Thyroid Cancer – Joey’s Story

A teenage cancer diagnosis threatened Joey Benitez’s promising baseball career before his family found Young Kim, M.D. Joey talks about his care and recovery. For more information

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  1. AWESOME STORY!!! I am a thyroid cancer survivor myself… 9-13-12 was my surgery date and I was cleared a year later 🙂 I am now a fitness coach helping other survivors lead healthy and happy lives 🙂 Hope to see you pitching in the Major leagues one day!!!!

  2. I hope to see you in the Major Leagues too! I recently underwent a TT , RAI treatment , and a whole body thyroid scan. – was told there was "no evidence of disease"… Life is good for both of us it appears!!!

  3. Joey, so happy for your outcome! Going through this now. Had recent lobectomy. Any advice for managing the uncertainty until you are cleared. Sometimes, it’s the annual, routine exams that stress me out the most.

  4. I have terminal stage 4 thyroid cancer metastasis in my spine/ vertebrae. I have had 3 surgeries. Two were from serious blood infections. I ended up with a wound in my back from radiation treatments. The wound eventually deeped and it hit my hardware. My hardware got infected so they had to take all my hardware out except the cage. I had kidney failure last year from vancomycin treatments. I also contracted a very serious CDIF infection in my intestinal tract. It has been 3 years and 1 month since my diagnosis. They didn't expect me to live past January 2018. This has been a very painful and exhausting journey. I am now disabled. I live alone so I do everything myself e.g. shopping, cleaning the house etc. My pet conure of 19 years has been my little rock. I workout rigorously at the gym 3 times a week. I have gotten very close to the Lord. This is the very best time of my life. My cancer is still active. My faith in God and the Trinity is carrying me through. God bless. Never give up hope! Our Lord Jesus Christ loves you and will give you strength.

  5. My scar looks almost indentical to yours.. across the throat and up the right side of my neck. Bravo dude, happy to see you recovered. My surgery and diagnosis were last year April-July 2019, Radioactive Iodine treatment and isolation were at end of July into August. My 1 year FBS is coming up September 4th.

  6. This was really inspiring. I had my biopsy today and the doctors are saying I have a 70% chance of having thyroid cancer. Hearing this story and the comments below gives me hope that I can Beat this thing.

  7. My best friend was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I love her so much!!
    She is getting surgery next week.
    Please pray for her to have a fast recovery and for her to be ok🙏🏼
    I am really worried for the surgery but she’s really strong and I know she will be ok🥺

    Edit- She is now 2 weeks post surgery and has made almost a full recovery! Her surgery went well and she only has one treatment left to do 🙂

  8. This is so inspiring, I’m so happy you came through this. I found out yesterday that I have thyroid cancer and need possibly a full thyroidectomy. The sad thing is that I’m more worried about weight-gain than anything else. I feel so stupid. But hearing your story has made me feel better about it all, so thank you xxxx

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  11. Thank you for sharing your story. My 18 year old daughter was just diagnosed with thyroid and lymph node cancer. She’s in her first year at VCU. I’m wondering if you also had to undergo iodine radiation after your surgery because she will have to have that as well. She’s the strongest person I know but this is going to be a difficult process for her and our family.


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