Tommy Boy

The boys are back and they’re bigger than ever in the gut busting, all-new Holy Schnike Edition! Crack-up comedians Chris Farley and David Spade star as two ne’er-do-well traveling salesmen who hit the road in order to save the family business in this “infectiously funny”*, larger than life movie. Co-starring Rob Lowe, Bo Derek, Dan Akroyd and Brian Dennehy. *Gary Arnold, The Washington Times

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  1. Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock were not framers of the Constitution, Madison was the only one of the three that was at the Convention. Boy, I really hope someone got fired for that blunder.

  2. My older brother took me to see this in the theater. It was the first time I'd ever heard a packed theater laughing hysterically in unison. I still remember it to this day. This and Dumb and Dumber are the two best laugh out loud comedies to come out of the 90's! An Absolute Classic!! Spade is hilarious and Farley is at the absolute top of his game here! On so many levels this is thee perfect Chris Farley movie!! But I still wanna know… who's Richard's favorite Little Rascal… "Sinner" LOLOL!!!

  3. This is my favorite comedy movie of all time. I watched this movie hundreds of times as a kid, when Chris Farley died I cried so freaking hard man. He was easily my favorite cast member from SNL and favorite comedian growing up. I got obsessed with him and Adam Sandler after they did the Schlitt's Gay beer commercial. That was the first sketch i remember ever seeing on SNL. I'll always have a place in my heart for this movie. I used to have the entire movie memorized from front to back.

  4. I love this movie! Too bad its off Netflix. At least its on utube for free. When they went to put gas is the car and Tommy forgot to close the car door before backing un to the pump! I died with laughter! I love the insults that threw at each other through out the movie!

  5. Thank you for this. So much. Fat guy in a little coat was a skit Farley did at SNL all the time and spade hated it. They never thought this movie would become what it is.

  6. His last words where "Don't leave me" as he collapsed on the floor from a 4 day binge. Instead of helping or calling ambulance, she just let him die. The photos taken from his apt are more haunting. I can't help it hate that girl.

  7. God damn that was a beautiful car they trashed in this movie.🤣M&Ms rolling across the dash was just the beginning.😂

  8. Ii miss my Dad !! We had a local home town Auto Parts store my dream was to take over and be like my boss family he passed away also. GREAT MOVIE YOUTUBE THANK YOU I NEED YOU TO MEMORIES

  9. Movies were just made better in the 90s. They would give u feelings that movies today can't come close to doing anymore. If this movie came out in 2022 it would still be hugely popular. Only truly great music and movies can stand the test of time.

  10. Lol millionaire zalinsky would never start dating that 60 year old woman at the end. This was the beginning of brainwashing these women into thinking they could still find a husband after their 20s.

  11. wait wtf how come when the couple was caught commiting fraud the man goes to prison but the wife doesnt? instead she hooks up with that ceo guy?? talk about sexism

  12. My dad's favorite movie. He barely knew English when this first came out and he would crack up every time Farley would say "son of a !". Would always call Chris Farley "Tommy Boy".Great memories watching this movie over and over again with my dad. Miss my pops and Chris Farley.

  13. What makes this movie such a classic is that it is full of heart and good nature. The characters are mostly kind, genuine people. You don't see this kind of heart in movies these days.

  14. I just bought a full set of Callahan disc brake full assembly with Callahan brake pads..there the God damn Rolls Royce of brake pads..but hell..I'm just a simple guy..but I bet u could get a good look at the Tbone if u shoved ur head up a bulls ass..but wouldn't u rather take the butcher's word for it …pretty ladies all in a row..take ur pic… Can't believe you've never been cow tipping before..get ready to live..don't this seem a bit stupid… We're family now where gonna be doing alot of stupid s*** together…wait till Christmas!..hey chucko that don't smell like mud… I think we're okay here it's got a thin candy shell I'm surprised you didn't know that..shut up Richard..ur dad could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves…ok sorry I'm done now..on with the movie..

  15. Unquestionably the top 5 dumbest/worst turds ever manufactured. Shame on me for being too lethargic to turn off that turd. lt felt as if my eyes and ears where being water-boarded for a 100 minutes straight.

  16. It's funny how bo Derek rarely has the camera on her when she speaks. I know she has a reputation of being an absolutely horrible actress, but give her a chance 😂


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