Top 20 Movies That Caused Massive Backlash

These films drew the ire of moviegoers, the media, and some cases, both! For this list, we’ll be looking at films that received a huge amount of controversy and/or negative comments. Our countdown includes “The Twilight Saga”, “Crash”, “Avatar”, “The Interview”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, and more! What did you think of these flicks? Let us know in the comments below!

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Comment (392)

  1. ghost in the shells CREATOR HIMSELF said he liked the casting. it was LITERALLY only westerners who were upset and it makes no sense. Like we get it you're a white sjw who hates their skin and ancestry doesn't mean you can just cast that guilt on the rest of us.

  2. Wait so people hated Juno because, she was thinking about getting an abortion, but ultimately decided to keep HER baby…. Thats so stupid, what happened to her body her choice? She decided to keep the baby, and yall are mad… make it make sense

  3. OMG… Anime Characters do not look Asian… therefore, there is no reason that Anime Characters need to be played by Asian Actors… these People that have a problem with, "Whitewashing," never seem to have any problems with White Character being turned into another Ethnicity… and THAT IS SUPER RACIST!! If you have a problem with it one way, then you should also have a problem with it the other way, if not YOU ARE A RACIST HYPOCRITE!! Yeah, I SAID IT!! Lol.

  4. Passion of the Christ was just horribly sad and tragic and if anyone thought it wasn't like this than they are just ignorant. And if you don't believe in it, that's fine.
    I loved all the Ghostbusters, even the 2016 version. Nymphomaniac was crazy, just… so uncomfortable to watch. Titanic was really sad. Cuties is just… ew, never sexualize kids. Mother! was not bad, I don't understand all the hate, it was confusing but lots of movies are like that cause they get you thinking.
    Alright, I'm done, sorry for the long comment. Be safe everyone!

  5. While I liked The Hobbit movies, there really was no reason to make it a trilogy. Other than good ol' greed, that is. At most, I could see it as a two-parter, but they sure milked it for all it was worth.

  6. A friend of mine took me to see Titanic. Less than half way through the movie, I wanted to leave. She wanted to see the rest of it and was my ride so we stayed. After the movie she asked me if I had changed my mind. I not only didn't like it, I liked it even less than I did before. So..she took me to a different cinema and we watched Zoro. I was then happy again.

  7. I can proudly say, I have never seen Titanic. I got so sick of people talking about at the time, I made a conscious decision not to.The Celine Dion movie video was way more than enough and actually helped with the decision.

  8. Now that we have several years away from the furor..I feel comfortable saying ScarJo was actually a good physical match for the lead in "Ghost in the Shell"..she was an android so race shouldn't have been a factor in the casting at all.

  9. I knew the passion of the christ was going to be #1. I thought it was a great movie. It was the only movie to make me tear up. Especially during the scenes of jesus being flogged. and stabbed with the spear at the end by the roman guard. I thought that scene when the blood got in the eyes of the guard as he then realized he was the son of god and got on his knees for forgiveness. It was powerful to watch.

  10. My brother had a patient that was a titanic survivor and she didn’t like how they made everyone look. She had never shared her story before and my brother was in awe of her memory so many years later (he kept the woman’s name to himself and he said that her doctor had been on the other side of the curtain listening the whole time)

  11. 6:05 if by “actively defending themselves” you mean calling anyone who disliked the movie a misogynist, a racist, or any combination of the two; the yes i agree with you. Movie was terrible. And i didnt even see the first 2 start to finish till this year.

  12. To be honest, I watched Nymphomaniac looking for,.. you know, but instead, I got hooked by the narrative. I think it's actually a smart movie that explores the philosophical nature and social norms on sexuality, using metaphorical explanations to approach the issue. However, you really have to be very open-minded and let your personal "philosophical guard" down before watching the movie.

  13. A snuff film? Really? Isn't the bible a snuff/rape/incest book? Oh, that's right, you only pick and choose which stories will make you self-righteous and holier-than-thou. bible humpers are the biggest hypocrites of all. 🙄💁🏻‍♀️

  14. all the white-washing complaints about Ghost In The Shell make me wonder if those complaining even understand the source material….yes the protagonist's name is Motoko Kusanagi, but her body is an android shell. Stand Alone Complex even shows the Major switching bodies a couple times during missions. The whole point is that while the spirit inside is Japanese, the body can look like anyone….Motoko is literally a ghost in a shell.

    also, being a stereotypical loud black woman is Leslie Jones's entire schtick….she acts the same way when she's on $100,000 Pyramid and when hosting Supermarket Sweep and it gets annoying fast

  15. I would argue that almost all movies that create baclash are good movies — they got a response from the audience. It's the boring movies that mean nothing that are the real villains. And that's most of them.

  16. Boxing Helena caused massive backlash for being even worse than early press releases warned us of.

    A film so bad and amateurish-looking it was 15 years before Jennifer Lynch was allowed near a director's chair again.

  17. I've only seen Cinemasins review of Ghostbusters 2016, and that was enough to make half my brain cells wither, but the problem was terrible writing and crass jokes which would have made it an awful film even with the original (male) cast! These hackneyed accusations of misogyny are getting ridiculous, men don't hate women, we just hate bad films. Throw in constant SJW pandering and you've got yourself one of the worst films ever committed to… wait a minute, why wasn't The Last Jedi on this list!

  18. I’ve never seen Titanic because the hype was just too much. The movie Kids and Cuties should have opened our eyes to how our kids are growing up too fast. It’s our fault though.Our values have totally turned on their heads. Yeah the Hobbit and Avatar were overdone but it was something new visually. Ghostbusters was funny! Those ladies did that!

  19. If Cuties was some kind of documentary on child trafficking or about Epsteins Island, then I would have been okay with it (except for the title), but there are hundreds of audition tapes of little girls for this movie out there, and somehow Passion of the Christ is the most offensive? Journalism is dead

  20. The backlash for Ghost in the Shell was a perfect example of ignorant people getting offended on behalf of people they didn't understand and insisting they were right. It's right up there with anyone who uses "latinx", though that's a bit worse. At least GitS is fiction.

  21. Ghostbusters 2016 is a cinematic dumpster fire of unparalleled proportions. What an amazingly trite, uncreative and downright laughable (not in a good way) farce of filmmaking. An absolute slap in the longtime fans' collective face.

  22. People just can't be pleased at all. It's so annoying. No matter what you do, they just can't. I do NOT see anything wrong with any of these movies. I enjoyed Ghostbusters, and the comedy from the four most comic female actors is totally unforgettable. “Blue is the warmest colour”, is a wonderful movie. And so are the others in this video. You just can't please anyone in this world. Shame! I am an African and I didn't see anything wrong with the portrayal of the African-American woman in Ghostbusters.

  23. Lol… So cute for you to think that everything about Christ will annoy somebody…. A cartoon of a certain somebody provoked world wide trouble…. If that certain cartoon thing were to be made into a movie…. I'm telling ya….it would make whatever it is now 1000 times worse.

  24. OK OK OK. Here we go. there was no fucking white-washing in Ghost in the Shell. It was an American made picture and therefore had Americans in it. There is nothing racist about that. It is a universal truth in film that the country making the film uses their citizens in its cast. Have you seen any Bollywood movies white white people in it? How about a Chinese martial arts epic with Indians in it? I know ghost in the shell is different in that the subject matter comes from the Asian market, but again, American movie studios are going to use Americans. That is the way the film industry works and it's not fucking racism. Blow that out your asses.

  25. Hah, not sure if Jesus will be proud of those "Christians" who sent death threats to the director and burned a theater in protest of a movie – the hypocrisy of some Christians.

  26. Number 15: Uhhm i think the reamke THIS year provved your agrumments wrong.
    It was just a really bad movie…
    And not even bad enough that it was worth all of the hate. Just borring.
    Number 8: She ist a f*cking android, that can look however the one who builds her wants to.
    Number: Looked really good in cinema, but really underwhelming at the homescreen.

  27. Right out the bat this is why I don't deal with Awards. Movies are good for me if they achieve their intended goal. So if it's supposed to get you to feel something for the character and it does get you to then that's award enough. If it's supposed to be teaching you about disparaging differences in racial culture and it succeeds then I got nothing else to say but it's a good movie

  28. You know I couldn't care less whether Twilight got the awards what made me not watch the movie is because of the team Edward or Team Jacob thing. It ruined it for me. My sister was a part of it as well as you can well imagine. Now that that hype is gone I can finish it and enjoy it

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  30. People whining about Aloha over whitewashing are flat out ignorant. There are more than a few predominantly caucasian looking people within the actual Hawaiian community. 1/4 Hawaiian, 1/4 Chinese, 1/2 caucasian that looks predominantly caucasian is not unrealistic in the least on Oahu especially.

  31. I remember watching blue is the warmest colour or la vie d'adele as I know it in my local cinema the lumière when it first came out, I was 14 yo and questioning my sexuality, honestly don't remember much of the movie but it did play an important role in me owning up to who and what I am.

  32. Passion of Christ was heavily criticized by the Rotten Tomatoes critics while the movie received a four star rating from Roger Ebert. It's true that the violence is hard to sit through. But this movie is well made.

  33. First off, Twilight wasnt even a good book so thus the movie in turned sucked. Doesnt help Kristen has the emotional range of dry toast.
    Also the new ghostbusters that came out with the all female cast.. No I didnt like it. It has nothing to do with it being all women. Just they were trying to cash into the name and they didnt make it creative. Also Titanic is so high up? I dont understand why its on this list.. it cleared the Oscars… yeah watchmojo you arnt making sense again. Also the passion of the Christ got slammed for stupid reasons. Sure it was graphic but so was what happened. Im not a believer in god but I know the history. Being tortured was graphic, getting crucified was painful. I love how god bible thumping people will say He died for your sins he died for you. But then you are shown what he would have been through and its too graphic? Has no one actually read it its very grim and brutal.

  34. Kids should be shown in health class in high school. It’s a good portrayal of what being sexual active and drug use amongst kids. I will always say that kids should be shown in health class.


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