Top 10 Deadly Products That Werent Banned

Oh, this is deadly? Meh… For this list, we’ll be looking at dangerous products that should have been pulled from shelves right from the get to! We’ll be including some products that were banned in some places, but not everywhere, and others that just should have been banned way sooner! Our list includes energy drinks, IKEA dressers, hazardous chemistry sets and more! Which deadly product surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Whoever's reading this,I pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! amen

  2. The reason the FDA made the monster beverages instead of just standard can drinks was so you could get them on food stamps. In order to qualify for food stamps you have to print the ingredients on the label and that makes it a beverage.

  3. Multi million dollar corporations need to stop cutting corners that put consumers in danger. Perhaps bans aren't enough. Fines and more severe consequences might do the trick.

  4. Oh yes the 90s, my childhood, we were subjected to a lot of horrible things but I think it only made us stronger for those of us who survived 😁, but of course there were many amazing things as well such as Nirvana and skateboarding becoming huge.

  5. My mom would never allow me and my siblings to have Monster Energy drinks back then. I recently taste tested the Mocha version and I didn't like it. Ironically, my siblings like Monster.

  6. "This sort of thing has come up before, and it has always been due to human error." –HAL 9000 in 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY
    "Amen, brother!" –Elon Musk

  7. The Malm dressers are literally not a danger and never has been before it came to the US and Canada… Bad anchoring, buyers anchoring it to flimsy US-standard walls etc = what made them dangerous.

    I have 2 malm dressers, solid as rocks as they're anchored properly in walls built according to Swedish standards.

  8. A neighbor's daughter was left brain damaged when her IKEA dresser toppled over on her. I had a Gilbert chemistry set when I was a kid, but iron oxide was as dangerous as I got. My daughter has a complete set of the Micky D's Garfield glasses, but they are decorations and are not used.

  9. They sound like a dresser has never fallen. I'm in my mid 40s. When I was a small kid in the late 70s. I pulled a dresser over on me. It wasn't built by ikea. It was like 100 years old lol. How many mechanics out there have ever turned over your tool box because you opened too many drawers? Raise your hand ✋️

  10. My 10 year old chugged Hydroxycut/Monster Energy Drinks from a Shrek Forever glass for years and turned out fine, at least until that freak accident at the Yard Dart world championship

  11. Thank god these products were stopped with such few deaths. It's not like they would legalize a product that has been killing half a million people each year like smoking. Along with actively encouraging others to start smoking vape sticks in their early teens to kick start the addiction for the next generation.

    But by all means, cry over pitiful single digit deaths to distract you from the serious crap that you have clearly given up on.

  12. I had one of those planes that flew, controlled by string attached to a handle. It only flew in a circle because of the cables attached but It could go really high like a kite. It was a ww2 p40 like the flying tigers and had a real engine that used real fuel and took one of those big square batteries to engine start. Looking back I would say it was very dangerous for a child, I was ten when I got it for Christmas lol.

    Almost forgot, none of them not the fact of them staying on the market surprises me. Especially the crap made in china, because in the US everyone is too afraid to ban their products. I bought some Chinese made lightbulbs at walmart back in 02 or 03, every one of them would explode when you click the power on. They were designed to run on different wattage, Chinese to be exact. Walmart still sells them.

  13. I know it's bad to give kids chemicals that can kill them and just leave them to their own devices, but the science nerd part of me is a little sad that most or all chemistry sets now just have the stuff to do specific things like make slime.

  14. It's called an energy drink for a reason. Not just Monster, but all of them have insanely high levels of caffeine and taurine in them to boost energy. I'm surprised with the amount of people who chug several of them every day there aren't more people dying.

  15. The IKEA dresser, as sad as the linked deaths may be, falls under the same category as "Don't dry your cat in the microwave."
    With the dresser came a picture book showing how to build it. Within this picture book was also shown what these nice dowels, screws and angle bracket packed in one small plastic bag delivered in the package were for…to bolt it to the wall so it wouldn't tip over. You didn't even need to be able to read to do it right, but some folks either didn't care or had Japanese style paper walls…

  16. Good. Officials and professionals are seeing teslas are more dangerous then the average car. Tesla is poorly assembled and poorly designed. And now that other companies are making electric cars all you hear about Tesla itself is these Autopilot mishaps. Shows how relevant Tesla is these days

  17. A toy Locomotive??? Oh.😲😞It's too bad about those Garfield Glasses.😞And Shrek Glasses.😲RIP,Person who died from Hydroxycut.😞😞All Energy drinks have more Caffeine than sodas. Peopole probably drank 8 cans in a day or something like that.Possibly.

  18. List of dangerous kids toys : proceeds to insert GM car recall 😂… 🤔 I guess they just aren't a GM fan whoever put the list together lol
    You going to insert ford's tire fiasco too?

  19. It's too bad about those kids dying but I put the whole blame on the parents, that shit comes with instructions to mount it on the wall and also everything else you need for except the screwdriver. Just irresponsible parents who didn't care enough about their kids. A responsible parent sees the dangers and eliminates them beforehand.

  20. I drank out of the Garfield cups and I'm fine. Well, I was born in the 90s so the glass cup was my brothers' who was born in the late 70s and early 80s. And we have plenty of reasons why we don't get any furniture from IKEA anymore.


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