“Tug of War” | Bundesliga SQUAD Game – Episode 3 | Powered by 442oons

Torjägerkanone Tug-of-War!
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Our Bundesliga stars face their toughest challenge yet: who can beat all competitors and snatch the Torjägerkanone? In five nerve-racking tests, their skills are put to the test and only one will be the winner. We show you the full competition – powered by 442oons. Tug-of-War is on the agenda today What do you think? Who will win in the end? Let us know in the comments!

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The great collaboration between the Official Bundesliga YouTube and 442oons started in 2017. Since day one we’ve been bringing great content to you and allow you to experience the animated Bundesliga stars in a way you’ve never seen before! Hilarious songs and voting where your opinion counts – we want you involved, too! Subscribe now, stay tuned at https://bndsl.ga/comYT and watch out for new collaborations coming up!

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Comment (116)

  1. To avoid any unexpected injuries or death, the hard floor has covered with something interesting, but… I guess nobody do care about the tug of war itself…
    0:37 Borrowed from the Divers Foundation
    0:57 Wins without fighting
    1:10 That’s against the rule
    1:29 CHEAT!
    1:40 Both give up…
    2:04 CHRISTOPHER NKUNKU IS THE IMPOSTER (Wait a minute, if it was last season, they ARE rivals)
    2:45 Hopefully nobody is scared of getting trapped in the lift

  2. There should be Losers' Game (actually 2 of them):
    – Trampoline: Wirtz, Diaby
    – Pillows: Niederlechner, Hrgota, Weghorst
    – Others: the rest of the survivors
    The 3 winners will play whatever the last game is

  3. So far Lewy's my favorite character along with Muller because one Is trying to deliberately be funny (Mullet) and the other one doesn't realize how unintentionally funny he is (Lewy)
    Both make a good duo


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