Trying Important Cultural Dishes (Dominican Republic, South Africa, Uganda)

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This is the 3rd installment of this series.
Episode 1:
Episode 2:

If you have a dish you want to share for a future episode like this, email me at subject: Dish To Know:
(Dish Name) and tell me about the dish and why you want people to know about it.

Thank you to Mahdiyyah, Elizabeth and Nadia for sharing their stories and foods with us today.

The artist behind me is Ana María Lozano.

The Ugandan Rolex Video is here:

Habichuelas con Dulce:
Peppermint Crisp Tart:

00:00 Intro
00:23 Dominican Habichuelas con Dulce
02:01 Trying Habichuelas con Dulce
03:21 Thrive Market
04:22 South African Peppermint Crisp Tart
05:49 Trying South African Peppermint Crisp Tart
07:52 Ugandan Kabalagala
09:16 Trying Ugandan Kabalagala

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  1. I'm Canadian and I thought Aero was only in Canada haha. Didn't know you could get them in the US (or that they're actually from the UK!)

  2. I love your channel and I enjoy your videos so much!. I’m Dominican and I was excited that you tried this sweet treat. Hope to see more dishes of my home country 🇩🇴 on your channel!!.

  3. Habichuela Con Dulce is Top Tier 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 So Glad U Love it!! u Should Try Some More Dominican Foods/Desserts 🇩🇴🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥🤤🤤

  4. So fun!
    Please do an episode on dishes with non-wheat flours! For those of us that need to eat gluten-free, it's great to see new/easy recipes for using other types of flour. For example, I had chickpea flour that I didn't have that many ideas for until I saw the 2nd vegan foods episode and then made the cinque e cinque (minus the bread). It was really good! (Also may have stuck to my baking tray…). Would love to learn more recipes like that with sorghum, buckwheat, rice, cassava, etc. flours.

  5. Wish you could have had the proper peppermint crisp bars, if you can imagine the interior like a flake, except with green peppermint with a texture of caramelised sugar, and just a thin coating of chocolate on the outside. My sister makes the best peppermint crisp tart, miss it as I'm in the UK and she is still in South Africa. Great job on trying with the substitutes, your version looks good too!

  6. 🙌🙌Habichuela con dulce, I had my mom make it earlier (last week) because we usually eat it on Semana Santa or holy week( next week) 🙌🙌🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴 thank you for sharing it for people to see because usually when I tell people, I always get a weird face 😂

  7. I so appreciate that you don't edit out mistakes and uncertainties! It's really encouraging to watch you try your finished dish and be like 'idk if this is quite what it was meant to be, but wow, it's still really good!'. It makes me less afraid to try recipes that are outside of my comfort zone!

  8. Beryl thank you for trying out habichuelas con dulce!!! 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴
    That's a classic dessert here and really special because we have a an specific time of the year to eat it (but you can make it any time 😆).

  9. Beryl! You need to try candied papaya/pineapple dessert from Venezuela…it is so yummy! I love your videos and learning so many international dishes 🥗😊

  10. Pinto beans are more used, when the beans are being cooked we add the spices and some people boil the sweet potato in the coconut milk, I like it when we use condense milk instead of sugar, and the best part: the cookies when the absorbe the habichuelas con dulce! I love it hot but when cold it’s something else !

  11. I get Aero bars for stocking stuffers from Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati. You need friends that can hunt the aisles for unobtanium foods for your recipes, and send them.

  12. I'm Canadian and was so confused about the areo bar bit in this video. They are super common here (in Canada)– like in every grocery store and convience store (in my city at least). I had no idea they were British lol.

  13. Shout out to peppermint crisp! My mom hates mint, but she actually likes peppermint crisp. To the point of stealing and hoarding them when we can get them. I made my parents two decades by finding almost a whole box at World Market, my mom was like "I don't care how much, we're getting them all," My dad was in Afghanistan and he's from South Africa and introduced them to us, and he was glowing when we told him I found them. I think he was prouder of me then the single time I made the Dean's List. And also yes, I think everything can be made into a flour.

  14. Kabala gala – when I was a kid my Mom seemed to always have ripe bananas in the freeze (Yes the freezer) so she could make Banana Bread without waiting for banana's to ripen.

    I could never tell her bread apart (Fresh ripe bananas vs Frozen ones) I think I'll try making Kabala gala, then try it again with defrosted bananas. If it works, what a great hack for saving and using up banana that have gone a bit past there prime.

  15. If you're in NYC….they sell Habichuelas con Dulce for a $1 in the street if you go to Washington Heights 👀 just find the grandmas with the 'coolers' on the corners.

  16. Have you done a video about other countries' takes on other countries' food? Like, what does Chinese food look like in India, Canada, Nigeria, and Turkey, for example?

  17. Holy Schmidt! The indian version of kabalagala is Mangalore buns! We just let the dough rest overnight and add some jeera/cumin seeds and some soda to the dough (to help it rise). It's also yummmmaaax

  18. What flours do you have? Maybe you can make an episode on one type of flour. And today I was thinking what snack can I my kids, Banana Pancakes! 🥰🥰

  19. I’ve seen so many delicious recipes using bananas but I’m allergic to them. Is there another item I could use in place of mashed bananas? (Avocados are out cuz I’m allergic to them too!)

  20. Beryl, I have been enjoying your content for a while, but you are getting reconition from some major sponsors lately. Congratulations, and you deserve it. Good for you!

  21. Hi Beryl! I haven’t seen you make any Cuban dishes yet! I would love it if you made my favorite dish, picadillo. Everyone makes it their own way, but my family adds fried diced potatoes, sliced manzanilla olives, and raisins. I think it’s best served with white rice, black beans, and either maduros or tostones. I think this is a great dish to talk about for Cuba because I believe it really showcases how many other cultures came together and created this melting pot that is Cuban culture.

  22. Fellow dairy free friends: there are both sweetened condensed and evaporated coconut milks on the market, and there are recipes floating around for vegan dulce de leche 🙂

  23. Thank you! I loved it! If you can get a proper peppermint crisp your world will change. We even bite of the ends off either side and use it as a straw to drink milk….yummy peppermint milk! You should Come visit South Africa its amazing here!

  24. this video is so sweet, all sweet !
    Beryl, people are fasting during Ramadan month. wondering if you are interested to make special foods to break fasting during Ramadan in some countries.

  25. That Dominican dish is reminiscent to a dish we cook in the Philippines and is eaten on Easter Sunday. In the Visayas region we call it landang or binignit (not the same dish but similar enough). Instead of milk we use coconut milk, i have not tried one with beans but it has black rice (very very small quantity), plantain, sweet potato etc.

  26. Here in Canada, probably the most beloved dessert is butter tarts! If you've never had one, it's basically a mini-pecan pie except instead of pie crust, it's a short crust pastry and it's small, only about the size of your palm at most. Many put nuts like pecan, walnuts, or hazelnuts in them nowadays, though there's quite a heated debate up here about whether an authentic butter tart is just the straight sugary filling or with raisins, but I do think that nuts are superior to raisins, though raisins are still good! You know it's a proper butter tart when you take a bite out of it and the filling just starts oozing out everywhere. When I was a kid, I didn't really like sweet stuff, but, as I've gotten older, I've discovered my sweet tooth and butter tarts have become a favourite treat and they're a very, very nostalgic thing for many Canadians all across the country. Butter tarts are our national dessert!

  27. I'm sure everyone has a peppermint crisp tart variety, but I really love the way my mom taught us to make it. We spread the caramel on the individual biscuits, and lay a dingle layer of biscuits in the dish, then put a sliced canned peach on each biscuit, cover in whipped cream as is, then do another layer, and top off with crushed peppermint crisp. Its less sweet, light, and delicious. Also, it's very important to use the tinned peach sauce over the biscuits before the cream so it all softens up, and to refrigerate overnight for the best experience 😋 💖

  28. So excited for this one!!! I’m south african, lets just say peppermint crisp is litterly my sister’s favorite dessert. BUT ,please come to south africa for the peppermint bars you only can find here.

  29. gasp

    Khong Guan biscuits! Those are a staple Singaporean brand of biscuits that everyone grew up with!

    It’s available in the US?! That means I’ll never miss the biscuits of home.


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