Tim Pool ROASTS Young Turks For Being WRONG About January 6th, Proving Him RIGHT

Guest: Andrew Klavan
@Andrew Klavan (YouTube)
@AndrewKlavan (Twitter)
Author, ‘The Truth And Beauty’, http://alturl.com/2xsvr

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  1. Remember establishment republicans (or as i call them Bush,Romney,cheney republicans) are globalists who are spineless when doing their jobs for their own country. The left taking us where we are right now happened under mcconnel/grahams watch was allowed to happen by establishment republicans.

  2. As a historian, I have been very frustrated by the "news" record. However, I do have confidence that future historians will be able to shovel away the crap to reveal the truth. I was trained how to interpret earlier "boosterism" newspapers, future historians will also be trained to see through this. Fear not.

  3. This is just ONE reason WHY I don't get how almost ANY of the Jan 6 people have been actually "convicted".
    I mean, it's a complete injustice… Sure, if you want to convict those who commited violence and broke doors and windows, sure, I can tolerate that, it's reasonable (even though almost NO Leftists ever were charged/convicted for such with their "protesting") but most just walked in, and then just LEFT after an hour or so, yet these people are convicted worse that FEDOS (aka the new Scotus Judge)!!!!

  4. Leftists really are bored when it is revealed that Leftists are evil. They already know it, so it isn't news. And they know that everyone else knows it's true, so there is no reason to cover it.

  5. The Parmesan cheese thing isn’t just him.
    Wanna see something crazy, get a bar of soap and cut it into small squares. Take it to the worst part of the city you live in, throw it in the middle of an intersection and be amazed

  6. There is no double standard between the Left and Right. The Right has standards that they sometimes violate. The Left have no standards at all, which is why they can't violate them.

  7. Non related video framing issue : that black face plate on that guitar hanging behind you Tim makes it easy for would be photoshoppers to extend your hat into devil's horns. Once you see it you can't unsee it, please rearrange some of the decor.

  8. Young Turks have been wrong about everything, including COVID. They might as well join up with CNN and MSNBC. I will never watch these clowns ever again.
    But I wish them the best. Hopefully, they can join reality.

  9. Some of the people at the Jan 6th were Ukrainian ! Why would the Azov brigade be at the capitol hill shit? Had to import white supremacist, they couldn't find enough home grown ?

  10. Leftists lie about everything. The Right lies when they pretend that both Left and Right "want the same things, but have different approaches to achieve them." The Right wants liberty; the Left wants slavery. There is no common ground — except when Republicans violate their own standards to work evil.

  11. Dude, THE WINS ARE GUSHING IN, love seeing the “I told you so” content.

    Tim stay being the pacifist you are, you’ve got enough motivational artillery aimed and firing in the culture war to make up for your aversion to physical conflict.

    (Proviolence myself)

  12. Reason why the Majority is scared is because we based the civil right laws on majority vs minority instead of fixing the actual racial issues in the country plaging the black, native American and hispanic communities. Now any minority has an excess of power under discrimination causing people who are mostly morally right inclined with American values or basic human values to be at a disadvantage just because there are more of us.

    Alot of Modern day issues stim from the BS patch job on fixing segregation and civil right issues. That all Americans are suffering no matter the demographic.

  13. When being insulted by an idiot It's not really an insult What do you want from them they all share one brain The only reason to watch that show It's because The girl is hot

  14. and what do you think the odds of the cop who murdered in cold blood an unarmed women on the other side of a door being charged, since the legal theory now is it wasn't trespass?

  15. Y'all dont understand what happened to disney. Executive share holders challenged Chapek, after Igor stepped down. Chapek ran the parks and no idea what he was doing.

  16. The question is when are they no longer press but a propaganda tool. I do believe in freedom of the press when they are actually press. I get most of my new from here because I know everything is fact checked.

  17. Hunter had a terrible life? Sorry, that is so intellectually honest and pathetic. All his problems are by HIS choices, not something that life threw his way.

  18. That point hits the hardest, I had a cop tell me, if a grown-up touches or tries to talk you into something uncomfortable, call the police. Today they tell kids cops are bad, but you can touch my junk? Disgusting.

  19. I volunteered at my child’s school when he was in grades K-6. Every year all students had police officers come in and talk about “Stranger Danger” or, if you knew the person, they stressed the “Uh Oh” feelings. They explained the situations throughly to each age group to help them understand. It indicated no matter how old you were, you would recognize what was happening ,was wrong! The police also gave them certain people or places they could safely report. The bad news was, l was floored with how many kids came forward. Breaks my heart!

  20. But who are the rioters? Ray Epps? Fake Trumpers? Antifa? Where's John Solomon, or Sullivan? BLM? I don't believe there are many patriots who did evil. Who are they?

  21. The first time I came across the Young Turks was the last time I voluntarily clicked on any of their content. I found them both incredibly obnoxious and may be mildly retarded in their thinking.

  22. Do not feel bad for Hunter Biden. He has done nothing to deserve your sympathy. He’s a dirtbag who fucked his dead brother’s wife and diddled his niece, had sex with underage prostitutes and put our nation at risk to enrich his family because his father is an utter failure as a man.

  23. Hunter with the crack pipe at the strippers awful but the fact that we have proof that Biden is corrupt as they come and nobody's gonna do anything about it come on now we all know this is what makes me sick to my stomach

  24. What disgusted me the most was that one of Trump's kids is a minor, and they treated him just as spitefully. What kind of pathetic, disgusting person do you have to be to bully a minor?

  25. Why would you feel bad for Hunter Biden? He literally head anything you could ever want and he decided to do some of the worst drugs on the planet. Don't feel sorry for that piece of shit because he made a bunch of bad decisions and ended up failing upwards like his father.

  26. Tim reminds me of the Republicans. He is concerned most about what people who hate him think of him. Tim, try to ignore the hacks and focus on your own actions rather than the crying of others.

  27. This is a REAL thing folks…My FIVE yr old son told me he was taken into a separate room and asked questions but a female guidance counselor…one of those questions being "do you like girls or boys more?" Principal had her back and just denied denied denied…hi private schools?

  28. The Canadian government is working to take over control of the internet but they don’t care about freedom of speech.The government is not our friend.

  29. Yeah but as Tim says "the MAGA 'meemaws', the bumbling idiots and fools"😂, had no idea they were participating in a riot at the Capitol or that they could be trespassing, so funny when Tim's defense for MAGA rioting is well they were too stupid to know they law and they were "meemaw'-ing, how were they to know🤦‍♂️ u can see how easy it is for him to manipulate and grift his base,  Tim is literally saying MAGA was too stupid to trespass at the Capitol and while many of u say well that was the worst insurrection ever, no guns fired; well Tim has a simple answer for u MAGA was too stupid to run a successful coup, they were only able to chant back the blue while they attacked the blue with Trump-Pence flags while chanting hang Mike Pence because just a bunch of lost MAGA meemaws just remember donate now to the Trump legal defense fund and join Timcast now, Patriots donate double

  30. I keep saying and fully believe – that those guards who ushered the peaceful so-called rioters in – were under orders to stand down and let them in! Who gave those orders – I'd like to know. Did Pelosi order the stand down to try and set Trump up? If not her – then who?

  31. Crazy Leftists have NO moral compass. So what "good" and "wholesome" thing can anyone expect from them? SAVE the USA. STOP VOTING for DEMS..!!!

  32. Hey why not arrest the guy who started telling everyone to storm the capital. I believe people were saying he was an undercover op.

  33. If ever this country actually did fall into another Civil War I would not want to be a known member of the MSM cause they would all have a big fat target on their back. A mob of angry fed up ppl all with guns. Yeah, I wouldn't want to be Brian Stelter in that scenario.

  34. Guys like Tim aren't responsible but he did have a part,he's like the girl that told her boyfriend 2 kill himself and he did ,she didn't kill them but she had a part,hahaha torn barricades and broken windows, come on in hillbillies lol .tim still not showing his bald head

  35. So… Didn't a JUDGE JUST RULE that police were letting people INTO THE BUILDING…NO BREAKING AND ENTERING. Oh yeah, and NANCY PELOSI is in charge of the capital police if I am not mistaken, so SHOULDN'T SHE be indicted for INCITING RIOTING by her personnel being the one who ENABLED the ENTRY into the Capital?

  36. You may be upset but I blame the teachers. If they're instructed to teach 5 to 7 year old children about sex, pro-nouns and trans then they get the blame for doing it. I also blame law enforcement for carrying out illegal search and seizures (FBI Vs PV). I know, you're just doing what you're told to do. Do you think Hitlers men did what they were told to do to keep their pension too.

  37. The difference between the 'left' and the supposed 'right' is logic and common sense. Tim, you have common sense in almost all issues I have heard you talk about. Even when you may be wrong there is some logic to your argument.


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