Todd & I have a BIG announcement!

I have been keeping this to myself but now I can finally announce that we will have an @oldladygang in the #PhillipsArena!!!! I’m so excited! Tonight they unveiled some of the new things they’re bringing to the newly renovated arena. I’m thankful to be a part of that. I’m also thankful that the first concert that will be in the new #PhillipsArena will be the #SoSoDef tour! So I get to be on stage & then meet you at my restaurant in the food court…😂. Swipe left to see our new #soulsandwich (fried chicken breast, collard greens, & mac n cheese). @todd167 ♥️ #Blessed #TrueToAtlanta #LetsGoHawks

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  1. I have a new business endavor for you. Is it possible for you to ship those Sweet Potatoe Pies to say maybe a Walmart or Kroger kinda like the P.L. pies.But all the way in Indiana I hear they are 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!

  2. "I get to be on stage and then go meet y'all over in the food court when you buy sandwiches from MY restaurant" TRANSLATION: I get a check on stage and a check when I'm off! 😂😂😂😂

  3. I'm proud of Kandi too I guess breaking from under Xscape was good although I was not for it at first however I do believe gaining success comes from separating yourself Kandi seems so happy with Todd and their kids and it's a joy to watch unlike some marriages I've saw as long as no one is bringing sex buddies around the restaurant or hiring them lol

  4. Kandi is such a successful african american woman,I've always admired & respected her because she is a strong💪 women. Congratulations🎉 Kandi & Todd. I've always thought Todd was sexy too,Lol 😘 I've never thought he was tryna be with Kandi for her money 💵 people was just hating on their relationship! Congratulations again to them on their success👍💯

  5. Im proud of the two of you and the 3 sisters who this represent. Im glad it will shut the mouth of some of these vloggers/ bloggers who critiqued you all and it wasnt nice. But with this great news and success I see they were hating or not checking it out themselves. Great job power couple!!!!

  6. Her rich ass! But I love it. I still feel as if Tasha and Tamika are jealous of Kandi's success and are really just befriending her because the only thing they got to hold on to is the group thing

  7. @KandiOnline So Proud of u & was routing u on all the way @BBC2 & voted everyday I’m my account, my hubbys and even my sons for u the Fav House Guest

  8. One thing for Sure Ms.Kandi is with out. Doubt a Business Woman No Question about that and she is contently making money moves.! Lol
    And she the most successful out of everyone of the other members of her girl group that she just couldn’t be bothered with it seriously l don’t blame her he really because she don’t have to and there was always drama.
    I love them all as a group there great girl group one of the best from back on the day.
    I guess next would be tiny with her and t.i. her husband and l like there show too and l guess tiny still has her nail shop or hair salon l’m not really sure l don’t follow them l use to but l like them together as a couple.
    But kandi is the real true business woman out of all of them she’s getting paid.! Lol
    And the other ladies l don’t really know what there up too the sisters but they can sing for sure that much is true that’s why l don’t know why they didn’t do a album together or solo project they could be successful l believe it’s worth a try.

  9. Hello Kandi
    I am very happy for you and Todd
    The OLG is growing so fast, I will definitely
    stop by your restaurant when I visit Georgia . Love , peace, kindness, happiness, much success, and most importantly good health, mentally and
    physically .
    God Bless
    Love Pamela,♥️


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