Treating Syphilis with Penicillin injection: a solution not used enough.

Syphilis is a common sexually transmitted infection. Penicillin is one of the oldest known antibiotic. The syphilis bacterium has not been shown to have developed resistance to penicillin in the past. So penicillin is very effective in the treatment of syphilis especially in pregnancy. Penicillin crosses the placenta and treats the baby in the womb better than most other known antibiotics. This ability of penicillin to cross the placenta makes it a very good treatment option for syphilis during pregnancy. One shot of the injection can cure the disease both for the pregnant lady and the baby in her womb. Penicillin in the right dosage can be given to non-pregnant women, babies and to men also, if they test positive for syphilis.

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  1. The so called most respected professional s in the society…the docs…forget the basic lines form pharmacology…irrational use….this is like modern medicine practitioners killing there own field for short term profit making acitivity…
    Unfortunately even WHO as a health institute didn't act early and strictly in this issue…
    Now when the water is at the neck…. Every 1 started making noise about AMR…which is the basic topic in our pharma book….
    This happens when health field is used for profit making intention…leading the overall degradation of it…

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  10. GOOD LUCK GETTING THIS DRUG IN AMERICA… The greedy Healthcare industry treats this disease with Penicillin iv so that you MUST stay at a hospital and get an iv every four hours… making it extremely expensive… and thats if they even bother to test for syphilis.

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