Turpin sisters on what the future holds for them l GMA

Jennifer and Jordan Turpin say they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support after the “20/20” special aired.
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  1. Sitting here CRYING at my desk. I watch the special and my husband and I just cried our eyes out. I can't even imagine the life they have lived and it BROKE my heart that parents could be so horrible.

  2. So of course in America these kids were left to fend for themselves after they were freed and they were hungry! No system that PROTECTS these poor sweet souls.

  3. It breaks my heart Jordan was in a bad situation again after all that she’s been through. These ladies are an inspiration and could help so many people. I wish they could’ve got Justin there to surprise them!

  4. It feels like they are being ‘used’ again. Please quit valuing what the f they look like. Or thinking they are all good now, just because they ‘look’ good.I pray someone within the trauma world steps in and takes them away from all this superficial shit…and into the long long road of healing!!
    God help them please!!

  5. As a former foster child, I'm not at all surprised that the system is still messed up. I wish we could just venmo the family directly since their donations are being mismanaged.

  6. It's not impossible, but these children (now grown into adult bodies) will continue to need to be mentored very very carefully to learn about their own self care and inherent worth.

    Unfortunately layers of trauma can continue to build over a lifetime. Jordan alludes to it when she says I went into another bad situation. Not her fault or even her choice.

    However without support and the right wholistic healing they may always be drawn to situations and people that feel like home when home was nothing that was good for them. That will feel "normal" to them.

    There are so many unscrupulous people out there who will take advantage of their kindness, their goodness and their light.

    Their trauma is palable and still so close to the surface and that's a lot to manage when you have a camera shoved in your face.

    Jennifer alludes to it when she says – it's been overwhelming (so many emotions all at once) – "but good."

    I hope they have the right people behind the scenes to offer them guidance, support and genuiene unconditional love as they now find the extra layer of courage necessary to tell their story publically.

    And yes Jordan, you are worth it. Yes Jennifer, you are worth it.

    I see you. I hear you. 🙏

  7. I feel so bad for these two – it appears Jordan may be overcompensating right now. She should take it easy on the hair dye, nails, and lipstick for right now, work up to it. Jennifer had the lipstick in the earlier interview. Just seems a little too much too quick. Hope they make it without being taken advantage of.

  8. Once it came out that the state of California was holding all that money “supposedly” for them and their future introduction to the world until they could adjust that’s crazy that’s horrifying again being victimized but bless their hearts 🥰 not even being resentful because of their reward of getting out of hell. I saw the caseworker or whatever she was their guardian over the money she was fired. I think there needs to be an investigation into did anyone spend their money.!!!!
    On house of horrors part 5
    Basically did a shout out to Justin and Haley. Just to show them some love. Because he alone gave Jordan the strength and courage to do it. Good girl. They both look so lovely. And I only wish the best for them and much love and respect. The comments on that shout out has thousands of likes now and the kindest comments. Well mostly kind

  9. I hope they get all of the support in the world, and real support–safe support. I hope people do not try to capitalize and take advantage of these very traumatized women and their siblings. I hope the media and those who inevitably get involved remember this isn't just another story to get clicks from. These are people who were severely abused and are impaired and delayed, but obviously resilient, intelligent, and beautiful inside and out. <3

  10. I hope they train police officers to recognize and give people a chance and not asume that someone is on drugs or mentally ill. The police officer would have taken her home if she didn’t have those photos as evidence which is very concerning. So, more training for officers please! I hope the best for the bright gorgeous young ladies.

  11. It’s literally like watching Encino Man. Like these beautiful, full grown human beings just stumbled into the world knowing nothing more than a child. I hope they all find all the love and happiness that’s out there for them.

  12. Girls, I hope you read this. Both of you are WARRIORS! As a mom to two beautiful babies myself I just wish I could hug you both and let you know how amazing you are. We love you and know you have this family to talk to and for support

  13. What really gets me is how awful the very people who are meant to take care of these victims/survivors treated them, and victimized them AGAIN, by keeping the very PRIVATE donations that were meant to help them! They wouldn't even give their brother $ for a BICYCLE! Not even gave them money for FOOD! These people need to be arrested, bc I bet they stole that money, that was for the TURPIN children, not theiving social workers! It's so, so sad! But I'm so happy at least some are still trying to help them, with a Foundation for the care of the Turpin Children! 💜

  14. The governor from the state of CA should insist on a full inquiry as to this outrageous breach of fiduciary care for all of these Turpin children. My guess knowing this corrupt government system is the $600k was squandered by the local government officials. This is completely despicable to occur in this day and age. The governor should be ashamed to show his face and never mind the local officials. These children need help not be ignored.

  15. I'm so happy to see them celebrating life, and owning their lives and appearances. They are flowers born from the mud, lotuses so to speak. I hope the other siblings are also doing amazing. I pray for them to meet eventually if it's not done yet, great, compassionate and loving men who will never betray them like their parents did. They deserve to experience love and boyfriends and girlfriends. Travel overseas and enjoy life. I only heard about their story like yesterday because this case wasn't relayed on the french newspapers but I'm rooting for them. The little part about JB and social medias was a highlight because we normally only hear about what's bad with SNS but in this case, it saved them. Jordan is a hero to her siblings and I wish them happiness. They don't need parents like that to create a family.

  16. Jennifer looks like she still struggle, like something is missing… She is so beautiful,but I hope I'm wrong,she looks sad… Maybe government can help,so they can meet the siblings often… Probably it will helps..since they only have each other when they're in that house of horror… Jordan definitely fit as motivation speaker. The way she speak and explain to police officer are so good for someone didn't learn anything from school or talking normal in daily.

  17. I watched the special and I watched this interview and the thing that resonates with me is when Jordan says I wonder why this happened. I think most of us when we go through traumatic experiences, wondered the purpose.

  18. My heart really goes out to these poor girls. God bless them and I pray they can live good lives and feel loved. I wonder if ABC helped them with their hair and make up? They look great! Kudos if they did.

  19. ATTENTION…People who keep bringingbup how $600,000 was raised for them…They weren't given any of it!! A woman conservator type was put in charge by the county and she refused to give them money for basic needs like a car for work or apartments in decent neighborhood…the woman REFUSED to show what it was spent on or how much is left…she waz just FIRED by the county! The Turpin kids themselves never saw a DIME of that money! Its disgusting!!

  20. You would hear a child being kidnapped by a stranger or a neighbor but to be kidnapped by your own parents. Your biological mother and father is hell no. Unbelievable!

    I would like to give a them big hug.They’re so beautiful!

  21. If I had the money I would buy these kids a house, a house keeper and a money manager. So they could at least have the peace of of mind of a home that they could find solace in together. Northrop Grumman were the father worked has more than enough money o do this for them, they should help. Or anyone with money should help. California is corrupt to the bones. Victimed for 29 years and then all the money donated stolen by the state of California.

  22. They lived in a critically hoarded and filthy house, suffered with severe hunger, were physically and psychologically abused for years. So so so horrible, it’s almost an unthinkable hell for the children. I hope the system doesn’t continue to fail the Turpin children and offers them safe housing and a proper education going forward. They’ve been through lifetimes of torture already, they don’t need any more of that evilness in their lives.

  23. They’re so pure & innocent… their monster parents won’t last too long in prison. Prisoners involved in children’s cases will be a big target. They all have so much strength & so much spirit. Get Justin Bieber to meet Jordan!!!!!!!

  24. These women matter, are loved, are admired, are worthy, contribute to society in a positive and meaningful manner, are beautiful and are hero's for saving their sibling from a life of horror. I pray the Lord Jesus blesses each of them with healing, comfort and peace.

  25. This is the ultimate validation for all those years of suffering, not knowing- is this what life is? And your intuition led you out. The agony & darkness all of you have endured is astounding. I wish you the very best in life now, truly.


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