True Ageusia For Supertasters!

True Ageusia: (Total Loss of Taste and Smell)
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  1. Holy #[email protected], this sounds terrible Fran. For what I've learned so far from medical people specialized in this, is that regaining smell and taste is something that can be retrained. Recreating the synaptic connections by training with a certain set of smells. By doing this on a daily bases the area in the brain responsible for this gets reactivated. My daughter and her boy friend have had covid and lost both smell and taste. That was a year ago. Both she and her boy friend have regained smell and taste. Don't know for the percentage of it but I think it's quite ok. I wish you all the best and hope you'll recover well with at least a decent sense of smell and taste.

  2. I knew a girl that couldn't smell. A bum moved into her shed and it smelled like the worst kind of outhouse. We couldn't get near it, total loss and she walked right in flabbergasting us before we demolished it. Then we lit up some joints 😜

  3. Really sorry to hear you are unwell and I'm hoping your recovery is a fast one. My sister lost her sense of taste with it but it came back over several weeks. I have always had a very keen sense of smell, creepily so at times. I once insisted my wife had an infection somewhere in her head or face 6 weeks before her doctor detected an infection in the optic nerve of her left eye and don't get me started on laundry.

  4. I’ve long pondered to others’, “what sense could one most live without?” I.E., if you had to give up ONE sense, which would you pick that would be least detrimental in the long run? Was sort of a hypothetical quiz thought. Anyways, taste/smell was what I had considered, as then one ‘could’ consume all of them ‘healthy’ foods that ordinarily smell or taste DISGUSTING or bitter & loose all temptation of the way-too-many delicious ‘unhealthy’ types of foods/drinks we’re all bombarded with on a near constant rate. Then covid happened & well… especially after hearing Fran here break all of the factors down as she so clearly has, I no longer wanna select THAT sense to be without 😬! GET WELL SOON FRAN, you’re near daily dose of knowledge offerings is very well received by an ever-growing audience of students, eagerly awaiting our next course of brain food! Get plenty of vitamin D as you recover FULLY! Oh &, best of luck with your relocation/moving process as well

  5. My sister lost her taste and smell to COVID last year, she very slowly regained it, but it took several months. A year later, she says she got about 80% back.

  6. Most colds or flus that I got with a bad soar throat and runny nose ended up with a significant loss of taste and smell. It takes about three weeks after I got better to get them fully back. Oddly when I got COVID last year, it didn't do that to me. I didn't have a soar throat or runny nose. Just achy, chills and very slightly wended when going for a walk.

  7. Very interesting, and very well explained Fran. I have been blind since 2004; and what you are describing is kind of like my cell, using echolocation. This is best explained by; if you held a fry pan at arms length straight in front of your face, and started talking while moving the pan closer to your face. You would hear the difference in sound. I also use what I call my: blind radar. The only way I can explain this, is some type of extrasensory perception. I have no way to explain it, but I’ve been in a fight or flight situation three times since becoming blind, and it was almost like I could see what was about to happen. Very strange, but way cool indeed. I hope you get your sense of smell and taste back soon.

  8. Hi Fran. My experience with Covid was I had 48 hours of being a super smeller, by that I mean everything smelt wonderful. I could detect all these smells in the house like layers that I had never experienced before. I could smell a lot citronella that is of course in many cleaning products. The bag of dish washer tablets smelt divine! Chocolate and food was amazing. I'd always had a good sense of smell but for 48 hours if was off the chart. I've never seen anyone document this before with Covid. Then on the 3rd day, I could smell nothing, just happened overnight.

    It started off quite interesting, like an experiment, as eating food I still got the taste, but that was just basically sweet, sour, salty etc, as what we taste is mostly via smell of course, but after a few days it became very tiring and difficult to eat anything. Like you I realised I wasn't safe in my home as I could not smell gas or burning etc or would be able to know if food was off. Just the fact I couldn't smell my own body to know if I was clean or not was unsettling. It really felt like I had been unplugged from the world and I wasn't really part of it anymore, and as the days went on I wondered how I would cope if this was permanent. I started smell therapy straight away, I got a kit of 4 main smells (rose, lemon, eucalyptus and cloves), and had a selection of food stuffs I would regularly smell and remember what they smelt like. I could just about detect cocoa powder for some reason, but didn't get anything else. After a few weeks smells started to came back slowly, I had some strange days when all I could smell was damp! Six months later I can smell okay, but certain smells still elude me, for example I can't smell gas that well and foods don't taste as much as they did. I get good days and not so good days, so recovery can be up and down, 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Talking of chemical smells, isopropyl alcohol I could not smell at all for some time. The smell of it always took me back to being a child cleaning cassette tape heads. I can smell it again now, but it isn't quite the same smell it was and doesn't trigger the same memories as it once did, but perhaps as I recover further it will.

    Do try and remain positive (but hard I know), and keep that smell and taste training going. I never got the problem of things smelling horrible, they just came back as they once were.

  9. You can probably thank the vaccine for saving your life, if you got that level of sickness with the vaccine imagine what it would have been without it. Hope this doesn't put a damper on your memories of your zero G flight. And hope you get smell and taste back, if you are worried about gas or solvent leaks you can get fairly cheap detectors that will go off if they sense flammable mixtures in the air.

  10. I'm 54. I contracted Covid December 23rd last year. NO fun…no fun at all. Lost my sense of smell/taste at the beginning. Ten days of pure hell. No hospitalization but not far off. Anyhoo…I completely feel your pain. Hugs. Speedy recovery.

  11. I am very sad that you have this problem. I hope that your taste and smell returns.
    You can buy an air quality sensor that measures and displays various contaminants in the air.
    At least they could alert you to any dangers.

  12. I don't think we are being told the truth about the incidence of breakthrough infections. My daughter was also fully vaccinated and caught it in August. She is young and got over it after a 15 day quarantine. My wife and I quarantined with her but didn't catch it seemingly.

  13. Speaking of water tasting, CBS "Sunday Morning" on 11/21/21 had a segment on a "water sommelier". It talks about America's first "certified water sommelier" of about only about 250 worldwide. (He's from Germany and seems very relatable to the SNL "Hanz and Franz" sketches.) So, I heard about the idea of a highly advanced ability to taste only one day before Fran broached the subject. I'm quite sure that on the CBS airing I heard mention that his taste was insured for a million or more dollars, but that didn't seem to be in the online video version.

  14. Hi Fran. I'm so sorry to hear about your infection and the complications that you are experiencing. Most people seem to recover, as you said, to some extent. Here's hoping that you are one of them. You certainly took a deep dive into researching this and your clear explanation was terrific. You should be a lecturer! Take care and have a full, speedy recovery.

  15. I am like that with sounds, and music. But loud noises bother me, and not some other people. Which is weird, because by the very definition they should at least startle people.

  16. You have looked into how the PCR tests can be manipulated yes? The inventor of the test and the fine print on the test itself claims to be unable to distinguish a definitive cause for disease. The word 'abnormal' on a test is not the sample result. It is a self produced flag or error in the testing process itself. That error is known to produce a 94% false positive result for anything being 'tested' for.

  17. In general nerve damages are aweful. I lost my smell after a heavy sinus infection for a couple of weeks. The taste was there, but the nose smells a lot with your mouth closed through the throat, so every taste was dialed down a lot. I also had a nerve damage after a jaw surgery in my lower left lip, totally numb for half a year and very slowly getting better over the course of 15 years – now it's almost back to normal. The problem with these damages is always: You lose contact to the reality around you, a part of you is "disconnected" (literally).

  18. Many, possibly most, people who get Covid lose their sense of smell / taste. It happened to me and, like the vast, vast majority, mine came back within a week or two. Yeah, it freaks you out, but I’m sure there’s no need to start making big life decisions at such an early stage after your infection. I hope you recover quickly.

  19. In a way, what you Fran, were describing per mouth sensory, is a version of our sense of “feel/touch”, as it exists at our fingers.. something our brains work out subconsciously/involuntarily for this grouping identification process for triggering correct digestive enzyme releases, that you are only now being more made aware of, due too sense of taste/smell being cancelled out temporarily?

  20. Sorry that you've been sick.
    Glad your pulling through.
    Several people have reported loss of smell and or taste.
    I knew a woman who's son was born that way and I read that it's connected to the brain.
    Particularly a spot in the back of the brain.
    Several people have loss their sense of smell after a severe rear head concussion.
    I hope that you get it back.

  21. Fran I know this is counterintuitive but an engineer doesn't need the ability to taste and smell. You need the ability to see and touch. You don't need hearing. By feeling the rhythm of a mechanical aspect and visual to help understand the errors or success. Though you can engineer something to help enhance your senses 😉

  22. Sorry to hear you are going through this, Fran.

    As someone that has lost all sense of taste and smell, in the past, I can definitely relate to oddness of it all. Yes, your mouth still can interpret "texture" of food. All of those sensations are there but flavor is 100% absent. Smell is 100% absent.

    For me, it all came back and I'd say at the same level I had previously. I've always had a keen sense of smell though I wouldn't classify me as a super smeller. Some of my memories of places I've been are of the odor of the place (in both good ways and bad). For me, it came back over a period of time and it was so gradual I was mildly aware of when I could detect some things but I'd say after 2-months, I wasn't aware of not having a sense of smell or taste.

    Since your situation is tied to COVID, I have no idea if you'll have s similar recovery and it would appear that the doctors are still figuring this out too so we'll just have to hope for the best.

    FWIW…I'm right now recovering from a cold (Not C19) it had the usual path for me on colds…about 2 days leading in where I feel it in the back of my throat…2-days of yuckiness and tissues and then 2-7 days of clearing out the gunk. I have lost most sense of smell/taste but I'm also still clearing out the gunk and there are those brief "flashes" of taste (depends on if I'm breathing in while eating)…so this probably won't be the same as my previous loss.

  23. I came down with it 9 months ago. I didn't lose complete sense of smell but it definitely shifted. The first thing I noticed was that cooking bacon smelled identical to cooking hotdogs in a microwave oven. Since then my sense of smell has either been re-wiring itself, or I've become accustomed to the loss- But, the one thing is that bacon still smells like hot dogs. So obviously I'm picking up on some part of the smell profile that is common to both while the part that actually makes bacon smell good is missing.

  24. Had CV last November, for me it was like the worst Flu ever and I had proper Flu about 9 years ago so am aquainted with how bad that can be. Fortunately I didn't have the respiratory problem but I did lose virtually all taste and smell. Those senses are just showing signs of recovery but some things still smell weird and I can't smell petrol, oil, diesel at all which really bugs me! Taste is still poor, food is just a chore as I can only just detect some flavours. Who knows whether those senses will ever recover, either fully or partially. I really do miss the smell of petrol in the garage when I'm messing with my bikes and cars!

  25. Been there, done that. I am not a supertaster but I am highly susceptible to smells and having autism means that this does affect me a lot. Metal does has a certain smell that makes me happy (especially aluminum and tool steel) but gasoline smell is something I cannot handle at all.
    During Covid I did not have any smell or taste and these are as important as being able to see, hear or feel. Luckily most of my smell and taste did come back after a few months – just in time to enjoy the smell of autumn converting into winter.
    Get well soon, good luck with the move and hope to see you healty, and happy, face soon again 😊


  27. OK first: I think you're making a lot of leaps. Everyone I know who had covid has had full loss of smell and taste and all recovered over varying timescales.
    Like you, I would panic, but you're right – there's not enough data.
    I will wait to hear good news in a few days with a "told you so" 👍

  28. Your description of tap water was excellent. I am sorry to hear your struggles. I was wondering if your allergic response will be more subdued because of your lack of smell.

  29. Everyone liked Pepsi, one day I said Pepsi tastes like soap. From then on everyone I knew tasted soap when they drank Pepsi. The mind is an amazing synthesizer of reality. Glad you are recovering from the coof, we all enjoy our Fran stories.

  30. I lost my sense of smell 40 years ago. I rely on my wife's sense of smell to keep me alive. My sense of taste is very diminished. Your analysis was very helpful in understanding what could possibly be my circumstance.

  31. So sorry to hear you were vaccinated and infected. You can thank the unvaccinated for allowing the virus to spread. If everyone was vaccinated we'd be done with COVID already, just like smallpox and many other diseases. My wife is a NP, the only patients she sees in the hospital are the unvaccinated.

  32. From a post Covid survivor ( now almost a year later) that experienced the same total loss, I'm pleased to inform you that after about 4-6 weeks, I was pleasantly surprized with the hits of returning smells. It was the first whiffs of some dish soap I was using at the time, that started to come back in, like a fuzzy memory from days of youth. It was exciting, like learning to walk for the first time. You stop and carefully analyze the sensations, and cross reference your memory to what you are getting, and it starts to click, bit by bit. It'll catch you off guard. You'll walk by some display at a grocery, and realize that you are gettting hungry from smelling that fresh bread being baked in the dell. A lot of the smells come back subconciously, not realizing you are smelling it, till it causes a reaction (postive and negative).
    After nearly a full year, I feel I've gotten 100% back now. With no ill effects. (lucky!). But I do appreciate some of the finer scent of things a bit more. Absence does make the heart grow fonder!
    So good luck with the recovery, and I'm sure you'll be getting some whiffs of New Years champaign in the air. 😀

  33. Fran, please read some more recent research. The university of east anglia is doing good work on this. Over 90% recovery within 6 months with no intervention required. You're not defeated yet!

  34. Glad it's getting better. Brain fog seems to be an issue too. Hopefully the taste and smell comes back. That's a really cozy looking apartment, reminds me of living in older downtown apartments with that ubiquitous parquet hardwood flooring.

  35. I damaged my smeller, now sometimes I can't smell nothing, well only the slightest hint of a smell, but then a small fraction of the time I can smell like a dog, I can smell things no one else can, it effects the taste of food also,. Sometimes food taste bad, but then a few hours later, or the next day, it taste great, I mean it goes from horrible, can not eat it, to him, this is good! I don't know if it's smelling thing or my buds are acting up, I can taste difference in water, I cant stand city water, and I c as n actually taste water, like spring water or well water, and t he e temperature of the water changes the taste greatly!!… I like really cold pure spring water, I can taste the type of pipe the water is in sometimes, it's crazy, it makes me a picky eater, I can not eat lettuce on a sandwich/ burger. And if it was on it, I can still taste it,. And it's ruined for me!! I can not eat a green bean to save my life, it may aswell be a MOSFET, or diodes, I do not see them as food! And sometimes I can have memories of stuff and actually smell the memories, it sucks when I day dream about when my house burned down, I can smell the smoke, so I'm freaking out thinking I have a fire, I can kinda imagine smells also, like watching a hydrogen bomb video, when I get into it, I can smell something like really hot metallic smell, kinda like the taste of stainless steel, or the smell of stainless steel, I bet you think I'm crazy now! Haha, nah, you know I'm crazy by now! Haha .. hope you get well sooner than later.. if I could I'd make it NOW!!! So get well NOW! Happy Thanksgiving!

  36. So sorry you've joined the smell/taste COVID hit squad. I lost mine a year ago, well not really lost for me. It is just rather twisted and some things are absolutely rancid. I cook chicken and it tastes spoiled or very boney. I was a high taster and smeller too. When I first had COVID, I was okay then a couple of weeks later, boom it hit me. I had cooked up a bunch of chicken in a pressure cooker and I thought somehow it had gone bad. Had someone else taste and smell it…it was great to them. I used to love chicken, not can barely stand it. Pork oddly is fine. So are most beef products, but that can be a bit hit or miss. Cheeses are hit and miss now too. I've been trying to figure it out, not getting much help from the medical professionals. I have also for the past year been super fatigued, unable to focus and concentrate, had multiple breathing issues with pneumonia, fluid accumulation in the lung pleura. Just recovering now from having that drained again. It's possible some of that was only triggered by COVID, but seems to be the starting point.

    Thank you for sharing your information. I've been pulling my hair out trying to learn more about it, but so fatigued. I just haven't had the energy to dedicate to it. I'm usually one of those people who is so very focused that I lose track of time. Now even little things distract me and I'm trying to figure out what I was just doing. I hope our loss isn't permanent, or at least some return to normalcy for your average person.

    Smells for me are slowly returning. When the change hit so many smells and odors were super exaggerated. Especially detergents and laundry scents. I had one person say it sounds like you are pregnant. Because those detergents and softeners and other scents were absolutely repulsive. They made me feel sick they were so strong. I had to run through wash cycles using only water on my clothes to thin out the smells. It is slowly getting better. I'm using unscented detergents, though to me there is some slight scent, and fragrance free softeners. I'm just glad I had some already on hand. I was using the scented stuff to use up what I had in my laundry, and it used to smell good to me. Still repulsive after a year, just not enough to make me leave the room.

  37. Hi Fran, glad to hear that you are on the mend even with the longer term problems.
    Be thankful that you had the vaccine, without those shots your body would most likely not have been able to fight off such a bad attack and you may have lost more than a sense or two. The vaccines don't stop an infection they simply help your body learn to recognise COVID and to fight it earlier and reduce the probability of being hospitalised or worse, their effectiveness also dulls with time and will need topping up. My cousin caught COVID in January and without the benefit of a vaccination he passed. Get better soon, we are all glad that you survived it.

  38. I had no loss of all the little chemically senses that drive me quietly crazy at work for the first 19 days, but after the monoclonal antibodies everything smelled & tasted exactly like the northeastern stink bug, for a month. Trimmed my weight down nicely. And someone from the ER tried to go on a shopping spree with my credit card#…

  39. i too am autistic, and i am what they call a "picky eater" which is a true medical condition however most people do not know or understand that, i appreciated Anderson Cooper when he had his talk show, he talked alot about himself being a picky eater and he had guests on that were picky eaters, i was able to relate to everything they talked about which was a relief because most people think that a picky eater is just someone who is "spoiled" and doesn't want to eat their food, my parents would make me clear my plate each night and it was traumatizing for me, i also have food allergies, so i was also forced to eat foods that caused me severe asthma attacks, the reason i say this is because i sure wish people were more educated about picky eaters, and people who have food allergies, and i too am sensitive to smells, its been proven that children who dont want to eat something, might be allergic to it so it should never be forced….

  40. Fran, I lost my sense of smell for a little more than a week but it's back now. I would suggest getting a bottle of vanilla and sniffing it through the day to stimulate the nerves. Also maybe use a strong scented car air freshener. By the way, you now have full spectrum multi-pathway immunity that the vaccine simply can't create. I see my infection as a blessing really. I had 2 days of high fever and by day 4/5 I felt mostly normal and push mowed the yard and painted part of the house.

  41. Congratulations 🙁 You now have full immunity to covid instead of just the Spike Protein. 🙁 A study out of Israel shows natural immunity after recovery is 13 times better/longer immunity than a Spike Vaccine. I hope your smell recovers.

  42. Had the same, it truly was a weird experience. My (dust and seasonal) allergies gave me moments where I was slightly anosmic, but the experience of going with 0 input in taste/smell because of covid was mind-boggling. It did recover, it just took longer than I liked.
    Hope you'll soon be well!

  43. Wow , yo u could have been talking about me ! I don't know about super taster etc. I've never heard of that , but I'd always had a better than average taste and smell . 1st of all , I hope you and your senses recover quickly . ! I was tested positive on the 11'th nov , so a similar timeline to you . I had been "ill" for a while .. but this time it got me good . Same .. got the bad bit , felt a bit better , then got up and had a cup of tea and couldn't taste it , at all . I am usually the only one to smell things , and I can taste dish washing liquid , or smell it in a pan if you boil water in it , so I have to rinse everything before I use it . unlike you , I like tap water , even though I can taste stuff in it . I was a swimmer for years and grew to love the smell of chlorine and bleach , if I cut myself , I can smell my iron level in the blood etc. . Anyway , whilst watching this m my Wife just bought me some toasted sandwiches and left them outside my room that I'm isolating in . Tonight , I could slightly taste what I was eating . I opened the door to put the plate back out, and had a sence of cooking smells 🙂 , so I thought I'd say , in case you get some encouragement from it 🙂 take care.

  44. I am a super smeller too and it's frustrating when you smell something bad and no one else smells it. Like a rank ass grocery store that has rotting smells from fish etc.

  45. Also you should try different ways of adding soap to your dish washer, some are better than others. Technology Connections has some videos on this.

  46. Make sure you take lots of Vitamin D3 (liquid form). Lots of scientific data to support that. A large percent of COVID sufferers/victims are shown to be D3 deficient.

  47. wishing you a speedy recovery Fran! thnx for sharing this experience. about the super-taster/smeller, a friend of mine daughter was amazing us when she was 10yo by guessing and breaking up scents in everything, quite impressive indeed. surely not really a convenient gift :

  48. Because of nasal polyps, I've had to go without a sense of smell and taste for years at a time. Sure, the senses would return after surgery or use of a steroid nasal spray, but I had to INSIST to be treated. I don't want to even think about such important faculties WITHOUT getting them back! I sympathise with your plight… Get well very soon!

  49. I hope you will recover to a reasonable level soon! Had a (temporary) loss of taste and smell due to a reaction on a medicine, no fun at all… Even thought I am a very mediocre taster/smeller compared to what you describe.

  50. I had it too. Very mild case with me. A dry cough some body aches for a few hours and nothing more than a loss of taste and my brain playing tricks on me with the smell. There was this perfume smell that took over and I couldn't smell anything beyond it. I was consciously aware it was my brain playing tricks on me. It was strange, but for me it was not a big deal.

  51. So sorry to hear about this, and that the cautious, responsible and vaccinated can still get infected by others unfortunately. Wishing you a prompt and complete recovery.

  52. So sorry you're going through this. You are awesome, keep on keeping on. I hope your sense of smell/ taste comes back better than before, minus the detergent sensitivity ;). I'm a professional cook so covid terrifies me coz it would be game over.

  53. I've experienced a similar long term covid response. I tested positive Oct 1 and have had multiple severe bouts with what I thought were allergies over the last month along with total loss of taste and smell. I'm fully vaccinated but my wife is a school teacher and the infection rate is very high at school. For 8 weeks I've been back and forth with congestion and fatigue. Tap water tastes metallic and obnoxious but I have high hopes that my sense of taste and smell will return as well as yours. Best wishes for you, Fran.


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