Tomato Meat Sauce Recipe (Low-Carb Meat Sauce with Tofu and Vegetables) | Cooking with Dog

We are making a delicious low-carb meat sauce with frozen tofu and lots of vegetables. This tastes good and will go great with pasta!

How to make Tomato Meat Sauce

(3~4 people) Cook Time: 30 minutes
* Freezing and thawing tofu is not included in cook time.

150g Lean Ground Beef (5.3 oz)

1/2 Frozen Firm Tofu (200g/7.1 oz)
120g Onion (4.2 oz)
60g Carrot (2.1 oz)
40g Celery (1.4 oz)
* the vegetables are cut into 5mm pieces.
1 Garlic Clove, chopped
2/3 tsp Salt
100g Button Mushrooms or substitute: shiitake, shimeji or enoki mushrooms (3.5 oz)

2 tbsp Olive Oil
100ml Red Wine (3.4 fl oz)

295g Tomato Sauce, packaged (10.4 oz)

* 1 tablespoon (tbsp) = 15 ml, 1 teaspoon (tsp) = 5 ml

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  1. Had a brief surprise when I looked away from my computer and then back again. I saw the thumbnail for the video and only saw the Cooking with Dog part…was a brief surprise before I read the rest of the title and knew it was for this channel haha. Sorry Francis.

  2. 新しい動画ほんとに嬉しいです!いつも見てお料理と英語を勉強しています!シェフもフランシスも無理せずこれからも頑張ってくださいねっ!応援しています(`_´)ゞ

  3. Dear Chef, I was wondering why you are adding the salt in steps and honestly also why you are adding salt at all, since this is in all prepackaged tomato products already.
    Thank you in advance for your answer! 🙂

  4. This is pretty much a bolognese sauce with tofu added. Everything else is exactly how you would make bolognese. Just add some spaghetti and you've a flavoursome meal that's perfect for cooking for a date.

  5. Except for the tofu, that's pretty close to how you do it in the west. And the tofu is a decent way of stretching the meat, if you're on a budget.

  6. hi! i've just cooked this dish using your recipe and i must say that it's super delicious and doesn't feel heavy at the same time! instead of mushrooms i've used eggplant and i think that it goes better with tomato souce than mushrooms 🙂 thank you for all great recipes (i've actually cooked many of them already)!

  7. Reducing saturated animal fat and adding "vegetable"(probably soy) oil is not healthier. Fats are essential for hormone processes in the body, and the ratio of inflammatory omega-6 to anti-inflammatory omega-3 in plant oils other than coconut. Every time I hear him say that I get a little sad that some people might believe it to be true and demonize saturated fat. There is a bit of trans fat naturally occurring in beef, and I doubt sopping up the excess oil would get it out. Please research nutrition to find the optimal amount of fat, carbs, protein, and calories to meet your individual fitness goals and optimize your hormonal health. A man who needs as much testosterone as he can get should not be eating an estrogenic plant or its oils(soy) as it is processed as estrogen.

  8. Hi! I really love this dish, chef you are amazing! But I heard, when you heat up olive oil, it is really bad for your body, because toxic things will be in the heated olive oil (sry for my english, dont know how to describe it…)

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Which brand/model frying pan is that?

    Also, as a vegan I made 2 versions, one following the recipe with meat for my family, and one with just tofu for myself. My family loved the meat version, and I found the tofu version to be excellent as well. Thank-you for this great recipe. ^_^

  10. this looks sooooo good but my mom is really allergic to soy (and tofu) do you or anyone know a good substitute for it so she can enjoy it with the rest of the family?

  11. I think a lot of people are being misled by this. It's not so much low-carb, as it is low calorie. Tomato, mushrooms, onions and carrots are NOT low carb! They are, relatively low carb. This is important to note for those who are following a stricter low carb diet like Keto.

  12. Thank you, I always follow your videos, I just tried cooking though I was short of some ingredients, it still tasty quite good to me. Can imagine how good it will taste with your master skill.
    Thumb up to your videos from China~


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