Town Tells Resident She’s a Bad Person and to Go Away After FOIA Requests

New Port Richey, Florida strikes again. True public servants down there.

Inspection Warrant Video from NPR:

Anne Frank Joke Video from NPR:

Original City Council Video:

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  1. That man and those other sovereign citizens need to be removed from their positions IMMEDIATELY!!! How dare they! More corrupt vile parasites in government positions. Barf.

  2. There's a scene in George Orwell's novel Animal Farm that is almost word for word like this. Immediately afterwards the dogs are released on the offender and they are chased out of town.
    Animal Farm portrays a communist state in which the pig in control becomes very much like Stalin, while all the pigs gradually become the farmers the animals overthrew at the beginning of the novel.

  3. You can always resign if you've had enough.
    Coming as an announcement at a Council meeting, that is the OFFICIAL position of the city, or at least that council-member.

  4. They do this because a lot of their constituents don't understand rights and so they approve of their government treating people that do understand like trash. They are probably seniors that thinks government,police ect are all good folk looking out for the people of the community and can do no wrong.

  5. If the guy speaking is the head of the city he needs to be recalled, or maybe the the Fed's need to get involved for civil rights violations. This clown's little rant tonight should be enough to get him removed from the board and if the city attorney was sitting there he needs to be disbarred for not stopping this clowns rant.

  6. This is a scary progressive norm of communities, the cancel culture or the not in our town mindset is akin to separatism. This is taking us back to a pre civil liberties era of vigilante type judgments and negative actions taken by citizens, law enforcement and other civil government employees. Not at all "liberty and justice for all". The privilege of U.S. citizenship is our Constitutional Rights to not be abused by other no matter their position.
    Thank You for your diligence in keeping us informed.

  7. I'm sure the amount that the city gets from all those FOIA request as indicated, should provide a part time job for some kid just out of high school. And if he's tired of having to deal with this for past 2.5 years, then he needs to quit.

  8. Present a notice that you will require a dollar a second for each second your property is withheld from its proper and necessary control. Then tender the man a bill with a dead line or you will require he answer you at a tribunal in your court of record.

  9. Many are stating how great DeSantis and FL is. While FL was strongly republican many areas are dem and many republicans there are just like the dems. Too many from the Northern Dem states have moved there bringing their ideals with them.
    The man speaking really sounds just like Biden and his people pointing fingers at others for slowing down their progress, and the inability of employees to do the jobs they are paid to do (the clerks that put the foia requests out).
    It may well be hundreds that have submitted foia requests, because of the publicity, and they just can't keep up, but either way it is their job and they don't get to cry about it. As the saying goes, "if you can't take the heat"!

  10. Wow I'm from here. How is it they think they can act like this towards us without some sort of redirection. Back in my day those guys would have been dealt with after hours in the lodge. These guys are lucky she isn't my daughter.

  11. If this guy has had enough, he can resign at any time and get someone with some customer service experience with transparency!!!
    They are for sure hiding something??

  12. Okey that means that the city or even government they can do anything they want without giving any explanation when ask how our taxpayers money is being use.
    Also you want the public to don't say nothing is any public official violated our rights, that's what you want sir.
    Now explain to me, why fioa was created, why we got lawyers, and the most important why you people in power always hired criminal and corrupt people to work as POLICE OFFICERS or in government work, why? You people obligated us to do the things that you don't like, not that what we do is wrong, is that you don't like what we DO.
    Sorry all you corrupt politicians we going to keep doing it. 🤣
    My opinion.

  13. These Council Folks remind me of those out-of-control snarky Condo Boards. They feel entitled and that their constituents should just shut up and leave them to their own devices! I would love to be on the Council so I could stand up at the meeting, explain to these morons the Constitution, the rights of the people, and that their function is to "serve" the people no matter how annoyed they are. If they were transparent to begin with, people would be less-inclined to be demanding records through FOIA. Just give people the answers they need in a friendly and professional manner. No muss…. no fuss….

  14. How will the city improve on things when they do a sample request and a sample criticism to help to find out what they need to work on with out violating peoples rights.

  15. I can see the campaign ad for who ever runs against this guy now. It starts with a line about how we all want our government to be as transparent as possible then cuts to a clip of the woman asking about the records that she already paid for and has not received then says here is his response and cuts to the clip with him saying "its not about what they can get out of it just what can they do to screw up the works and stop the city from functioning" and continuing to the end of that clip. The ad would finish with "a vote for [Candidate] is a vote for transparency, accountability and working with you the citizens." Then repeat the part about wishing citizens would just go away.

  16. Michelle actually has a tiktok and I follow her. She's unforgiving and needs answers because they're trying to punish her for basically just living

  17. This looks like a round table of old farts who have neither the energy or intelligence to run a bake sale let alone a city! These men should retire from the Council before they wreck what positive things have been able to accomplish in the past.

  18. Seems they can't even follow the law. Maybe they need to get voted out. When the city violates their rights they don't care. Maybe need a federal civil suit and pay out then they may change their mind.

  19. Retaliation? You bet! Chilling effect? Obviously! This town council is rude and apparently corrupt as they come. These people have forgotten who they are supposed to serve. The unmitigated gall of this group is disgusting. Sad, shameless public servant failures who should resign after publicly apologizing to this woman.

  20. Thank you for sharing this information. Pompous out of touch counsel needs to be shared. That Lady has gone through enough. Wow. Keep up the great work. 👍✌💪🇺🇸⚖

  21. This council is disgusting. Who in the hell do they think they work for? These idiots need to be voted out. The city can't get better unless it addresses the issues that their city has. This is ludicrous. I would make the city council lives hell.

  22. Not sure who the guy in the blue poll shirt is but I have a suggestion… don't refer to your employer's requests for transparency and service for payments as "weaponized paperwork". Be transparent in the first place, be expeditious in handling business. Second, looks really bad when you say the people who pay your salary are being a nuisance because their employees have violated the law and rights of its those residents.
    Lastly. It's your effing job, just do it and don't whine because the people are sick of their tax dollars being poorly spent, in essence, to violate their own rights and freedoms.

  23. I volunteered and was appointed to a non elected position for 10 years in the community I recently moved from. Yes, there were citizens who chose not to research and educate themselves on city activities which they had a strong but ignorant position they chose to share during the public comment period of meetings in the most aggressive, insulting, and condescending way they could think of. I tried to educate them when I could, but always treated them with respect because the govenment is there for the people. The people pay for the govenment and deserve respect no matter how repelling I personally found them.

  24. Gotta keep those SWAT inspections going. So they can pay for all those civil servants with fines, asset forfeit, and traffic violations, ruling over citizens requires money.

  25. Thats the same dinosaur that laid claims to the Vietnam War being help to the south. The same ones who believe that after 400 leos showed up at a school for 1 armed male… they were still so overwhelmed by concerned of officer safety,,, as poor innocent children were getting slaughtered @!!! These cowards like the ones in the video who protect the corrupt officers in that town.. need to be fired immediately,, brought to trial.. lose their pensions… enuff of these dinosaurs trying to keep the good old boys days [email protected]!!! Those days are coming to a complete conclusion @!!! The young public are sick of you… [email protected]!! Lairs, thieves, thugs when they have someone cuffed.. overall criminals [email protected]!!!
    Thanks for the post on this. You're doing great work [email protected]!!
    Peace n stay safe

  26. Here's another similar case in Irvington New Jersey, March 2022
    McDaniel, 82, was informed she was being sued for, among other reasons, filing over 75 requests for township information within a three-year span via New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act.

  27. This is why I hate cops say I'm recording too and you can get your recording no you can't that's why people need to use their phones to record please lie and they hide things so do DA's and so do judges

  28. Am I missing something here. She said she paid $146.44 and got NOTHING in return. Why are they complaining about robbing her and having to do absolutely nothing except denying her request. Denied! That’ll be $146.44 for saying Denied! Lot of effort and time went into that.


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