L. Eye Spy Suitcase Luggage: https://youtu.be/NMIvWMUxnY0


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