Trying Tacos de Buche for the first time

Alondra’s Tacos
1580 W 21st St
Wichita, KS 67203

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  1. That looks really tasty! As someone who had only had tacos with little fillings, I can’t imagine myself eating that without making a mess

  2. in australia there is a yummy taco place called chololo so if you ever travel here you should try it 😀 (just a suggestion lol)

  3. As someone born and raised in Mexico, my respects. I can not eat intestines/most organs because the smell just makes me feel nauseous, great thing you liked them, my family love them as well! A 30 day taco challenge would work perfectly with you, whom can eat almost anything and could try every filling possible!

  4. Oof, cash only?

    Nowadays. If a business is cash only, it means they're avoiding credit card processing fees and taxes for it. Cash doesn't have a paper trail and it's quicker than the 2 day processing of a card.

  5. Girl you need to try Cluck Kitchen in Irvine, CA by John Wayne airport. It’s chicken tenders with an insane spice level. It’s not normal. My boyfriend can handle spice and got hot his first time and it was tooo hot. There’s even 2 levels above hot. They have corn fritters, fried pickles with their ranch & curly fries for sides too. My favorite sauce for the chicken is Cluck sauce and for fries, spicy-que. I would love to see you try this place!

  6. Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought that the tripe was going to be like tripe in pho, it threw me for a loop because of how different it was! It was very good, though, so I definitely recommend it.

  7. Day 332 of asking
    Can you instead of just eating the level 7 spicy noodles right away do it step-by-step (starting from level 4 maybe since you already have a high spice tolerance)? so by the time you get to 7 you’ll be ready!!😁

  8. As Mexican those tacos de buche seems pretty legit. 👌 Also I didn't have any idea that buche was pork belly. Then "pancita" must be a different part. Isn't it?

  9. For some reason those kinda remind me of crepes. I think it's the way the shells are baked and rolled up. There's this place called the crepery (I think) that serves a lot of different kinds. I personally like the one with Nutella and strawberries, (I forgot what it was called) but they have a lot of not as sweet ones there too. Just an idea in case you somehow run out of new places to go. Also I don't know where you are, but I only found two, one in Logan, one in st. George, so I hope you live somewhere around there if you wanna go. ^-^ it's just a suggestion because I liked it though, I don't know if you'd like it


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