Top Finishes From UFC 273 Fighters

Watch some highlights from fighters that will be competing on Saturday at UFC 273: Volkanovski vs The Korean Zombie.

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Comment (0)

  1. Was watching UFC 1, 2, 3 etc… just the other day. I love me some good Knockouts….

    …. and WOW!!! Just look how far the UFC has come. The fighter's, the talent, the skill level, the commentating etc…

    Just WOW!

    I wonder how Fighter's like Tank Abbot (with insane one punch KO power) and Royce Gracie, would have done in their prime, right now today (2022) knowing what we know now about mma?

    Can you imagine "Tank" under some of the coaches we have today? ATT, AKA, Jackson/Wink etc….

    Can you Imagine "Tank" under Greg Jackson or Trevor Wittman?…. as a young fighter.

    I actually saw Ken Shamrock at the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, La.
    He picked up the guy from his back, slammed the guy (SHIT! can't remember who he fought) on his shoulder and broke his collarbone…. fight over quick in the first round.

  2. could you put the first clip in the middle and at the end of the video, because one time wasnt enough, please show it four times, maybe even five times because the intro spoiler wasnt good enough we need to see it 7 times more, thank you editors youre the best

  3. I gotta admit that was a pretty smart move by Sterling, grabbing the guy's leg while he was straddling his back. If it wasn't for his "acting" in that first fight of his against Petr, ppl would take him more seriously!

  4. I feel like Volkanovski's much more likely to score a dominant UD win rather than a finish over TKZ, and so as real champ Petr Yan on fake champ Aljamain Fakemaster Sterling. As for Chimaev vs Burns, that's not gonna go the distance, someone's (in all likelihood) gonna get finished.


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