UN Mission in the Central African Republic – MINUSCA

Meet the men and women from MINUSCA keeping people from the Central African Republic safe, from the air.

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  1. Восемь офицеров ГРУ РФ могут быть причастны к отравлению болгарского предпринимателя Емельяна Гебрева

    Восемь офицеров ГРУ России могут быть причастны к отравлению болгарского предпринимателя Емельяна Гебрева с помощью яда "Новичок" в апреле 2015 года. Об этом говорится в расследовании Bellingcat

    Сообщается, что во время двух предполагаемых отравлений бизнесмена в Болгарии находился генерал-майор Денис Сергеев. Этот же человек, как сообщалось ранее, мог участвовать в отравлении Сергея и Юлии Скрипаль в английском Солсбери в 2018 году.

  2. The Peacekeepers urgently need new and modernised equipment. It's almost a torture watching this.
    They represent mankind as a whole and therefore they need to be equiped and trained like that.

  3. La raison pour laquelle les pays africains restent pauvres et ne se développent pas est que les États coloniaux comme la France volent encore les richesses souterraines et aériennes des pays africains et la monnaie imposée par la France transfère toujours la moitié des revenus des pays d'Afrique à elle-même.

  4. United Nations create the war. United Nations is threat to humanity. I do not understand why other Africans i participating these games by the United Nations. France need to leave Africa alone. United Nations please leave Africa also.

  5. Je n'ai pas confiance aux contingeants Senegalais de la MINUSCA en centrafrique. L'histoire nous rappelle la complicite' des Contingeant Senegalais de la force de L'OUA en JUIN 1982 pour faciliter la prise du pouvoir par HISSEIN HABRE au TCHAD. C'est regretable que les gouvernant Africains sont des traitres pour leur propre Continent au service de la FRance et d'autres puissances etrangeres. Attention, je ne parle pas des peuples SENEGALAIS mais leur Gouvernant au service de la France. Merci

  6. Don't get me wrong, I understand the need for peacekeeping helicopters and the reasons why that helicopter was chosen. But to the uninformed average day Joe, a Soviet gunship with hundreds of rockets and a GsH–30mm autocannon isn't the first thing that comes to mind when he hears the phrase Peacekeeping Helicopter lol.

  7. All governments in the world will be destroyed Very near, JehOvAh GOd Said that in Daniel 2:44-45,sO, WOrship JehOvAh GOd fAther Of Jesus b4 it's too late because d end is very neAr zePhAniah 1:14, mAthew 4:10, please read in d Bible!

  8. I dont know what interest you have there but its not worth losing good man for it. No money will ever get back father's, Mother's, son's and daughter's back to the "free world".
    Like Somalia on the end of 20th century you will just make it worst.

  9. The Congo is estimated to have mining resourses of 43 trillion dollars. They should the richest nation in the world. Every country that has untapped riches allways have conflicts. Why?

  10. The pilots Mohammed and Abdulah. Methinks the UN wants to defend Muslims after they committed war crimes. Why doesn’t the UN enter Nigeria where the Muslim armed minority is exterminating the Christian unarmed majority?


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