TOSIN ABASI – ANIMALS AS LEADERS Special Interview | Among Friends by PitCam.TV

Interview with Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders. Guitarplayers from other Bands ask guitar-technical questions.
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01:22 // PLACENTA
05:04 // MYRA
19:05 // CALIBAN

NEW STUFF ON www.PitCam.TV ! We conducted an Interview with Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders at Daily Hero Recordings, Berlin.

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Outro Song: Consequences by CONSTELLATIONS
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Comment (388)

  1. Look up "Victor Wooten double thumb" on Youtube. My thumb is also pretty straight. But it is possible. I need to practice that technique a lot, but I get it down on a basic level.

  2. I know what you mean. I love to improv in the modes, I've actually created a couple of songs knowing just modes, but people think I'm just being humble when I say I'm not as great as the think. But I've been playing 5 years almost and I need to get a bit more technical skill.

  3. It's the composition that is most unique. You know the that invented the thumb tecnique has a straight thumb too. Tosin states in one video that hitchhiker's thumb isn't necesarry for it as well, but I have it and hope that it helps somehow.

  4. At the 12 second point and the 23 second point you will see the all seeing eye which is highly occultic, satanic/luciferian imagery! Not saying anything bout Tosin, but the video company producing this video is willfully using it or they are blatantly ignorant of it's meaning! You see it everywhere these days and it really struck a nerve with me last night when I saw it here as it has crept into everyday societal life, right down to the cartoons my children watch! Google " All seeing eye satan"

  5. First of all, the "All Seeing Eye (also known as the Eye of Province)" is not satanic in nature, it has to do with the all seeing eye of what some refer to as "god", not the devil. Second of all, it is used by The Illuminati, a group that believes in a new world order, and nothing satanic or religious at all. Third of all, we're here for the music, not arguing about religion and cults. If you want to do that, go somewhere else.

  6. I've got an entire library of books on the illuminati, I've been to conferences with L.A Marzulli, Russ Dizdar, Gary Stearman, Rob Skiba, so spare me the lecture on what the beliefs of the Illuminati are! They are a Luciferian network of individuals and I've been studying and investigating this movement since the mid 90's! And I'll go anywhere I damn well please and say anything I please! Wo the hell died and made you the police of you tube! People like you make me laugh! Get over yourself!

  7. It's an eye… Just an ordinary eye. It seems you're reading the all-seeing eye symbolism into something that doesn't impart the same semiotic meaning.

  8. I call bull. EVH has "no ego" in comparison to him…

    this guy just takes a "here kitty-kitty" approach to being full of himself, instead of a traditional street or punk "fukk off" style… however, his ego is gi-effin-normous, biggest I've seen this year, for sure.

    …typical pseudointellectual poseur. BUT with oodles o' charisma, I'll give him that.

  9. Definitely… bastards. How DARE they defile proper heavy metal symbolica with this overprocessed digital synthpop nonsense.

    What's next, a middleaged Britney Spears at 350lbs in a pentagram bikini??? HERESY, I say, heresy!!

  10. Yeah, hence the CHARISMATIC part… but that mellow-condescending manner has naught to do with *humility*. Guy thinks he's da shit and ain't afraid of showing it.

    Then again, most of you agree and think he IS da shit, so maybe he's earned it.

  11. He preaches like each and every of his opinions is the ultimate truth, all the while wearing a rather smug look.

    If you think it IS the ultimate truth, alright, that's all good for you… if you've actually got opinions (or just know of some more popular ones and keep an open mind), some of his points/methods are rather debatable.

    And his gear choices are STUNNINGLY BAD… it's amazing how he actually manages to get decent sound of that junk.

  12. Um no. It seems like YOU are INTERPRETING it as the ultimate truth. It is literally just the opinion of a great musician. I don't worship Tosin Abasi, honestly I only like a handful of AAL songs, but he has a lot of good insight, plus the chops to back up it up. He is literally just answering questions that people are asking him here, a because they WANT to know his opinion and want tips from this guy — considering he is one of the best players in this genre. I sense no hint of condescension

  13. There is no such thing as bad gear. It's all about the tone that YOU YOURSELF want to hear. You don't need to spend $8000 on a custom made guitar made out of $400 parts or buy the most expensive and endorsed gear to get a good tone. If I can get a $50 amp paired along with my fingers to produce the sound that I want to hear at that moment then I will take it over mesa any day.

  14. 19:25
    Tosin one of the best in the business right now ,but I think who really brought that technique to the spotlight was the great JACO PASTORIUS (;

  15. alot of the commercial bing game web sites will give you free chips to help you start, i turned 20 into 230 the last few days this web site shows you the way PLAY83.COM

    It may be useful to remember that a peacetime political machine is built essentially on patronage.

  16. he's working on improv. lately…meaning he just plays w.e the fuck he wants and the next album will sound like a mars volta solo on meth crack and pcp combined. lol

  17. My two (harsh) cents: You can't call yourself a truly good guitar player until you can play anything you like, anytime you like. It's a bad idea to have to rely on a "library" of songs and pieces to be able to play. Like Johnny B. Goode, you should be able to play the guitar like ringing a bell. Anything, anytime, anywhere. That's why Guthrie Govan is my hero. I'm happy Tosin is gonna work on his improv, i think he can really do something crazy if he learns it well!


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