Top 5 Most Often Asked Repossession Questions – Paid Version

In this episode I am proud to bring you my new Top 5 series of videos. This first episode is showcasing the Top 5 Questions about the auto repossession industry that get asked all the time.

I hope you like this new series and look forward to your comments below. Please share any ideas for upcoming Top 5 episodes and be sure to subscribe and like my videos to show support here on YouTube.

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  1. Question 5, if the car is at someone else's house (not the borrowers), would the repo agent be liable for trespassing if they entered onto the property to get the car?

  2. I've been shot at as I was driving away. I've had a knife pulled on me. I had a guy pull his gun from his pocket when i was standing in front of him, and then put it back, thinking better of his decision.

  3. I live in Tampa Florida, my car just recently got repossessed a couple weeks ago from a buy here pay here company called "sunshine auto sales" in pinellas park. The day after when I was allowed to go and get all of my belongings out of the car, I noticed my large tool bag full of hundreds of dollars of work tools was missing out of the trunk. I told the manager about it and he told me "no-one has been in the car" but my neighbor told me that they didn't use a tow truck. My neighbor seen them let themselves in my car and drove off in it. The manager told me there's nothing they can do because I have no proof that the tools were in there. Also when I got there I noticed all of the doors were unlocked and the driver window was half way down. Now every time I call them about it he gets an attitude and hangs up on me. What do I do?

  4. hey matt do you think these forwarding companies are not paying fare compensation for agents efforts /storage, also wasting our time sending us accounts they have called to several times and when the debtor refuses to surrender then we get it ? then they tie are hands with no contact on these repos in any matter and expect results?

  5. This crap is hard to watch – you went from hero to zero. I have to ask a couple of serious question: Is there some legal, or medical reason you cannot act as a repossession agent anymore? – I just don't get it – why the hell would you not continue to perform repossessions? I just don't see any money or future coming from the type of video you have been posting. When I watch your old videos I see a man in his prime. When I watch the videos of late, I see a shadow of your former self. It's got to kill you to look back and see who you once were. Get back on the horse Matt, get past the mental block you can do it! – I sincerely hope the best for you.

  6. thank u for sharing. i had a 2016 jeep repo. but it was that i had a heart attack and was on short team dis from work i got paid 250 a week but after pay benifits i had 120 a week my pocket thank GOD my wife was getting her 800 a month s s disable so we wouldnt b homeless, when working i was take home 400 to 600 a week but had bills we had to pay. g m a c would not pick the jeep up till 2 months later i gave the repo guy the key and clean out the jeep no problem s now g m a c sol the jeep for 9000 and say we owe 11000 im on long team disable till i get s s disable.

  7. Question #2 all they had to do to help stop the drive offs is to raise the wheel lift up as high as possible. Let them drop 6 feet if they manage to drive off the lift.

  8. There's a fair bit of negative commentary here but I disagree. I think the video presentation was well thought out and presented. The examples you cut in illustrated your answers very well. Thanks for sharing.

  9. One thing I've learned in my 10 months of being an agent is it's in our blood. I feel like I was born to do this job. After the first time a debtor pulled a gun on me and then assaulted me my coworkers were concerned I'd quit. And I've heard many former agents say that's the exact reason they did quit. But like the people at the end, losing a friend, being shot at doesn't make them leave. Either you have it or you don't. I'm very glad I do..

  10. What trips me out is how these idiots don't pay their bill & then get mad at you for doing your job! Also why do blacks seem to always be so violent? Anyways great video 👍

  11. A friend of mine drove a tow truck for a couple of years. The owner of the tow company also did repos and Al would occasionally pick them up. I was shadowing him one night as we went to grab a truck from a debtor. The guy came flying out of the house with a baseball bat yelling at us. We both calmly told the guy to settle down a bit, we are not stealing the truck, we are just working for his bank and were asked to come get the truck. I offered for him to get anything he needed out of the truck while we were hooking up so long as he put the bat down. He was at this point almost in tears as he had been laid off his job for a few months and just couldn't make the rent and truck payments on unemployment. He got his tools out and was trying to beg us not to take the truck, you know tell the bank we didn't find it… (bank guy was just down the street but the debtor didn't know that) I have been watching your vids now for a couple years and I found what I had offered to the guy is the same as you do. It helped make a tense situation much better and in the end we all left with all body parts intact.

    The debtor ended up going to the bank auction (dunno how he found out where it was being held, banks don't normally give that info to the debtor here in WA) bought the truck back for only a couple hundred and this time got a title for it… but still owed the rest at the same time. This time tho we couldn't repo the truck again. We found this out when we had to tow him after he lost a U-joint on the highway.


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