Toy car that can reach 70mph (110km/h)..oh and it’s roadworthy- BBC News

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A roadworthy version of a children’s toy car has been built. John Bitmead constructed an adult-sized copy of a Little Tikes toy car, which takes petrol, has a tax disc, and can reach speeds of up to 70mph (110km/h). Charlotte Stacey reports
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  1. Credit to the man for making this car no doubt, too bad chose the wrong weather country ! I see a daewoo badge, maybe based on a Daewoo Matiz since the headlights look familiar too.

  2. How's that roadworthy? It doesn't have windshields, no side mirrors and bumpers. I don't think it even been crash tested. It's cute to see an adult version of it, but it's a different story to put it on the road as is.

  3. Shitty idea , being adult but pretending being little kids in the public. And no real little kids understand the danger of driving such vehicle at high speed.

  4. Firstly, 70mph = 112kph not 110kph and secondly, why would any adult want to even buy a kiddy car? Surely you should know that a child would want to get inside with you, when they see that shit?

    Hmm, maybe that's what the guy wants, maybe he wants children in his car, I mean, why else would want to drive around in a kiddy mobile knowing for well the consequences

  5. So if Cozy coupe vehicle was for adults then Daewoo made the cozy coupe or you can call it Daewoo Cozy Coupe for the British market. It was built in United States but not sold. It was sold in United Kingdom and European markets. They may bring it to the US market in the future.


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