UFC 273 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

Champ Aljamain Sterling shows his old stomping grounds. Gilbert Burns gets coached from Brazil. Korean Zombie embraces fight week. Champ Alexander Volkanovski admires steaks. Khamzat Chimaev arrives with teammate Darren Till. UFC 273 is Saturday, April 9.

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  1. Gotta say this does NO1 else think that Darren till has just clinged on 2 wat he knows is the best fighter about,he knows he carrer is dead if he don't do sumthink

  2. The reason that most people think that Burns is going to lose is that we don't see him training on the same level as Khamzat

  3. Khamzat gonna take over WW as long as he isn’t underestimating Gilbert. Burns is not an easy opponent, is dangerous everywhere. Should be interesting

  4. I love how people who make alot of money and famous people are the ones who always get the free meal.. she should walk outside and hook up the homeless guy with a meal instead

  5. When they make a movie about Khamzat Chimaev: Either Chuck Norris will play the role or CGI rendered peak Arnold Schwarzenegger or something like a hybrid Bruce Lee/Abraham Lincoln/Mike Tyson ultimate human being 🤘

  6. Till was always being recognized as a big welterweight, then he stands next to Chimaev and Chimaev towers over Till. He is alot leaner than Welterweight Till, but stronger, faster, and still more skilled. Don’t sleep on Chimaev man

  7. Each to their own but Sterling, at least pretend like you wanted to pay for your food in that small business. "Don't worry about it" "You sure?" Not even ah 'no thank you that's fine I appreciate the offer though'. That's slack considering you probably earn a lot more than that business. I could never do this but thats me but nobody is perfect hell he might donate a portion of his purse to charity or something I don't know about (doubtful lol)

  8. Chimaev is awesome for calling out Usmans arrogance & bad knees, and Colby but being respectful to Izzy over the fact that Izzy is down to the competition and challenge. Even If Khamzat thinks he can beat Izzy in a way, he respects him and I love that he's messing with Usman's arrogance and it seems like Usman doesn't want to fight Chimaev. It was funny to hear him say that he hopes Burns doesn't cry if he loses like the last time he lost.. I respect burns for taking this fight but regardless that's a funny freaking comment by Chimaev lol he even talks about if he ever loses sbd how he will deal with it by just going to the gym, training harder and just coming back better, and it shows he's not delusional, he's just really comfortable with his conditioning and skills and if he faces a adversary that overcomes him he will see that as something impressive and just gives him purpose for further motivation for improvement and that's what builds greatness. Khamzat Chimaev is seriously the real deal next level of evolution of MMA. Just how Conor was, Izzy was, now Khamzat.

  9. Jiu Jitsu is in effective against rag doll wrestler that want to ground and pound . They give you hardly any thinking time . R.I.P. Gilb

  10. The Korean Zombie will lose. You got to give him respect. I remember watching him fight Aldo for the belt 10 years ago.

  11. UFC Brass: "Hey Volk, this is what we're gonna need you to do for embedded…..go have a meal at this steakhouse chain that paid us hefty advertising money to have the champ eat there, and make sure you ogle at the steak"

    Volk: "Aye, guys do you like to cook it more so you can 'render the fat'"

    Ruth's Chris: "oh yeah for sure"

    LOLOLOLOL they just paid UFC to get on embedded and look dumb by suggesting "medium" is better for ribeyes…..


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