Tour from Space: Inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft on Its Way to the Space Station

In this video, NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley take viewers on a tour of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft that will take them on a 19-hour-journey to their new home in orbit.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft successfully launched from Kennedy Space Center’s historic Launch Pad 39A at 3:22 p.m. EDT on May 30 with the astronauts aboard for a mission to the orbiting laboratory. Crew Dragon will perform a series of phasing maneuvers to gradually approach and autonomously dock with the International Space Station on Sunday, May 31, at approximately 10:29 a.m. EDT.

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  1. Magical space never get old. Some days I watch and listen to music I like imagine me travel the space. New band too and legend like the delta parole, slash, BTS.

  2. I have a Idea for making toliet on moon
    So how can i get it to u
    With less energy (electricity)and air that can be used again and again (no needed of air from outer i.e. astronocts used for breathing

  3. "Next to me is, uh, bob, who's VERY excited to be here for sure" man this bob guy is really great I've seen him once and I already feel we're friends

  4. This is so awesome, I have so many questions .
    What do all the people do on the ground , the ones watching their co outer screens so intently ? isn’t the space craft automated , using star scopes to manage their position in space like the automatic satellites we have , Why do they look like they are tourists at Disney world Epcot ride, Mission to Mars ?
    What happened to their new space X suits ? Where are they stored , are they folded or rolled tightly or lain flat in a protective case ?
    Why don’t they need them on to protect them in the event of depressurization, is there at least a custom fitted oxygen mask that will drop down ? Oh that’s right no gravity, is it pushed out with cold nitrogen, oh wait there is actually gravity from earth pulling down but because they are falling at high speed but the dragon capsule does feel it and will fall back to earth because of gravity when and if it slows down from 17,500 mph to 17,499 mph , isn’t that correct ?
    is this orbital velocity of 17,500 dependent on altitude or the mass of the dragon and it’s occupants or items within ?
    Isn’t great that Jules Verne predicted this speed in his books ?
    Why is a polo shirt a good garment to wear in the dragon capsule ?

  5. did they just slap 3 windows 8.1 computers on there with a touch screen?
    i thaught that they would put apple i pads on there not computers

  6. 1. That looks claustrophobic AF
    2. Cant imagine being weightless all the time I think I'll 🤢
    3. I want that dinosaur!

    Cant imagine what it takes to do what they do or what it must feel like to see our existence in a way that most of us never will experience.

  7. When ever I watch the dude sing Space Oddity on the Space Station.. I always think:

    Imagine if he unintentionally bumped something~ And set himself into a "float" to where he couldn't reach anything.. Yet his trajectory would take like 2 weeks before he made contact with a wall 😬

  8. God put man on earth
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    God sent his son to earth
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    And the second coming of Christ will be on earth not on Tuesday

    If you want to see that beautiful event of the coming of the Son of God. Stay on earth
    Because now I don't think God will go to Tuesday

    It is a sin to want to explore
    Things that do not concern us
    And God will give us our moment and gift to be able to know the universe together with Jesus.

    Jeremias 33 .3

  9. Doug got sentimental while naming the dragon capsule endeavour, just like we all got when we switched from a keypad phone to a smart phone for the first time . Space shuttle was an obsolete and very expensive failed tech we just had to let go

  10. So all 4 of you and maybe more if stated by Nasa are going to travel to Mars in that so called spaceship. Think about it people. If we're meant to believe Nasa the one way trip is going take around 7 months. Does the Spaceship look big enough to live day to day for 7 months. Lol. No way.

  11. The Soyuz spacecraft flew to the ISS in 3 hours, and the SpaceX Crew Dragon in 19 hours.

    Why fly so fast? Firstly, it will make flights cheaper – there will be no need for the work of several dozen specialists who do not crawl out for days from the Flight Control Center. In addition, it will benefit the astronauts – getting used to weightlessness is much better to endure in the spacious compartments of the ISS than in a cramped spacecraft, but even this is not the main thing.

    The main thing is that this method of flying will be useful in the near future, when new orbital stations appear. And if now cosmonauts have nowhere to wait for help, then in the near future it will be possible to create an emergency rocket, requiring only refueling and calculation. And within a few hours, specialists can arrive at the orbital station to provide assistance .

  12. Tbh, when I see Astronauts in the Soyuz I feel very packed kinda…. Very complicated seeing all those wickets in the Soyuz but when I see the inside of Dragon…. Idk why but i feel good and relaxed 😌

  13. I have a story that no one will believe which I understand but I was on the coast of Newfoundland that night and was on the phone with my freind and I seen the space x crew fly over and I told me buddy “what if they looking down rn and saying there’s Newfoundland” and months later I found this video and jus had to share

  14. successful people don't become that way overnight .most people you see as a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  15. I remember the movie 2001 Space Odyssey and I begin to see similarities because I see the ship quite empty, while the capsules of the Apollo program were full of instruments, switches, levers, meters etc. Here we see that all the controls are concentrated in three screens. Incredible the technological leap that occurred in 50 years

  16. 5:40 NasHoles playing with toy-balloons, telling what lands they are passing over, without a single camera-view of what they describe, because they are reading from texts on TV-screens. Don't claim they didn't install cameras outside it !!!!

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