Tour a Hudson Valley Midcentury Modern Dream Home

Physician and homeowner Carol Harracksingh takes WSJ on a tour of her stunning Midcentury Modern glass home, designed by renowned architect Toshiko Mori. Photo: Cory Hill for The Wall Street Journal.

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Comment (115)

  1. Sorry I don’t buy the “I wanted an environment friendly house” speech. It should take soooo much fuel heat this with all these glass walls. Be honest and say “I wanted a house that would make me feel good and look good”

  2. Looks more like "I wanted a house that reminded me of an office building built in the mid-century in the International Style, but I'll call it 'mid-century' because whatever."

    Interesting house by Toshiko Mori, but the description is a bit painful.

  3. I build these houses. I can build them even better than she has. But, I also like animals, and the problem with this particular house is that the birds keep flying into the glass… However, I found a solution. If you like the slate she talks about at 2.27 "Vermont Slate" I know exactly what place in Vermont they have this slate. I can cover your floors, stairs, outside walls with this slate.

  4. So many comments about this looking like a 1960 office building and not a house hmmm🧐 it would appear you’re ignorance betrays you. Clearly you’re not familiar with MID CENTURY MODERN.

  5. Don't throw stones at this awful glass house.

    Someone should use this house in a horror movie. The possibilities are endless for a gripping and terror ridden story.

  6. She saved the bamboo forest by using it as a flooring for her 3000 sqft home. And it's just her and her dog living in a 3-bedroom, 3000 sqft home. PRAISE THE WOMAN FOR CARING SOOOOOO MUCH ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT!

  7. Very nice…just make sure you plan to live there a long time. These homes can be a tough sell with a limited buyer pool who wants it and can afford it. Unique homes like this are expensive to build and rarely does the seller make their money back.

  8. What kills me about homes like these is the fact that people spend millions building and countless hours designing with an architect, but then don't hire anyone for their interior design. The furnishings completely kill the vibe throughout the home and don't seem to mesh at all.

  9. This is my style all the way! I love modern minimalist architecture. I would only need one third this size for living. Love the floor to ceiling windows. I'm a fan of Japanese residential design too.


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