Ukraine broke through Russian defensive lines from the north?!

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Comment (1,621)

  1. Brilliant stuff Artur and I’m so glad Liz Truss has confirmed our support for you. It’s just a shame the most powerful country in Europe,Germany,is doing bugger all to help you!

  2. I worry Russia's strategy is tactically retreating and leading Ukrainian Troops into a trap to be flanked, surrounded then cutoff from back end support when going too deep into enemy lines. BE CAUTIOUS! Putin isn't stupid!

  3. WOW the russian propaganda is trying everything! Dead Ukrainian soldiers that magically come back to life?!?!?!?! WTF!!!!
    I wonder if that sad excuse for a human (the russian propagandist) got roughed up by the russian cops? We can only hope that he is next to "disappear"!

    Slava Ukraine!!!!!

  4. Nice one Artur. Appreciate your delivery! Ah. So the orcs were right (?) Black magic IS reanimating Ukrainian fallen 😂. They just can't help lying. Push them out and maybe one day they will learn the truth about this hideous war. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦💪🇺🇦🇬🇧

  5. momentum is a hard thing to stop , thats why the orcs started well the momentum , but now it has swung….Be interesting to see if the invading Orcs can slow them down now, that wont be easy when yo are in somebody else's land.

  6. Nice Video Bro, Yes HARM are sophisticated weapons dedicated to blast specific targets, HIMARS and Excalibur also blast specific targets through satellite guided to protect beloved Ukrainian citizen, Great info video Bro, Cheers 😎

  7. The Ukrainians have showed Russia what a real feint is. Kherson is an objective but the real goal was to draw as many Russians as possible to the south. Now the North is open.

  8. What people are probably forgetting is we don't have to have our troops on the ground to do work we just got to be training them and tell them how to do things and how we do it and they can just go do it just as good

  9. Can you imagine if our troops are underground with our equipment what would you be able to do the Ukrainian military is doing work with our equipment but it's all for the same cause

  10. Brilliant tactics by Ukraine…Mass troops in the south and make Russia move troops from the east to the south, then you hit the area they drew men from…Its one of the oldest tricks in the book but it still works.

  11. Artur: You're one of kind, love your videos, Estonia has been such a great support to Ukraine. It's just amazing how Russia has unified us all! Keep it up and now Estonia is a must country to visit on my list!!!

  12. They did, because the Russians let them to do. It's ancient war-tactic. They walked into a trap, that's all. The aim is to eradicate the national identity of Ukraine. That is why they send the Ukrainian youth to the slaughterhouse, because they represent the future of Ukraine, which does not exist.

  13. Three things are being revealed during this conflict.
    1-The Ukrainian bravery and fierceness
    2-The “paper tiger” that is the Russian military
    3-NATO support in the area has been awe inspiring

  14. This is clearly a NATO op. All enemy positions and unit strengths were known well in advance. All NATO operations require the use of real-time satellite monitoring of ground / air threats. Any enemy counter-offensive ground units forming or nearing the battle area will be met with significant artillery barrages to downgrade or eliminate the threat. The same is true for any Russian artillery / MLRS piece that engages the UAF ground forces. Once a tube fires, the counter-battery radar capability of the satellite radar relays the geo-coordinates to integrated smart guns (m777 / HIMARS) that immediately places precision guided rounds on that firing position. Air is the only viable Russian platform that can disrupt the UAF progress but it has limited capability as incoming sorties or long-range stand-off missiles are detected by the satellites long before they reach the combat target area so ground troops have a opportunity to seek cover and man their portable SAM systems. All NATO ground forces are equipped with shoulder-launched SAMS as part of a force-protection requirement. Point being there is little to no 'fog-of-war' and virtually zero guesswork as to the force strength requirements to effectively push forward, defend ground, or assault built-up defended areas. The game has just changed

    In the good old days (wwll)
    they had a second line army
    to make sure, that the front
    line did'nt flee.
    When 1th line was extin-
    guished, a 3th line pushed
    the former second line
    forwards, into the meat
    grinder. ☠ 💀 ☠ 💀 ☠

    They better reuse this re-
    cipe very soon. Otherwise :
    The words second stron-
    gest army, will be defeated
    utterly by a former province.

    After all. It's 140 against 40
    mill. So it's Russias only
    possible chance in this hor-
    rible mess. 😄

    It might of course fail, but
    the tiptoeing so far, has
    clearly been a failure.

  16. Let them reverse engineer it, they probably can't produce the robot with their 14nm garbage chips. Ivan the bot will mow down its own battalion before it touches the front lines 😂

  17. I love your videos, Artur. Keep 'em coming. I'm retired and on a fixed income, otherwise, I'd support your channel. You give a distinct viewpoint in your videos that I really like. You kinda remind me of — me! W Rusty Lane K9POW (I'm a Ham radio operator) in eastern Tennessee

  18. Man. Those Russians keep advancing…

    To Vladivostok and the Black Sea so it seems 😂😂😂 so where 3,000 killed and all Ukr planes destroyed Vlad? All barks but no proofs 🤣

  19. As I have been saying all along:

    Putin needs to be removed, whether by his death or his incarceration and trial for war crimes. Putin's regime needs to be dismembered. Freedom for Russians and ALL PEOPLE. Death to all orcs.

    Slava Ukraini!

  20. Ukraine is making history. The strategy has been incredible.

    1. Announce that you will be counterattacking South in 3 months, and continue to draw attention to the counteroffensive for 4 months. Bait Putin into reinforcing Kherson from the East and North.
    2. Once Putin has taken the bait, take out the bridges required to supply the new troops. Putin's troops will start to get hungry and cold in a few weeks – time is now on your side in the South.
    3. Make small attacks in Kherson to ensure that everyone fully believes that is where the attack will happen. Keep talking about opsec, but never mention anywhere except Kherson. Keep your heavy armour in the North, and keep Russian eyes on the South… and then…
    4. Surprise! Break through Russian defensive lines in the North, push 50km into occupied territory, blitzkrieg into their command and supply centres!


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