U.S Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet now deadlier than ever before with new upgrade | All you need to know

U.S. F/A-18 Super Hornet recently made its first flight with LITENING targeting pod. The pod features daylight & FLIR sensors with HD colour video, plug-&-play data links. The pod will result in enhanced accuracy of munitions dropped/fired from the fighter. The Super Hornet is the newest tactical aircraft in the U.S. Navy inventory. The Super Hornet is considered the backbone of the U.S. Navy carrier air wing.

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  3. Looks nice and it would fit in any aircraft carrier.
    And our pilots will sure love it.
    And our country will have wide range of aircrafts with high combat capabilities.
    Since every fighter jets ammunition is totally different,with different payload capacity!

  4. 🤩

    You it wasn’t deadly ever in the past? Don’t worry. It’s engine too is probably made with alloys from China and that’s a clear sign of inferiority.


  5. The USA has agreed to upgrade the F16 fleet of Pakistan. To send a strong message India should go with the Rafale-M for the Navy. It will make the USA seriously reconsider their choices since money is the only language they understand.

  6. Don't forget all US fighter jets or helicopters are under secured network-centered warfare. The users apart from the US can't fire a single shot without getting permission from your boss US center command and control. Even if you paid the bill for your Pizza, you can't eat until your boss has to say to eat. It's like a dog. hahaha…

  7. Something happened to HT? They never talk good about the WEST weapons. They only mention how superior russian weapons is. HT open their eyes and realize how poorly russian weapons/equipments perform in Ukraine against weapons supply by the WEST.

  8. You are lobbying on behalf of US government as india is testing F18s capabilities for deployment on INS vikrant. And your timing is so perfect bcoz india INS vikrant is formally inducted in indian navy now it needs fighter for it.

  9. The most suitable for INS Vikrant is Su30 but might have bigger wing span that may the problem. INS Vikrant + Su30 mki + Brahamos is deadlier combination. now Su30 Mki support Brahamos too. Make some modifications in Su30 Mki to induct it. Su30Mki truly worth it.


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