Tobey Maguire Saves MJ | SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME (Alternate Trailer)

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Marvel vs. DC – The Ultimate Crossover (Part I)


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  1. I think it's Andrews Spidey that will save mj.he will find redemption to himself.toby I think will save Ned, and will redeem himself for not being able to save harry osborn

  2. Can we just take a moment to realize that all these Youtubers spreading false information and lying about having inside sources telling them Andrew and Tobey will be in this movie is ruining it for a vast majority of people? If nobody had started spreading these lies millions of people would have gone in to the movie and been stoked and loved it. Instead now we are going to have millions of people going into the movie expecting to see 3 Spidermen and coming out disappointed when there is only 1.

  3. POV After the villains are defeated:

    Tobey- So do you have a Mary Jane too?😮

    Tom- Sorry who?😐

    Andrew- I think so, not sure tho😕

    Tobey- You don’t have an MJ?🤨

    Tom- Oh yeah I do, but her name is Michelle
    Jones not Mary Jane🙂

    Andrew- Not that I can remember🤨

    Tobey- Do you guys know a Gwen Stacy?🤨

    Tom- You lost me again😕

    Andrew- 😟……..

    Andrew- Do you have a Harry Osborn😒


    Tom- Man you guys know a lot of the same people😯

  4. You know what I just realized, they are all Spider-Man and Peter Parker. So, what are they going to call each other Spider-Man 1,2, & 3? It's not like they can say Tobey Maguire or Rami's Spider-Man like we can, that be a 4th wall break.

  5. They should've have Garfield saved her cuz he's the one that lost Gwen to her neck snapping they could've used it to show case the trauma of a hero. I feel like that's the only thing marvel disney needs to do better is the trauma. Tony's panic attack in Iron man 2 or 3 was great and rocket being afraid of death nd panicked for the first time when he almost drowned was amazing. But they need more work on this young kid Peter who is just losing everything. After mysterio I couldn't trust reality again look what he did to old man Logan lol


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