UFC 273: Live Weigh-In Show

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Comment (596)

  1. Its funny how people say Volkanovski needs to beat Max decisively, but overlook the fact that he actually already did that in the first fight. He didn't have to give him an immediate rematch, he volunteered to do that and the third fight, he really doesn't have to prove more

  2. Volkanovski has in my opinion been marketed poorly especially for being a Champ….and that's out of all divisions! It's a shame he's a good down to earth guy and without doubt an out n out killer, he'll keep that belt as long as he wants.

  3. could easily tell Kay could have cut more. they are allowing this too much! she should get 20% and the rest too her opponent

  4. It’s pretty crazy it seems that all ufc employees get drunk of half a beer πŸ˜‚ I literally didn’t think it was possible. Is modelo 37% or something lol

  5. The most under appreciated ufc fighter of all time is cheick Kongo. The man is an absolute beast. Involved in some banger fights back in the older ufc days and he’s tearing through the bellator heavyweight division right now. My favourite fighter.

  6. Felder is so desperate to validate Sterling it's funny. People are dunking on Sterling because everything HE did after the illegal knee, not because he took an illegal strike. Clowns attract clowns.

  7. I like how it’s always the 3 key people sanko, hellie, and din and then they switch out the from dc to Paul and whoever else and make sure rj stays too – but I need to see Paul again on here he’s always funny

  8. These bromance lists are pretty good! I hope Khamzat and Till have been doing more than playing with G.I. Joes in the bathtub, sharing the same sleeping bag, and chasing each other with squirt guns….From Khamzats youtube videos hes been posting he gets a real kick out of dumping water on people when they are sleeping. My 6 year old nephew loves doing this too.

  9. Gold chain-check
    Gold chain #2-check
    Thats a class act if I've ever seen it. Dude already knows he's done come Saturday night

  10. "Plan was to do what I always do". He forgot Petr has the gas tank built for a semi. Petr is a different animal altogether. Aljo is lying to himself and believes his own hype. Stop flexing (literally) just stop. It's obnoxious when people like him do it bc he's in love with himself. He's a clown and after he loses he's gonna make excuses like "yeah bro I wasn't taking it seriously. I was horse playing before the fight". So he can ask for a 3rd fight

  11. There was no controversy in Vera's win over O'Malley, it was O'Malley fans protecting the hype, which isn't necessary, you can see how good Sugar is. There is no difference between Marlon catching O'Malley's chin and knocking him out and him "Catching" the perineal nerve and deadening his leg and finishing him on the ground. If one isn't a fluke, the other isn't either. Is a liver kick a fluke too? It might not be a win that shows that Vera is a better fighter, but it was a clean win regardless.

  12. RJ hella smart playing the "guess the fighter" game at the end of the show, holding the pieces of paper in front of his eyes instead of his forehead like everyone else, he could easily see who's names were written on the opposite side of the paper

  13. Never stop this show its so damn good I honestly looked forward to it. Laura's still the best female host in sport casting. Holding very strong.

  14. Izzy and hookers bromance is hilarious. When izzy says they were training and izzy popped Dan so Dan says "vetorri is the TRUE champ" 🀣🀣🀣

  15. Normally enjoy the behind the scenes insight and previous fighters take. However, listening to folks sit around and burp takes something away from it and pushes towards basic and shallow.

  16. I specialize in the Gender ID field.. and ALL women in UFC MMA BOXING are really menπŸ’― The UFC is SUPER SATANIC! You're being lied to. Wake up, people. The World is a Stage!

  17. Chimaev actually has been hit twice regardless I’ve never see anything like it it’s unreal he has not been hit in his last 2 fights this is UFC an has been in 2 fights an they were deff the 2 better fighters that he has faced an not been hit it’s absolutely insane. But we’re gonna find out a lot tomorrow night fighting Burns


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