TODAY Anchors Experience A Traditional Japanese Lunch

Invited for a traditional Japanese lunch by the Sakura (Japanese for “cherry blossom”) restaurant at the Hilton Odaiba hotel in Tokyo, Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Al Roker and Craig Melvin enjoyed mashed turnip soup, pulled beef, sashimi, tempura and, of course – sake!

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Comment (93)

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  2. I must go there it looks very delicious and very cultural in its own right…. you guys look like you guys had a billboard time😃🤗😉🤩

  3. I'm so confused !
    Shouldn't the Today anchors learn a little "Japanese etiquette" before they come to Japan ?!?
    Like simple words like "Oishi" or "Itadakimase" when they know they are going to eat, and how to eat Japanese famous food like Soba noodles, and not to be loud in public and stuff ?!?
    It's because when I applied to study abroad in Japan back in 2014, I had to go through 3 different interviews, because the U.S. wanted to make sure they didn't send some crazy student to Japan to mess up their school's reputation. I was representing the U.S as an exchanged student, just like the anchors representing the U.S as news anchors.

  4. That was not a traditional everyday kind of Japanese meal.

    The concept of kaiseki was traditional, but it's reserved for special occasions, and the actual menu served here was more Michelin starred restaurant that what the average Japanese eat at lunch or dinner.

    Show your viewers less glitter, and a little more reality.

    The breakfast you were served was fish, rice, miso soup, pickled vege and tea, but I'll bet you all had coffee and a pastry provided especially for western tastes.

  5. Omg I am appalled!!
    The way you guys ate soba was sooo rude!!!
    Also why are you guys eating outside of Olympic zone??? Please stay inside to contain covid spread.

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  7. Wrong! If it were actually traditional, you would not have been wearing shoes, would not have been sitting in chairs, and would've offered up the traditional prayer in thanks to Budha for the gracious meal. You are fake people. You are Geishen in the truest sense.

  8. I loved this segment because I loved that you celebrated Japanese food and culture! But maybe eat foods that are a little easier for Americans to access back in the US? Like ramen, full tempura, japanese curry, wagyu beef, gyoza, chicken karaage, yakisoba… Maybe even do a whole segment about how 7-Eleven is completely different in Japan in comparison to 7-Eleven in the US. The more that you can do to build the bridge between the US and Japan, I think it would be beneficial for those who are new to japanese food/culture. Like I've had Natto in Japan, but will an average American go out of their way to try that? Probably not.

  9. Learn manners first. Do not talk so loud. Why are you allowed out side of the IOC. I would be embarrassed as an American to hear you speaking so loud.

  10. I don't know table manners in American fine dining, but for the first time I've learned that eating face up is a very beautiful way to eat.
    I would like to do it at a high-class restaurant in the United States, referring to your prominent actions.
    If Asians eat at a fine American restaurant without following table manners, they will be kicked out, right?
    Japanese food also has strict etiquette, and you must be grateful that you weren't kicked out even if you didn't know the etiquette.

  11. Someone should have told them that they should hold that cup/bowl of dipping sauce in their non-chopstick-holding hands (obviously), bring it closer to the soba noodles when they pick them up and dip in the sauce, and the to their mouths and eat the soba. Other than that, I don't really have problems seeing them enjoying the traditional Japanese meal.


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