Twins vs. Yankees Game Highlights (9/8/22) | MLB Highlights

Twins vs. Yankees full game highlights from 9/8/22, pres. by Roman Health

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Comment (339)

  1. Torres struck out, did we get it on camera? I’m concerned he just can’t see the ball…called up too soon? He crushed when he first came up and it’s not like a Cody Bellinger regression but yikes

  2. Can the Twins catch the Cleveland Spiders and win the 3rd seed? If not I don’t like their chances of October Baseball. I’m sure Sonny Gray has a badass hunting trip planned anyways but..

  3. WTH is wrong with Stanton? His IL has turned into a big man who can’t swing a bat and hit a ball. And the ones he swings at are 2 feet outside the strike zone. And Gleyber “strikeout” Torres! Man this team had better start gelling!

  4. At this point, there is no need to play the rest of the season. 'yankees' are toast. Better to let the blue jays, or devil rays win that division at least THEY could 'win' in the playoffs. (Of course, NOBODY ever again, will or can even beat houston) the rest of this entire decade with the same AL team in the world series.
    disgusting… now i undestand why more fans are starting to leave MLB..cheating or not, it's the same sh**t every year.

  5. Any discerning watcher of this game will have easily recognized all our team's current weaknesses in this single game. I won't go into them simply because most of us here know all to well exactly what they are. None of them have yet to abate. The dog days of August are over and the stretch-run that is September is well under way. Unless some of them are addressed in some way soon, the pennant is in real danger of being lost. In my opinion, a longtime Yankee fan, our playoff hopes are dim indeed, sorry to say, with this current offense in place. Unless Rizzo can miraculously return to form and Stanton to a never had before bodily health then Judge's heroics alone won't make any difference. I love my team, god knows, but they just aren't playing well enough to win in the post season.

  6. A one-in-a-century gem who inherited the baseball god's two-way player⚾️
    And he's a handsome Japanese🌅
    If Ohtani were a MANGA hero, Villain would fit right in with the Judge👿
    A big white guy on a rich powerhouse team who just hits a lot of home runs and is simple🤣
    If his personality wasn't a nice guy, he'd be perfect😉

  7. Yank fans complain about the strike zone but a few days ago got a win against the Rays on a bad call. I guess a clean strike zone only matters when it benefits the Yanks.


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